E. E. Hewitt

E. E. Hewitt
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Short Name: E. E. Hewitt
Full Name: Hewitt, E. E. (Eliza Edmunds), 1851-1920
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1920

Pseudonym: Li­die H. Ed­munds.

Eliza Edmunds Hewitt was born in Philadelphia 28 June 1851. She was educated in the public schools and after graduation from high school became a teacher. However, she developed a spinal malady which cut short her career and made her a shut-in for many years. During her convalescence, she studied English literature. She felt a need to be useful to her church and began writing poems for the primary department. she went on to teach Sunday school, take an active part in the Philadelphia Elementary Union and become Superintendent of the primary department of Calvin Presbyterian Church.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

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அஞ்சாதே நான் உன்னோடு ஆசீர் ஒளியிதோ (Añcātē nāṉ uṉṉōṭu ācīr oḷiyitō)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)Tamil2
ഏറെയായ് ഞാൻ അറിയേണംE. E. Hewitt (Author)Malayalam2
歌頌耶穌奇妙大愛 (Gēsòng yēsū qímiào dà ài)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)Chinese2
رتلوا حب يسوعE. E. Hewitt (Author)Arabic1
“我必與你同在!”甜美的應許 (“Wǒ bì yǔ nǐ tóng zài!” Tiánměi de yīngxǔ)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)Chinese2
我願更多認識基督 (Wǒ yuàn gèng duō rènshí jīdū)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)Chinese2
يا رب عرفني المزيدE. E. Hewitt (Author)Arabic1
യേ-ശു-വിന്റെ സ്നേഹത്തിനെ പാടി (Yē-śu-vinṟe snēhattine pāṭi)Eliza Edmunds Stites Hewitt (Author)Malayalam2
A better time is coming, Is now upon the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A certain poor widow in Zion one dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A cloud of witnesses surround our wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
A cup of cold water would gladden todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A fair white tulip raised its headEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A glorious triumph is coming somedayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
A grateful hush,a peaceful calmE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A little bird, with trembling wingsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A little more prayer as the years roll byEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A look into my BibleEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
A loving voice is heardEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
A message of the breezes are bearingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
A present help my God will beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
A road there is, beginningE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
A sailor over the trackless deepEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A Savior who is able to pardon all my sinsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
A sinner saved by JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
A song is in my heart today, It gladdens every hourE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
A sower went forth with precious seedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
A story sweet and wondrous, like heavenly music swellsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English23
A trembling soul, I sought the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
A voice is heard in the dewy dawnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A wonderful refuge in Jesus I foundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
A wonderful word in the Bible I seeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
A word from my Father I need, day by dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)5
Abiding in Jesus, what blessing is mineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Abiding in the shadow of the everlasting wingsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Abundant salvation in Jesus I knowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Abundantly satisfied, under his wingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Adrift on the waters, so dark and so coldE. E. Hewitt (Author)English26
Afirmou o Senhor que virá outra vezEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)Portuguese2
After winter's sleepEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Alabanzas dad a CristoE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish2
All for Christ, be this our fervent prayerE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
All glory to my Savior, for He hath made me freeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
All glory to my Savior, He's on the ship with me!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
All glory to my Savior's nameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
All hail to Christ, our risen LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
All in the silent nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
All my sin to Thee, dear Lord, confessingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
All power is His, all power to saveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
All the earth shall worship TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
All the fears and misgivings that burdened my heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
All the fields are growing whiterEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
All the future years are held within the Father's keepingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
All the world is joyful in the sunny springE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
All who know the Savior’s nameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
All who wait for His appearing shall be joyful by and byE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
All ye who love the Savior's nameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Along the sunny pasturesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Altogether lovely is my Savior FriendEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Always helping somewhereEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Ambassadors for Jesus, we have a business hereEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Amid life's ever changeful scenesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Amid the stress of flying hoursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Angels bright angels brightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Angels in the heavenly heightE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Angels of the sunshineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Another song for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Another year has glided byE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Anything that Jesus wishes me to doEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Anywhere, if forward, in the King's highwayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Aquel en cuyo corazónE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish2
Are the promises of God for youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Are we faithful branchesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Are we the light reflectingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Are we walking, daily walking, as the children of the lightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Are we witnessing for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Are you counted in on the Master's sideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Are you happy in the Lord? Do you know that Jesus saves?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Are you on the Savior's sideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Are you washed in the blood that was shed for you and meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Are your eyes upon Jesus, the Mighty to saveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Arise, arise to battle, ye soldiers of the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
As for me, I'll live for JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
As I walk life's crowded highwayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
As Jacob, when weary sought rest by the wayL. H. Edmunds (Alterer)English2
As many as touched him in days long agoE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
As the silvery chime tells the passing timeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
"As they went, they were cleansed," those poor lepers of oldE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ask and receive; it is God's chosen wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ask the gracious MasterE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
At Calvary's cross, by faith I seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
At the breaking of the day, the Lord of gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
At the cross I've laid my burdenE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
At the cross, our sins confessingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
At the cross, where Jesus died, flows salvation’s mighty tideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Auf dem Baum bei dem ZaunE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion, put on thy strengthE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Awake, O slumbering flowersEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Awake, slumbering heralds, make way for the kingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Be a helper in life's journeyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Be a loving helper everywhere you goE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Be faithful, Christian soldierE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Be glad of heart, ye children of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Be glad, ye children of Zion, rejoice in the Lord your GodE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Be like the Father, says Jesus to meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Be loyal to the Master (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Be not afraid wherever you goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Be not weary or cast down, When the heavens seem to frownE. E. Hewitt (Author)English15
Be of cheer, O weary soul, hear the gentle Master sayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Be of cheer, ransomed soulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Be strong in the Lord, in His royal mightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Be ye not weary in serving your KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Bear the cross for Jesus, bear it day by dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Bear the cup of loving serviceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Bear the good tidings all over the worldEliza Edmunds Stites Hewitt (Author)English8
Bear ye one another's burdens, 'Tis the blessed Master's willEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Beautiful land, "Holy land"Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Beautiful land, its cloudless skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beautiful light of a Savior'sEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beautiful lilies, we swing them lowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beautiful lily with blossoms fairEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Beautiful little treasuresEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Beautiful message, borne from aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beautiful morning, calm and brightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beautiful words of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English20
Because He hath led me to Calvary's crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Because he paid my ransomEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Because he’s abundantly able to saveE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Before our Savior rose on highEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Before the mercy seat I pleadE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Beneath the cover lid of snowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Beside the cross, an open doorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Beside the gate of BethlehemEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Beside the still waters my Shepherd will lead meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Bethlehem, Calvary, Olivet, tellE. E. H. (Author)5
Better to bear the Savior's crossEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beyond, just beyond the dark shadows of timeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Beyond the blue, far above the passing gloomEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Beyond the clouds a light will shineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Beyond the dim horizon lineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Birds are singing, flower bells ringingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Birds are singing in the treesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Blessed are they who do hunger and thirstE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Blessed, blessed Savior, by Thy gentle favorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Blessed is the service of our Lord and KingEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)English18
Blessed Lamb of Calvary, humbly let me come to TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Blessed life in JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Blessed life of consecrationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Blessed salvation, I take it with joyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Blessed Savior, hear my prayer, Lo, I come to TheeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Blessed Savior, look with favorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Blessed Savior, meek and lowlyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Blessed Shepherd, gently leadingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Blessed stream from Calvary's hillEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Blessed surrender, life's little allE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Blessed words of truth and beautyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Blest Comforter, abide with meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Blest promise of Jesus, so richly fulfilledE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Blick fröhlich nach oben, o Pilger des HerrnE. E. H. (Author)German2
Blossom bells, blossom bellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Blossoms of the sunny springE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Blotted out as a cloudEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Blushing roses openEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Boningar i himlens landEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Bowed beneath the load of your guilt and sinE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Breaking through mists of the valleyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Bright hours in Jesus findE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Brighter are the sunbeams on this dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Bring all your sin to the Crucified OneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English16
Bring the corn and bringEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Bring them to Jesus, sweet praises of loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Bring your sin to the loving SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Bring your vessels, not a fewEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Bringt allen Landen die Botschaft vom HerrnE. E. Hewitt (Author)German3
Brother, look out over the fields white and wavingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Buds and blooms sing the summer songEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Buds and blossoms of the springEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Buds and blossoms sing the summer songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Busy bees, humming mid the summer flowersEliza E. Hewitt (Author)6
Butterfly, butterfly, flitting byE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
By love never failingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
By love serve one anotherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
By this sign we conquer Let it float on highE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
By thy Holy Spirit's powerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Calling, calling, as in GalileeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Calmly leaning on my SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Canten del amor de CristoE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish3
Careless pilgrim, now ariseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Carols for Easter, bright songs of the springE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Carry on to victory the Cross of ChristEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Carry the message to lands far awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Certainly, I will be with thee (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Cheer up, O weary pilgrim, to Zion's city boundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Cheer up, weary sailor; your ship is adriftE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Child of the Master, honor His nameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Child of the Master, wherever you areE. E. Hewitt (Author)English21
Children of the kingdom, sow the seeds of lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Children of Zion know your king (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)1
Children of Zion, march on to gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Chime on, sweet bells, your music tellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English10
Christ is coming, hallelujah!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Christ our King goes forth to conquerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Christ, the burden bearer, came to me one dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Christ, the Lord is coming to this world againEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Christ the Savior died for meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Christian, arouse to serviceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Christian, to the rescueL. H. Edmunds (Author)English2
Christmas hallelujahsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Christ's everlasting gospel is ringing out againE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Cling like the ivyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Close to Jesus I'll abideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come, all ye weary oppressedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)18
Come and bear witness, ChristianE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come and join our mission bandE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come and see the Savior's beautyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come away to Jesus, He is willing to forgiveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Come back, come back to your better selfE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come before the Lord with gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come, blessed comforter, freely bestowingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come, contrite one, and seek His graceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English43
Come, dear friends, and let me tell youE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Come for all things are readyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come freely to Jesus and tell Him your needEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Come, Holy Spirit, come, Spirit of powerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Come in, blessed Savior, I'm weary of sinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come let us sing redeeming loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come, longing Christian, lose your fearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Come, Lord, and fill my waiting soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come, Lord Jesus, come into my heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come near to Thy father and tell Him thy needE. E. Hewitt (Author)English11
Come, O come to Jesus, Seek the grace that frees usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Come, O come with anthems rejoicingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Come sinner, come, why will you dieE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come, sinner, leave the shadows that throng the downward wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Come sinners, to the living OneLidie H. Edmunds (Author)English15
Come to Jesus, weary soul, See the living fountains rollEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come to the throne of grace, Mercy is hereE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Come unto Jesus, all ye that labor, All that are weary, sad and oppressedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Come unto me, the Savior said, Come unto me the Savior saidE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Come while God is calling, hear His word todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English22
Come while the Savior is waiting to meet youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Come with a carol of joy todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Come with a promise to Jesus your LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Come with a song of praise and gladness!Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Comforter holy, come to the lowlyMiss Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Comforter holy, Heavenly DoveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Coming, Lord Jesus, from glory aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Coming to Jesus, in life's morning hourE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Coming to the garden at the breaking of the dayEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)3
Coming with this only pleaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Confide in his care, O child of the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Constrained by thine unbounded loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Count all life's golden jewels that sparkle evermoreE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Countless are the blessings from our Father's HandE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Courage, fellow Christian, comfort take and cheerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Daffodil, bright daffodilEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Daisies and buttercups sparkling with dewEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Dear Father, for Thy tender loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Dear little blossoms, just waking upE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Dear little dew-dropsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Dear little violetsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Dear Lord, by the might of Thy Spirit DivineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Dear ones all, goodby, goodbyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Dear Savior at thy cross I seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Dear Savior, each trial but brings me to theeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Dear Savior, take this heart of mineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Dear Savior, wash me in thy bloodEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Dear Shepherd, I love theeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Dell’amore di Gesu’ cantiamoE. E. Hewitt (Author)Italian2
Dem Werke des Herrn dieser Stimmen KlangE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Der er solskin i min sjæl idagE. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian2
Der Lebensbaum auf GolgathaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Det är nyfödt hopp i min själl i dagE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Det är solsken i min själ i dagE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Do kind things promptly, don't delayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Do not shut your heart against the lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Do the duty that lies nearest, since the Master placed it thereE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Do they know we've been with JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Do we know our richesE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Do you hear a song resounding through the strifeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Do you hear that gentle whisper?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English12
Do you hear the Savior speakingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Do you know the mighty Savior throned aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Do you love the blessed Savior Well enough to say you do?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Do you think that my Savior will leave me?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Don't give up, my brother, when the way is hardE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Don't hide beneath a bushelE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Don't stop praying when the billows rollE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Don't you hear them shouting victory, all along the line?Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Don't you want the Savior to pardon all your sinsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Dort im goldenen Dom in der himmlischen StadtEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Down at the cross of Jesus, Bringing no other pleaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Down from the mountains, a gay little streamEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Down into the fountain I would deeper goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English22
Drifting carelessly with the tideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English14
Droben wandeln wir in WeißEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Drop at the cross every burden you bearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Du Gott willst mit mir seinE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Durch Christi Blut sind wir versöhntEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Each country has its bannerE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Early in the morning, when the robin singsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Earnest workers, Jesus calls youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Earth with broken cisternsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Earthly blossoms quickly perishEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Earthly sweets will sometime cloyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Easter visits earth againEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Echo the loving Savior's callE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ein ander Lebensjahr entschwand, ein ander Jahr von Gott gesandtEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Ein Friedenshauch voll stiller LuftEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Ein heller Sonnenschein ergießtE. E. Hewitt (Author)German3
Ein Lobgesang, ein heller KlangEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Eine Seel' gerettet wirkt im Himmel Freud'Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
El amor cantad de CristoEliza Hewitt (Author)Spanish4
Empty me of self, my gracious LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English11
Enlarge our hearts, dear SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Enter His gates with thanksgivingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Entonad un himno que alegre el corazónE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish3
Every day the sunbeams brighten a someone's faceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Every hour for Jesus, who bled and died for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Every little daisyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Every one at work in the gardenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Every one may have a FriendE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Every soul that comes to Jesus is to Him so dearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Every step my Savior countsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Everything in Jesus, cleansing from all sinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Every cloud has a silver liningE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Every day for Jesus, every hour for HimE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Every day I have a letterE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Every day salvation this is what I needE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Every morning on its wingsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Every one in his place in the work for GodE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Fürchte dich nicht länger, Sieh, Ich bin mit dir!E. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Fürchte nichts, ich bin mit dirE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Fair and peaceful was the dawningE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Faith, faith, lifts up a bannerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Faith is looking back to seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Faith that clings to JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Faithful, ever faithful to the King's commandEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Faithful soldiers of the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Faithful to the Master, both in word and deedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Father all holy, bend we so lowlyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Father, bless thy Word to meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Father, in thy mercy save us, From the drink that leads to woeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Fear not, believer, redemption draws nighE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Fear not, for the sun is shiningE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Fear not, I am with thee, Blessed golden rayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English37
Fear not, little flock, for the Shepherd's good careEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Fear not the tempest that is tossing thy frail barkE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Fear not, trembling Christian, the Lord is thy FriendE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Fear not, ye who follow Christ the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Feliz, feliz cumpleañosEliza E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish6
Fill this temple with Thy gloryEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Find ich gleich in mir nur SchuldEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Finished now the day's bright storyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Firmly stand for God with a purpose trueE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, in the sunny JuneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Flowers breathe their fragranceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Follow after Jesus, faithfullyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Follow me, said the Lord, in the long agoEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Following close to Jesus, following near his sideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Following Jesus from day to day, trace his footprintsE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
For all the blessings we enjoyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
For all the many merciesE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
For Christ and the church, let our voices ringEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English37
For God so loved the world, He gave His only SonE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
For our pleasant birthdaysEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
For sanctifying power, we come todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
For the blessings that gladdenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Forget not the numberless merciesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Forth from the cross where Jesus diedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Forward, brothers, forward, battle for the rightE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
Forward, ever forward, rally one and allE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Forward, ever forward, still let the watchword ringEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Forward, forward, all the world for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Forward, forward, there's a work to doEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Frail will be the blossoms that earthly gardens yieldEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Framat vi ga dit var herde oss lederEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Freely give, freely giveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Freely the violets sweet perfume giveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Fresh springs so holyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Fresh young leaves upon the treesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Friends, good night! friends, good night!Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
From every danger, doubt and fearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English9
From my sin and danger Jesus savesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
From sinful self, from doubts and fearsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
From that dear cross where Jesus diedLidie H. Edmunds (Author)English5
From the sacred pages, shines a promise brightE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
From the stranger countryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
From yonder cross what beams divineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Fruitless the toiling, dreary the nightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Full salvation, this I craveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Fully persuaded of God's wondrous loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Gather 'round the banner of the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Gather the fairest rosebudsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Gathering home, from all lands neath the sunE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Gentle Savior, bend Thine earEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Gentle Savior, hear me when I prayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Gentle summer breezes, whispering to the flowersE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Get another pilgrim to walk the blessed wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Gib mir dein Herz, ruft der Vater dir zuEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German3
Giv mig et glimt af min JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian1
Give, little sunbeams, golden brightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Give me thy heart, says the Father aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English94
Give thanks and sing unto the Lord our GodEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English14
Give the very best to JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Glory be to Jesus, not from lips aloneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Glory to God for His sunshine is freeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English10
Glory to Jesus, my glad heart singsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Go apart with Jesus in the morning fairE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Go, carry thy burden to JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Go forth to speak for Christ todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Go, like the master and carry gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Go on with the work, go on, go on!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Go out in the highway, the dear Master saidEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Go, study the Bible, God's Word is a lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)5
Go to God for grace to help youE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Go to Jesus when your heart is heavyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Go, work today, the blessed Master saidEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Go ye out in the highways, With the life-giving wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Go ye through the gates, with a happy song of loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
God cares for every little birdE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
God gave the birds their airy wingsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
God gives me this assurance sweetEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
God hath laid in Zion his foundation stoneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
God is faithful, ever faithful, He will surely keep His wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English15
God is in His holy temple, Praise, O praise His name todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
God is my salvation, wherefore should I fear?Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
God is visiting His peopleEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
God never breaks His promisesL. Hewitt (Author)English2
God sent his voice, a mighty voiceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
God tells us in his wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
God will take care of me, Here will I restEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English15
God's almighty power is the same this hourE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
God's infinite Son is my Savior and FriendE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Going home to be with Jesus, what a blessed hope is oursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Goodbye, goodbye, with grateful heartsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Good news, good news of a soul redeemedEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)English7
Goodbye, our dear teacher, and little friends, tooE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Grace more abounding, O who can tellE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Gran gozo hay en mi alma hoyE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish3
Grande gozo hay en mi alma hoy, Pues Jesús conmigo estáEliza E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish20
Hört ihr nicht der Weinachtsglocken hellen KlangE. E. Hewitt (Author)German3
Hört ihr nicht ein Lied ertönen in dem StreitE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Hallowed be thy name, our FatherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hang the stockings in a rowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Happy hours, happy hoursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Happy in Jesus, no life is so blessedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Happy little soldiers, standing for the rightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Happy little sowers, scattering by the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Happy little sunbeam childrenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Happy New Year, happy New Year, Sing we our closing chorusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Happy our birthdays when we gladly bringE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Hark! a message from the King of gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Hark! the bells, the Christmas [Sabbath] bellsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Hark! the good Shepherd is calling His neighborsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Hark! there's a message from over the seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Hark, 'tis a song from the Christmas skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Hark, 'tis the Master! He's calling you todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English22
Hark, 'tis the spirit so kindly entreatingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Haste, haste, haste in the business of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)6
Have faith in God, the Savior saidE. E. Hewitt (Author)English17
Have we laid up our treasures in heavenE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Have we learned the secret of the Christian's powerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Have ye received the Holy GhostEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Have you carried cups of waterEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Have you found Jesus a Savior indeedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Have you heard the good news from the country afarE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Have you learned to sing the blessed songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
He ao la'ela'e iloko o'uEliza E. Hewitt, 1851-1920 (Author)Hawaiian3
He came to me in time of needEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
He is blest who lovesE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
He is knocking, softly knocking at the doorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English22
He is mine, I am His; let His praise resoundE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
He is risen, day of wonderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)6
He that believeth, what a sweet and simple wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
He that on Jesus the Son hath believedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
He was wounded in the armyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
He will never leave meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
He will not always drive the cloud awayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
He will not forsake you, whose gloriesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)12
Hear our watchword loudly ringingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Hear the blessed invitation of the mighty King of kingsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Hear the blessed Savior's voiceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hear the blessed voice of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hear the gentle, kindly wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hear the Heavenly Father in His mercy speakingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hear the joy-bells ringing, Happy voices singingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hear the joyful carolsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hear the Master as he bade farewellE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Hear the music of the grand old bellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Hear the precious gospel storyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Hear the word of the Lord todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Hear the words of consolationE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Heartily, heartily, as to the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Heavenly Father, bless thy children, in our Savior's nameEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Help me, Lord, to tell the storyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Help the one next to youE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Help to save somebody, Christian, ariseE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
Helped by helping othersE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Here a little, and there a littleEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Here peace, and love, and hope abideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Herr, bewahre uns von SündenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Heut' ist's im Herzen SonnenscheinE. E. Hewitt (Author)German4
Ho, comrades, loyal to the good old BookEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Hoch, da droben im Himmel voll herrlicher PrachtEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Hold me fast o blessed saviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Hold my hand dear SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Hold up a promise to the throne of graceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Hold up the Bible, for only there we learnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Holiness unto the Lord let it be our marching songE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Holy, holy, holy, angel voices singingEliza Edmund Stites Hewitt (Author)English8
Holy is the sabbath dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, hear me nowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Hope's beautiful sunbeamsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Hosanna, hosanna, the children were singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Hosanna, once the children sangEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Hosanna sang the children in Zion long agoEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Hosannas dieron a Jesús, ¡Hosanna en las alturas!E. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish2
How can I honor Him? what shall I bring?Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
How do I know there's pardonE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
How do the woods keep Easter dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
How much owest thou to the Father aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
How much we owe to JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
How precious the thought of that beautiful seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
How sweet is the promise that gladdensEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
However weak your faith todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Hoy gozoso medito en la tierra mejorEliza E. Hewitt (1851-1920) (Author)Spanish4
Humble in spirit, dear Lord, I would beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Hvad omend stundom torneE. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian2
I am coming to the cross, Lord JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
I am coming unto Jesus, for his voice I hearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I am going home, Jesus found meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I am holding on to Jesus though my faith may not be strongE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
I am satisfied with Jesus, He is all in all to meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I am singing of my Savior, for He gave His life for meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I am thinking today of a hill far awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
I am thinking today of that beautiful landE. E. Hewitt (Author)English217
I am under the blood of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)5
I came to my Redeemer through mercy rich and freeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I came to the Master in sorrow one dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I came to the Savior of sinner one dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I can never tell how much I love HimE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I cannot doubt my Father's loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I come, though my sins be as scarletE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I come unto thee, seeking Calvary's mountainEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
இன்றென் வாழ்வில் வந்ததே ஒளி மா பிரகாசமாகவே (Iṉṟeṉ vāḻvil vantatē oḷi mā pirakācamākavē)E. E. Hewitt (Author)Tamil2
I have a gracious masterE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
I have a home in glory, Dear friends are gathered thereEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I have come to the fountain that flows from the RockE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I have found a refuge, here will I abideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
I have found Him, I have found HimEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I have heard his voice, when the morningE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I have read in the Bible, in God's holy WordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I have sown the seed, the sower saidE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
I hear a voice, 'tis calling meE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I hear sweet whisperings of loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I heard it first at Calvary's hillE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I heard of a Savior who sought for the lostE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I know I am littleEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I know not where those mansions areEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I know not why the storms ariseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I know thee, dear SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I learned it in the BibleE. E. Hewitt (Author)English14
I lift up mine eyes to the hillsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
I look to thee, my Savior KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
I looked upon my Savior's crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I love Jesus, for he saved my soulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English13
I love my dear Savior, I love Him todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I need the blood of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I need the dear Savior, not far, far awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I once was a sinner, afar from the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I sing a glad song to my Savior todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
I take all my troubles to Jesus my FriendE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I trust thee, blessed SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I turned from broken cisternsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I walked on the bank of a beautiful streamEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I want no other argumentLidie H. Edmunds (Author)English1
I want to be filled with thy spiritEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I want to get closer to Jesus, I long to see more of His graceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I was starving in the desertE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
I was wandering, heavy-ladenE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I will always keep close to JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I will arise and go to my Father, Long have I wandered far from His faceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
I will get me to the mountainEliza E. Hewitt (Author)6
I will go, I will go, to the Savior I'll goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
I will go to Jesus now, while the Holy Spirit callsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
I will go to Jesus, Savior kind and greatE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I will lift up my eyes unto heavenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
I will seek the blessed SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I will sing amid earth's trialsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I would be a little lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Ich liebe Dich, Jesu, Dich Gott, meinen HerrnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Ich wand're mit Jesu Tag für TagEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
If a Bible word you knowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
If I were a bird, a gay singing birdE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
If the clouds should gather on our wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
If the Lord has blest your soulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
If we sow the seed with patience, though perchance it be with tearsE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
If you have the sunshine sparkling in your soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
If you realized the dangerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
If you would serve the Lord arightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I'll cast my burden on the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
I'll decide for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I'll dwell every day in the light of the crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'll go to the King with my burden of sinE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I'll look away to Calvary's browE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
I'll sing my dear Redeemer's praiseLidie H. Edmunds (Author)English4
I'll tarry at a promise till Jesus meets me thereE. E. Hewitt (Author)English11
I'll think of Jesus when my wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I'll trust the dear Father who knows what is bestE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I'll work for Jesus, for He saves my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
I'm a little daisyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'm a little sunbeam, Just a golden rayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'm a Saved sinnerE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
I'm always glad when Sunday comesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'm not afraid of the journeyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'm rejoicing every day that my sins are washed awayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
I'm singing for Jesus, a song of the heartEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'm trusting Himto keep my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I'm trusting in Jesus, I'm happy in himE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I'm trusting today in the word of the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In a little basket, under skies of blueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In a precious casketEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
In a song of joy and gladnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In a sunny corner grows a little vineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In all thy ways acknowledge Him, He shall thy paths directL. H. Edmunds (Author)English2
In Baracca's sweet valeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In bright ranks we're marchingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In Calvary's fountain, deep and wideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
In Christ is full redemption foundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English11
In God, my Father I believeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
In humble faith at Jesus' feetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
In life's early morning when the sky is blueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
In my garden plot there growsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In penitence He brought me lowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In safeguard with JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In sunshine and in shadow, I have a changeless FriendE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In that fair land where no shadows fallE. E. H. (Author)English2
In the beautiful temple the children sangEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the Bible we are told that the little onesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the blessed Book that God hath givenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the book of God, we see his truthE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the cleft of the rock, let me evermore hideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the days of old, in a country far awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the dewy pasturesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
In the Father's houseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the great voyage of life, let our course be each dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the happy land Where the angels standE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the harvest fields of life we are sowing, sowingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the holy Bible is the living breadE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the house beautiful, Lord, would I dwellEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the inner court with JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the land beyond the riverE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the land of peace and gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the land where the angels are singingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the Lord confidingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the mansions of beauty, by the bright crystal seaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the march of life 'mid battles sharp and soreEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the midst of care and tribulationE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the midst of darkness, let us ever shineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the midst of temptation In the thick of the fightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
In the morning I will pray, asking God to bless my dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the morning of life We are singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
In the musings of the twilightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the name of the Savior Who died on the crossEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the resurrection morning When the shades of time have fledEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the riven Rock there's a refuge for my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
In the rosy morning hoursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the rosy morning of life's flitting dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the service of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the storm of life, in the waves of sinE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
In the summertime of beautyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the sunny pasture, See the ransomed flockE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the time of trouble, let us trust the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
In the west the sun is settingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the wonderful land where the weary shall restE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In the work we have to doEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In the work you're doingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
In this world of conflicts, servants of the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
In thy mercy, blessed SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In thy name, divine RedeemerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In thy temple holy, LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
In yonder bright city they're singing todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
In youth’s sunny morning, while gay blossoms springE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Increase our faith; through good and illE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Is it well with thee?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Isn't it a comfort to know our FatherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
It is well in happy hours to sing a hallelujah songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
It needs but a touch, a touch of the heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
It was night in the templeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I've a passport on my pilgrimage to heavenE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I've found a blessed hiding placeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I've found a Friend, all friends aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
I've found a sweet promise in God's holy WordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
I've found that earth's waters will never satisfyE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
I've heard the fame of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
I've thought of the cityEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ja, ich habe ihn gefunden! hin zum Kreuze ging mein PfadE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Jesus all my steps is guidingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Jesus came from heaven for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Jesus, endast Jesus 'r min fr'lsningsgrundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus, Friend of sinners, Save me, I imploreE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Jesus gives his peace to meLidie H. Edmunds (Author)English4
Jesus, God's beloved SonEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus, I will take TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Jesus, in GethsemaneE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus in his service will His child employE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
Jesus in his temple dwellingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus is calling the children todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Jesus is everything to meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Jesus is mighty to save todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Jesus is mine, on Calvary he bought meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Jesus is my Friend, and O, what joy it is to knowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Jesus is my Savior, faithful, true and strongEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus is ready, is ready to saveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Jesus is the Refuge, where hides my trusting soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Jesus is waiting His grace to bestowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English18
Jesus ist mein Freund! O dies zu wissen, welche Lust!Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Jesus loves the tiny toddlersE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, whisper to meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Jesus only, Jesus only Lifts the heavy load of sinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Jesus, our Savior, we come to TheeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus passed through Jericho, as to the cross He wentE. E. Hewitt (Author)8
Jesus reigns forever, mighty Victor stillE. E. Hewitt (Author)6
Jesus reigns, his people savingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus saved others, burdened, oppressedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Jesus saves me, blest assuranceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Jesus sweetly bids us be of cheerE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Jesus, take our hands in ThineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Jesus the Savior is calling today, Come to Him now, come to Him nowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Jesus wants the childrenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Jesus was a little childEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jesus was once a child like meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Jesus will heute dein Retter seinE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Jesus will save you, if only you trust himEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Jetzt noch verhüllt schau ich das LichtE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Jewels for the Master mayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
將心給我!」天父呼召聲音 (Jiāng xīn gěi wǒ!'Tiān fù hū zhào shēngyīn)E. E. Hewitt (Author)Chinese2
Join the happy chorus of the birdsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Joy in Jesus I possessE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Joy, joy, 'tis our BibleEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Joyful and sweet are the songs that we singE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Joyful tidings, full of life and gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Joyous hallelujahs, ringing glad and freeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Już się nie bój dłużejE. E. Hewitt (Author)Polish2
Just a little closerE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Just a little message from the word divineE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Just a little music in the key of praiseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Just a little pansyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Just a little sunshine everywhere we goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English24
Just before the dawn of Easter dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Just lean upon Jesus, He'll help you alongE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Just to do the little thingsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Just when I need Him, Jesus is near, Might to save me, ready to cheerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Just where the Lord may need meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Keep looking on the bright sideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Keep me, blessed Savior, lest I stray from TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Keep me faithful, blessed JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Keep step steadily, youthful soldiers of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Keep the household angels singing, singingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Keep the joybells ringing, everywhere you goEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Keep the light burning, the billows are highEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Keep the music ringingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English18
Keep the pledge, keep it, boysEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Keep the stars of our flagEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Keep the vision of the cross before youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Keep them ringing, keep them ringing, missionary bellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English14
Keep trusting in the SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Keep us, blessed Savior, keep usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Keep your eye on the starEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Keeping step togetherE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Kind in thought and actionEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Kleine Bauleut' sind wir all'E. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Kleine Töne Musik, schallend durch das JahrE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Kom, bange sjæl, og naade tagE. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian2
Komm, trauernd Herze, suche Gnad'E. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Kommt, jauchzt dem Herrn der WeltenE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Kommt, Sünder, zu dem GnadenthronEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Kommt und erzählt von Jesu mirE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Lad mig om Jesus vide mer'E. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian2
Lamb of God, who died for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lasst die Fahne weh'nEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Launch away, believer, on the swelling tideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Launch out the life-boat on life's stormy waveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lead me, my Savior, let thy kind favorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lead on, O Prince EmmanuelE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lead us not into temptation, Heavenly Father guard and guideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Learning of Jesus, blest retreatEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Leave the path that lies in shadow, and step upward into lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Leaves of the autumn, brown, crimson and goldEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Led by the cross, we will onward goEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Led by the starEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Led of the Spirit, Lord, would I beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Let Jesus choose my path for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let me do some work for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let me faithful be, While his cross I seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Let me render, by his mercyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Let me walk with Thee, dear Savior (Hewitt)E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let my steps be light and freeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let the blessed love light linger as the days are flying pastEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let the children of Zion be joyful in their KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Let the joyful tidings ring in song and storyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let the laurel twineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Let the light of love shine clearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Let the whole wide world be takenE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Let the wicked forsake his wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Let the wings of the morning my spirit upliftEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Let us ask the gracious Savior for a spirit like His ownEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us ask the precious Savior To go with us while we partE. E. Hewett (Author)English11
Let us carry the sunshine wherever we goEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us come with praiseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us counsel together, dear friends, day by dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us do all we can for each otherE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us drop a word for Jesus, as a living seedE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Let us endeavor to speak for the MasterE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Let us give our youth to JesusL. H. Edmunds (Author)English2
Let us give the cup of water in His nameEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Let us press toward the mark, though it shines far aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us rise, let us riseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Let us run with patience, Our appointed raceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let us sing a song that will cheer us by the wayE. E. H. (Author)English23
Let us trust Him in the darknessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Let's give them something better, friendsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Liebe seh' ich göttlich großEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Life has its changeful seasons, its sunshine and its rainE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Life wears a different face to meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English69
Lift a happy songEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lift a song of cheer, as we march alongE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lift me higher, blessed Savior By Thy resurrection mightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Lift me higher, draw me nearerE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lift me up, O Jesus To Mount Pisgah's heightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Lift our banner highE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Lift the leafy branchesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Lift up Jesus in a worldEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lift up the grand old book that has stood for ages pastEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Lift up the joyful voice of praiseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lift up the light, The blessed light of loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Lift up the standard of the King of gloryEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Lift up your eyes (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lift ye gates, lift up your heads with gladnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lift your eyes to Jesus; see the CrucifiedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Lift your eyes to the cross, where the Lord of glory diedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lift your heads, O ye gates, lift them up on highEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lifted into the sunshine, Ring it out with a songEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Lifting glad hosannas to the Lord our KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Light up the world for Jesus Light up your face with smilesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Like a dove to the windowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Like the clouds of the nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Like the sheep that's gone astrayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Like the sigh of the breezeE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Listen to the blessed invitationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English37
Listen to the still, small voiceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Litet v'nligt solsken lat oss sprida detEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Little bird, with downy breastE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little birds of praise are weE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Little birds of springtime sweet and gayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Little blossoms, upward springingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little brown sparrow, chirpingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Little builders all are we, building for God's eyes to seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little children of Jesus, we carol His praiseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little children of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Little children, praises bringE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Little Christians, at home and schoolEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little daisies noddingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little hands can scatter rosesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Little hands may scatter seeds of faith and loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Little hands to work for Jesus, Little feet to walk His wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Little lights are shiningEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English11
Little ones may come to JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a treeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Little soldiers of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Little steps of kindnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Little sunbeams bright and gayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Live like the blessed MasterE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Live to be a blessing carry hope and cheerE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Live to be a blessing in this world of oursE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Living all for Jesus as he leads the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Living all for Jesus 'tis the golden wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Living by the moment trusting every hourE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Living to save the lostE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Lo the shepherd calls his flockEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Look always to Jesus for pardon and peaceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Look away to the hills, to the beautiful hillsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Look for the beautiful day after dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Look up happy Christian look up to the skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Look up to Jesus and with loving trustE. E. Hewitt (Author)English17
Look up to Jesus lift up thy neighborEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English11
Looking to Jesus as we journey alongEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Looking to Jesus, bright Star of the dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Looking unto Jesus, clinging to the crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Looking up to Jesus, humble, contrite soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord, be Thou my helperE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord, be thy service all my joyE. E. Hewitt (Author)1
Lord, carest thou not that we perishEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord, empty Thou my soul todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord, God of hosts, we bless thy nameEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Lord, help me to love thee, more, more every dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lord, I come to thee in prayerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lord, I seek Thee, heavy ladenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Lord, keep my inmost heartEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Lord, keep my soul from day to dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English30
Lord, make my heart so pure and trueE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord of the harvest, we fervently prayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Lord, show me thy glory, the light of thy faceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord, Thou hast tenderly reached from aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Lord, thy voice so tenderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lord, we have wandered from thy wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Lord, we seek thy tender guidanceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lost, a rich treasure, more precious than goldEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Lost, lost on the mountains of sin and despairE. E. Hewitt (Author)English16
Love everlasting, love Divine!E. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Love is shining over us, Mercy goes before usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Love, that opens heaven to meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English12
Lower and lower, dear Lord, at Thy feetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Loyal be, and trueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Loyalty to the master, loyalty to the kingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English24
Más de Jesús deseo saberE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish7
Más de Jesús quiero aprenderEliza Hewitt (Author)Spanish3
Mai mult pe Isus vreau a ştiE. E. Hewitt (Author)Romanian2
Mais de Cristo quer ver, mais do seu amor obterEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)Portuguese2
Make haste, glad haste, in the service of the kingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Make me a channel of blessing, LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Make me a child of thineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Make me a witness, dear SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Make me, O Lord, by Grace divineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Make room in your heart for the Savior of menEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Make the moments count for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Making others happy, 'Tis a blessed artE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Mansions in the FatherlandE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Many in darkness are far astrayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Many mansions, many mansionsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Many the needs in this world of oursEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Many the ways that we ought to set rightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
March, march along, let us gladly singE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
March on, Christian soldiers, nor yield to the foeE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
March on, happy soldiers, rejoice as you goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
March on, march on, follow the mighty commanderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
March onward still! hear the bugles blow!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Marching along at our Captain's wordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Marching, marching, hear the pennies chimeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Marching 'neath love's bannerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Marching on, marching on, Onward at our Captain's wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Marching on, rejoicingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Marching on to Zion, city of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Marching on together in the ranks of the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Markerne til høsten modnesE. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian2
Marvelous are thy works, O King of heavenE. E. Hewitt (Author)1
Marvelous loving kindness, O Lord, thy children singEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Mehr von des Heilands Lieb und GnadE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Mein Herz ist heut' voll SonnenscheinE. F. Hewitt (Author)German2
Mera om Jesus, O att jagEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Messages from the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Meu coração descana em DeusEliza (Lida) Edmunds Hewitt, 1851-1920 [Lidie H. Edmunds] (Author)Portuguese2
Mid life's pleasure, 'mid its careEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Mid the trials of lifeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Mighty to save us, and strong to deliverEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Min Jesus hoer den boen jag barEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Mit frohem Gemüthe besinget die GüteE. E. H. (Author)German2
Mit Liedern des Dankes im fröhlichen ChorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Moment by moment, as the sands fallE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
More about Jesus would I know, More of his grace to others showE. E. Hewitt (Author)English373
More laborers for the harvestEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
More room, more room at the cross of ChristEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My blessed Lord has gone beforeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
My choice is King Jesus, He's reigning aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My faith has found a resting place, from guilt my soul is freedEliza E. Hewitt, 1851-1920 (Author)English27
My father and mother, how good to me and kindEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My Father fills my present needEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My hands I raise the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
My happy heart is singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My heart is sweetly restingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
My heart uplifts a happy songEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English9
My life, my all, to thee I bringEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
My lips are filled with singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
My meditation of him shall be sweet (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
My Savior bore the curse for meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My Savior came from realms above (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My Savior hath said it, I know it is trueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
My Savior hears the prayer I raiseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
My Savior is abiding, abiding in my heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
My Savior leads along life's wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
My Savior reaches from the throneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
My Savior shed his blood for meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
My Savior came down from His glory on highE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My Savior died to open wideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
My Savior, O, what glories shineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
My Savior, when they brought TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
My sins were a burden too heavy to bearE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
My soul has found a healing streamE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
My soul sings glory all the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English13
My times are in my heavenly Father's handsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Níveas ropas sin igualEliza Edmunds Stites Hewitt, 1851-1920 (Author)Spanish2
Naraniag daytoy aldaw itaE. E. Hewitt (Author)Tagalog2
National prohibition for the land we loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Nearer, O my Savior! Nearer would I beE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Nearer to Jesus, His precious bloodE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Needful strength for me each dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Never, never borrow trouble from the morrowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Never will the Lord forget his ownEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Never will the Lord forsake usE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Never will the Master leave usE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Nevermore a sorrow, nevermore a fearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
New songs, new songs for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
No blossom needs the lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
No farewell shall be uttered upon that Golden ShoreE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
No, I cannot count themEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
No longer from Jesus, no longer I'll roamEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
No matter how gloomy my pathway may beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
No matter how hard goes the battle of lifeE. E. Hewitt (Author)6
No matter how stormy thy pathwayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
No one but Jesus can cleanse me from sinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
No setting sun, no fading rayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
No work, no merit of my ownEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Not a mountain streamlet, Singing as it flowsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Not empty handed would I goEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Not empty handed would I goEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Not far ahead, on the pathway I seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Not mine, but Thine, the hours that passE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Not one day without my SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Not one thing hath failed usE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Not unto us shall be the praiseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Nothing to pay for atonement's madeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
N'r med min synd jag till korset gar framEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Numbering all thy kingdom, openings to be and doE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
O a conquering host is the army of GodEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O, a gladsome song 'tis mine to singE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
O be not discouraged, dear child of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O bless the Savior's name!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
O blessed hope so dear, so brightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English12
O blessed rest in JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
O blessed token of the Father's loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O blessed word, the message of salvationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O come, O come, for staunch and strongL. H. Edmunds (Author)English2
O come, to Calvary turningEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O, come to the feast on the hillsideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O come to the fountain, Jesus is waitingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O come to the fountain of life, Abundantly flowing for theeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O, come to the Savior, my brotherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O don't give him up! he has wandered awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O for a harvest of joy aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O for a vision of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O give thanks unto the Lord, Give thanks, give thanksE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
O happy Boy of Galilee!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O her cheek was like the roseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O Himmelslicht brich' einE. E. H. (Author)German2
O how kindly Jesus smiledEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O hvila vid JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O I want to be ready when the BridegroomEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O if you would be the victorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O is it too good, too good to be trueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
O it is wonderful, when I was drearilyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
O, jeg tænker idag paa det herlige landE. E. Hewitt (Author)Norwegian2
O Jesus, my Friend and RedeemerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O let me look around meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
O let memory be a blessingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
O let us love each other, For that is God's own wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O let us rejoice in the work of the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English16
O listen again to the voice loudly sounding!Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O Lord, in thy Zion praise waiteth for theeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
O Lord, Thy mighty grace impartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O, may none of us be missingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O min tanke flyr hän till det härliga landEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O, min tanke flyr hän till det härliga landE. E. Hewitt (Author)Swedish2
O praise the Lord, when all the skyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O pray, for the Father is ready to hearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O rock-a-by, my dolly dearE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
O Savior of sinners (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O say not tomorrow, today is the timeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O seek for the Savior E. E. Hewitt (Author)2
O shining hours of gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O sing a song of our firesides and our friendsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O sing, happy Christian, and trusting the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
O sing His praise, who governs earth and skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O sing the name of Jesus in joyful hymns of praiseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O sing to the Savior, loud anthems employE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
O sing unto the Lord a new songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O singet eure Lieder dem Heilande heutE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
O so many flags are waving, all aflutter in the airE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O spirit of poetry, tune your sweet harpEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
O sweet companionship, whenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O tell me more of Christ, my SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English16
O, the everlasting Father is the refuge of my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O the fullness of the blessing which in Jesus is revealedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O the happy birds and flowers would sayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O the little lambs are bleatingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O the Master to our hearts is callingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O the promises of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
O there's sunshine, blessed sunshine (Chorus)E. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
O thou bleeding Lamb of GodE. E. Hewitt (Author)English16
O 'tis wonderful, wonderful, the way the Lord providesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
O to be more faithful, working day by dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)6
O to be more tenderE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O to be up and doingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O to have the Savior's mindEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
O to set the world rejoicing every dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
O what a Savior in Jesus I've foundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
O what blessing Jesus bringsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O what blessings Jesus has for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O what boundless love we seeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
O what everlasting mercy, Saved me, pardoned and restoredE. E. Hewitt (Author)English11
O what joy what delightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O what joy when we meet with friends that we loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
O what must I do to be saved From the guilt and dominion of sin?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O what peace it gives to meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O what shall be ours in that beautiful landEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
O wonderful Savior, how great is Thy loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
O won't we be a happy peopleE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O, work for the Master; the field is so wideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Over all the wasted pastE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Oft I hear my Savior sayingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ost segelt unter StuermenE. E. H. (Author)German2
O be joyful in the Lord, For his love like sunshine pouredE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
O bless the Lord, He cleansed my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English10
¡Oh! cuánto necesita obreros el SeñorEliza E. Hewitt (1851-1920) (Author)Spanish2
O for a heart that is whiter than snowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English45
O glad are our hearts in a service of loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O how great my need of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
O let us come to life's fair treeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O, listen again to the musicE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O praise Him, O praise HimE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O praise the Lord, love's golden chordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O the dearest of all flags on land or on sea E. E. Hewitt (Author)2
O the heights and depths of loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
O the wind was keen that cold winter nightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
O, the winds were hushed, and the night grew fairE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
O to have the mind of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
O what a mighty Savior, remembering all my needE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
On, halting Christian, for the word is forward stillEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
On life's great battle groundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
On, little pilgrims, the Lord is KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
On, march on, the battle now is ragingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
On that holy night when the angels brightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
On the bough of the treeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
On the bright and golden morrowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
On the cross my Savior bought meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
On the land, on the seaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
On the shining fields of gloryEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
On the throne everlasting my Father is KingE. E. H. (Author)English3
On to the land of glory On to the home of lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Once a troubled mother sought the Lord in needEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Once a wondrous healer, Christ of GalileeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Once I heard my Master talkingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Once my way was dark and drearyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English53
Once on a mountainside, green and fairEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Once to Jesus came the mothersE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Once when a shower was fallingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
One Christmas nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
One day at a time to carry the crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
One day the little drops of rainEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
One is our Master, the blessed RedeemerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
One night, a carol was heard aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
One thing I know, O bless His nameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English15
One who died to rescue meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
One who will freely forgive all my sinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English11
Only a little beyond, Only a little beyondEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Only a little wayside springEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Only a little while, courage, sad heartEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Only a pair of sparkling eyesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Only a pleasant eveningE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Only a smile, 'tis but little, we knowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Only a song for Jesus, A simple "Gospel Song"Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Only a sunbeam, yet how it brightensEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Only a word from the book of truthEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Only coming to JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Only for Jesus, the lives He has givenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Only in thee, blessed LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Only Jesus, blessed JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Only little buildersEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Only the blood can for sin atoneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Only to follow, day by dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Only to love Him, this is the testEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Onward now, rejoicingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Onward, rejoicing, marching in the lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Onward, soul, through sun and rainEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Onward still, and upwardE. E. Hewitt (Author)English23
Onward, upward, in the King's highwayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Onward will I journey, through life's rain or shineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English10
Open doors before usE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Open the windows of heaven, O Lord, And be a rich blessing outpouredEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Others are happy in Jesus tonightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Our banner to the breezes flingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Our dear Bible verses, how brightly they shineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Our Father, God, thy voice we hearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Our hopes, like the roses, may wither and dieEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Our present help, O God, art Thou!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Out in the breakers are perishing soulsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English33
Out in the conflict, pressed by temptationE. E. Hewitt (Author)English10
Out in the wide world, out in its strifeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Over in the sunshineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Over the land sounds the gospel callEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Over the mountain, over the valleyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Over the river, hangs a cloud so dark and drearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Over the river, our loved ones waitEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Over vale and mountainE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Over yonder's a city of marvelous lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Patter, patter, little feetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Peace, like a river, is flowing todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Peace, said the MasterEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Peaceful the wondrous nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Peacefully resting, dear Savior, in TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Plant roses, sweet roses in passing alongE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Plant the banner of the cross on the hilltops of our landEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise God, we'll see the friends we loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise Him for His glory, praise Him for His graceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English13
Praise him, little children in life's morning glowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Praise him, O praise him! The golden harps are ringingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Praise Him, praise Him, in the heights of blessingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise Him, praise Him, praises to our FatherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise him, twinkling stars on highE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Praise, joyful praise, Holy Father, to TheeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Praise the King of glory, He is God alone;Eliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)1
Praise the Lord for his condemnationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Praise the Lord for His salvation, Sing His mercies full and freeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Praise the Lord in joyful numbersE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise the Lord, O come, with exultationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Praise the Lord, the God of mercyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Praise the Lord, who made the skyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Praise the Lord, who reigneth on highEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Praise the Lord, whose love befriending usE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Praise the Lord with a song of rejoicingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Praise the Lord with delightE. E. Hewitt (Author)1
Praise to God, our Father, let us all rejoiceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Praise to Him who loves us with everlasting loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise to Thee, Jehovah, JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise to thee, our FatherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Praise ye the Lord, angels brightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord, angels of lightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Praise ye the Lord, while harps of glory ringE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Precious is the Christ who cameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Precious lessons, precious lessons we are learningE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Precious words to Christians sweetEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Precious yea far more precious than jewelsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Press down and running overEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Press onward heirs of gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Pressed and running overEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Proclamemos nosso CristoEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)Portuguese2
Purple mist upon the mountainsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Put your hand to the ploughE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Quiero de Cristo más saber, Más de su amor para salvarEliza E. Hewitt, 1851-1920 (Author)Spanish3
Quiero de Cristo más saber, Más de su dulce amor tenerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish4
Quiero seguir el andar del MaestroEliza E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish3
Rain and sunshine, night and morningE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Raindrops are fallingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Rally for the Master, Soldiers brave and trueE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ready, ready, fields to the harvest are whiteEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ready to meet the foe, steadily on we goE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Rejoice and sing, the Lord is King, let all the earth be gladEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Rejoice in your mission, O child of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, the wilderness shall bloomE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Rejoice ye with singing, who trust in the LordEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)3
Rejoicing evermore in our hopes laid up aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Remember all the way in which thy God hath led theeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Remember at ChristmasEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Remember it is JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Remember just beyond the screenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Remember when leaving God's temple belowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Rest, weary heart, for Jesus bids thee restEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Rest, weary heart, in sweet contentE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Resting, sweetly resting in the "everlasting arms"Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Rich and golden blessings are always on the wingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Riches unsearchable, riches divineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Ring abroad the joyful message of redeeming loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ring all the bells, the gospel bellsE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Ring it out, sing it out, all the world aroundE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Ring on, ye chiming Easter bellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ring out a song of gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ring out the grand old word againE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ring out the name of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Ring out your bells, sweet liliesE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ring the merry, merry Christmas bellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Ring, ye bells of joy, salvation's precious storyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Ring, ye bells of joy, the happy Easter storyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ringing out the joy note from a thankful heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Ringing, ringing, sweetly ringingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Rise and follow JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Rock-a-bye baby, rock-a-bye dearE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Roll it off on JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Room enough at Calvary, 'neath the crimson flowE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Roses bright and snowflakes whiteE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Roses in the garden, daisies by the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sabbatglocken läuten, o so süß und reinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Sabbath bells are chiming, O so sweet and clearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Safe in the keeping of Jesus my KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sagt der Tochter Zion heut an allen EndenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Sailing sailing every dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Salute them young AmericaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Salvation at the savior's crossEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Saved and kept by Jesus, He will cleanse the soulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Saved by the blood of the Crucified One (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Saved to save others ring out the gladEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Saved to serve the masterE. E. H. (Author)English2
Savior, bless us from aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, give thy grace to meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Savior, help us in our weaknessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Savior, hold me close to TheeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, I belong to Thee, nevermore my own to beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, I will praise TheeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Savior, in whose name I prayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Savior, keep us in Thy sideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, keep us till we meet againEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Savior, lead us to Thy crossEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Savior, make me all Thine ownE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Savior may Thy gentle handEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, my life, my all, Thou wilt not leave me ready to hear my callEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Savior Thou didst die for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Savior, when my foes assailEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, blessed Savior, tell me where to goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, my life is Thine, receive me nowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Savior, take me in Thine armsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Savior, we come to Thee, in lowly prayerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Savior, we seek for Thy bleedingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Scattering the seed, the precious, precious seedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Schnell entflieht mir die Zeit und die Tage vergehnE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Search the scriptures dailyE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Secure in his keeping, who guideth my wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
See the dear Savior on Calvary's treeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
See the love beams shining from the Savior's faceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Seedtime and harvest since time beganEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Seeing Jesus only as my great High PriestE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Seek things worth while, strength as thy dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Seek to be a blessing, while the moments flyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Seek ye first the kingdom, not the things of the earthE. E. Hewitt (Author)English17
Seek ye the bookEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Seeking for thee in wonderful loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Seeking the Lord of GloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Seeking the Master in faith and loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Seeking Thy blessing, O Lord, I comeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Seelen noch sind in dem Joch heidnischer NachtEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Seest thou, sailor, a glory afarEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Send me forth, dear SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Send out the blessed Bible through the land we loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Send out the messengers over the seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Send out the search light in sin's stormy nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Send out the truth, send out the lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Send the Bible over land and seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Send the bread that came from heaven to the wanderers far awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Send the glad message afarEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Send up a prayer in the morning's bright blushE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
Seraphic hosts, before the throneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Serve the Lord with gladness, For His joy is strenthEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
She hath done what she could, and the lovely perfumeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Shepherd of Israel, Holy and blestE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Shine forth, shine forth, O children of the Light!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Shining in the morningE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Shoulder to shoulder, pressing on with prayerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Shout for the Lord hath given you the cityEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Simple faith in JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Sin cesar siempre pienso en la tierra mejorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish1
Since Christ by His Spirit hath entered my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Since eternal life is mineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Since I came to Jesus, I'm no more aloneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Since my heart I opened to the heavenly DoveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Since on my Savior I believedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Since the Comforter came, kindling love's holyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Since the Comforter has come, every door is opened wideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Sing a hymn of gladness, sing it everywhereE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sing a pretty story, how a tree grows upE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Sing, all ye people, come with songs of gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sing away the shadowsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Sing glad praises to our Savior KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sing in happy measures of our Father's loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Sing, O my soul for gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sing, O ye people, sing of the SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sing of the cross, the wondrous crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)7
Sing sweetly, happy childrenE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sing the good [glad] tidings of mercyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Sing the joyful tidingsE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Sing the love of Jesus, Everlasting loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sing the sweetest song of allE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sing to the Lord, to God our FatherE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Sing we the Savior's powerE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sing with me in joyful measureE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Sing, ye happy childrenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Singing I go along life's roadE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Singing in the shadows, singing in the lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Singing in the spirit, joy shall wing the notesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Singing in the sunshine of our Father's blessingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Singing of Jesus, happy refrainEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Singing the love of Jesus day by dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sleep, birdies in you downy nestEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sleep, little lambs, beneath the lightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Smiles for the weary, smiles for the sadE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Smiles like sunbeams, light the dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
So great is the work we are given to doEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
So great, so wondrous is the loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Soft shadows are fallingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Soldiers of Christ, press onEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Soldiers of Jesus, be strong in the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Soldiers of King Jesus, haste awayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Soldiers of King Jesus, raise the shout againE. E. Hewitt (Author)English14
Some blessed morning, the sky will be clearE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Some little work for JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Some one is shipwrecked on life's stormy seaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Some one needs the sunshine sparkling on your wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Somebody here needs a kind, loving friendEliza E. Hewitt (Author)1
Somebody here needs Jesus todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Someone is knocking, I hear the soundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Someone must carry a smiling faceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)6
Something more of Jesus, I must learn todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Something whispers in my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
Sometime the clouds shall fleeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sometimes on stormy watersE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sometimes the way is tryingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sometimes, to my heart comes a vision of joyE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Sometimes we grope 'mid the shadows of painE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Sometimes we sigh as days go byEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Songs, glad and cheeryEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Songs of deliverance let us singE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Souls are wandering in the nightE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sounding thro' the stillness of the starry nightE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sowing beside all waters Whoso the word believesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Sowing the seed of the kingdom, sowing the seed by the wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Speak bright words for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Speak, dear Lord, Thy servant hearsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Speak for Jesus, he hath touched youE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Speak up boldly, fellow soldierE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Speed on thy way, O thou angel of timeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Speed, speed the happy day now marching on its wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Speed thee, Christian, sweetly cheer theeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Spread the sunshine of joyE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Spring is coming o'er the hillEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Springtime fair, everywhereE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Standing fast for JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Standing for the homes we loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Star of beauty, Bethlehem's starE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Steht fest vor dem Feinde, begegnet ihm kühnE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Stellet frisch die Teller aufE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Stepping heavenward day by dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Stepping stones to JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
Still out of Christ, thy bark adriftE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Strong though the evil entrenched may beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Summer makes our gardens fair with blushing rosesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Summer's bright blossoms welcomeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Sunshine girls and sunshine boysEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Sunshine in the morning, sunshine in the nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Sweet peace is my portion, my gift from aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Sweet Rose of Sharon, shed thy fragrance hereE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sweet songs from yonder hills of gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Sweet words over-arching mercy's doorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Sweeter than the woodland echoesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Sweetly resting in my SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Swell the grand song of the Easter-tideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Swiftly, so swiftly, the years roll alongEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Swiftly speeds the hour we must partEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Tacks'gelsens offer vi bringa med froejdEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Take a look at the crossEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Take a promise with youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Take courage, believer, and press on thy wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Take courage, my brother, press steadily onE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Take hold and help, ye Christian menE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Take the cup of salvationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Take the higher path to gloryEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Take up thy cross and follow me, The blessed Master saidEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Take wings to thy soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Talk it over with the MasterEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Tell it, every gentle breezeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Tell it to others, the story of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Tell Jesus about it, the sin that besets theeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Tell me his name again—wonderful name!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Tell me of Jesus, the Savior of menE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Tell the good news of the kingdomEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Tell the sweet story wherever you goEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Tell the whole wide world of JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Tell the wondrous story of the Lord's delivering mightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Telling the story of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Tempt me not with worldly pleasuresEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Tender Savior, bless thy childEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Tender Savior, by whose childhoodEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Thank God for the fountain, so precious, so freeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Thank God for the fountains, the life-giving rillsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Thank God, there's a blessed comfort for weary hours of painEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Thanks be to God for the joys that surround usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Thanks to thee, our heavenly Father, glory, honor, might and powerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
That grand word, whosoever, is ringing through my soulE. E. H. (Author)English38
The aid you might render to someoneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The angels sang one starry nightMiss Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English12
The battle is on; with our colors flyingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The beautiful morningEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The Bible is the book I needEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The birds in sweet chorus are singing awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The blessed old banner, the banner of our King!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The boys and girls for Jesus, the children's blessed FriendE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The call "come up higher," is ringing out stillEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
The children are coming to Jesus todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
The children long ago Sang hosannasEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
The children of the King are rejoicingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
The children were joyfully singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The crimson glories of the westEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The cross, the cross, it calls to one and allEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
The dear Christmas storyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
The dear little birds are as glad as can beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
The dear old story of a Savior's loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English12
The earth is gay with flowers todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The Father's door is open wideE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
The gay little bluebirds are singing againE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
The God of all grace is my strength and my songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The God who led His people through the parted seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The golden light is streaming from smiling skies of blueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The "Good Shepherd" sought for one lost sheepEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
The gospel message sounds abroadE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
The heavenly Father calls for theeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
The heavenly Shepherd knows his ownE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The joy of His salvation, O happy, happy themeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The joy of His salvation, that's the joyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The legions of the Sunday school are marching on todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The light of the gospel, the sunshine of loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The light that shines this moment will never shine againEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
The little birds are singing for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The little birds have come againEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
The little lambs are friskingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
The little lambs in pastures fairEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The little trees are growingE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
The living fount is flowing nowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The Lord has need of workers to till his field todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English18
The Lord hath made this world of oursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English15
The Lord hath made us joyfulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The Lord hath set up His sweet kingdom of peaceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The Lord is faithful to His precious wordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The Lord is good and full of graceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The Lord who died on Calvary's sideE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
The love of God to sinners, His "everlasting love"E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The Master is calling for someone todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
The Master now is callingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The mountain path is rough and steepE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
The murmuring summer breezeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The music springs within my heartEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The night's dim, purple shadowsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The old gospel story we're telling againE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The promises how preciousE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
The reapers are gladly singingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
The road we must travel is sometimes rough and steepEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The robin and bluebird have told usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The robin's carol gay and sweetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The roses, sweet roses, are telling the storyE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
The Sabbath bells are ringing, They call us anto prayerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The Savior calls to you and meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
The seasons come, the seasons goE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The shades of night will pass awayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The shadows of evening will fall by and byE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The shadows of time flee before the great dawnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)7
The Shepherd is calling, O list to His voice!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The Shepherd is crossing the mountains todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The spear and the thornE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
The Spirit calls grieve him no moreEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The Spirit is gently pleadingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
The summer is coming, the honeybees hummingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The sunny streams and fountainsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)1
The sunset was tinting the skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The trusting heart to Jesus clingsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English43
The twilight falls serene and stillE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
The virgins all were sleepingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The voice of thanksgiving we cheerfully raiseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
The way grows brighter every dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
The way to heaven is a blood stained wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
The wheat and the tares grow togetherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The whole world needs the gospelEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English9
The wise men of old saw a beautiful starE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
The word of my Father is assurance sweet to meE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
The world is full of evil, and the fight is onEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
The world, with siren voice, Would oft my soul allureE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There are fountains never failingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)5
There are ringing hallelujahs in my grateful heart todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There are songs of holy raptureE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
There are souls, perishing souls, over the seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
There are sunbeams of joyE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
There is a blessed secretE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There is an hour when God invitesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There is Bethlehem, put a light thereE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There is fulness of joy in the presence of the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There is joy among the angels, there's a mighty shout of raptureEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English16
There is nothing too hard for the Savior to doEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There is plenty in Jesus, enough and to spareE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There is power in Jesus' blood to make me white as snowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)5
There is rest, sweet rest, at the Master's feetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English66
There is room at the fountain of mercyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There is room in the fold of the ShepherdE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There stands upon the landing placeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There'll be music over Jordan, such as ear hath never heardEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a balm for every sorrow, there's a rose for every thornE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a beautiful home, and no shadow of nightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a blessed river, flowing from the throneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a blessing abundant in JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a blessing for me, when my Savior I seeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
There's a bright new hope in my heart todayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a brighter side to troubleEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a church in the valley by the wildwoodE. E. H. (Author)English1
There's a city, I'm told, built of jasperEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
There's a cleansing stream, and it flows for allE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a clear fountain flowingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English15
There's a country that is ever bright and fairE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's a cross in the lifeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
There's a foe we must resistE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a Friend that's closer than a brotherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a gladness in the sunshineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a glorious Savior for you and for meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a glory side to the cloud we fearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
There's a golden ray through the falling rainE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
There's a happy, happy song that is singing through my soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a happy land beyond, where bright angels ever singE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a heaven in the heart, when salvation we knowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a hope that glows before meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a joy beyond allEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a joy set before thoseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a land beyond the billows, where the roses never dieE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's a land of beauty where our Savior swellsE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a land of peace and glory (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a land of which we read in the book of truth divineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a light above, there are smiles of loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
There's a light in the cloud hanging over the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a light in the darknessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a light in the window of the home aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)1
There's a light on clouds of sadnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
There's a little cottage nestling underneath the maple treesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a little robin singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's a monster in our landEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
There's a pardon full and sweetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English27
There's a place for me at the Savior's crossE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
There's a promise for the contriteEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a promise full of gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a promise given by the heavenly KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
There's a rift in the cloudsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)7
There's a Rose whose beauty brightens every dutyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a rustling in the treetopsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a shipwreck on the oceanEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a song in my heart that will ring evermoreE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
There's a song of gladness in my soul today (Hewitt)E. E. H. (Author)English2
There's a song of hope like a chime of bellsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a spring of joy unfailingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's a star ever shining for pilgrims todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a stream whose healing flowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a sun that shinesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
There's a time of refreshing from the presence of the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a veil that hangs before meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English10
There's a voice soft and gentle, 'tis calling todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's a voice that speaks to allEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
There's a welcome from the Savior for the contrite heart and meekEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a winning side in lifeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's a wonderful templeMiss Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
There's a wondrous light in the darkest nightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a word for me in the blessed bookEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
There's a word of tender beautyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English41
There's a word we've often heardE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's a work to do in the service trueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's an eye that watches over meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's an eye that's watching over meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
There's an hour which no man knowethE. E. Hewitt (Author)English10
There's blessing abundant in JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's blessing at the Savior's crossEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
There's fragrance on the breezeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
There's freedom in Jesus, there's freedom indeedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There's no better Friend than JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
There's no one like my Savior, No friend can be like HimE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
There's no shadow in the valleyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
There's power, mighty power in the word of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English13
There's power in the gospel; the same blessed gospelL. H. Edmunds (Author)English3
There's something in my heart that words cannot expressE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
There is sunshine in my soul today, More glorious and brightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English335
They are gathering there in that city on highEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
They are meeting above, in the home of the blestEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
They are pushing out the life boat, throwing out the lineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English8
They gathered with Jesus, the people of oldE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
They have stepped across the borderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
They have stepped down before meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
They shall be comforted, sorrowing heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English12
They shall shine as the stars, they who follow the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
They shall sing for joyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
They will come to us no moreEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
They're ringing out their chimesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
This Jesus who came from his home in the skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
This money is for JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
This wonderful story of infinite loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Though passing clouds will often riseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Though sins come up before meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Though the pleasures of earth fade like blossomsE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Thou art with me, SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Thou cleansing and transforming FireE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Thou hast died for me, my SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Thou, who in humilityE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Though beneath the drifting snowEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)English2
Though my sins like scarlet areEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Though of sinners I'm the chiefE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Though the seeds which we sow we may water with tearsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Through joy and sorrow, smiles and tearsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Through scenes of joy or sorrowE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Through storm and sunshine, light and shadeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Through the grace of our RedeemerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Through the rosy gates of summerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Throughout the Bible runs a threadE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Tiernas canciones alzad al SeñorE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish1
Till det h'rliga land med min tanke jag gaarEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Time hurries onward with fast flying feetE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Time may tarnish earthly treasuresEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Tiny notes of musicE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Tiptoe, tiptoe off to bedE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
'Tis a good work, grand work, this of winning soulsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English9
'Tis a wonderful story (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
'Tis best, like moonbeams tenderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
'Tis better to smile in the sunshineE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
'Tis but a simple little wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
'Tis here the Christian armorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
'Tis just the same old gospelEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
'Tis now in part I know His graceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
'Tis sweet to confess Him, our Master and GuideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
'Tis the happy Christmas timeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
'Tis the mighty Rock of Ages that’s beneath my feet todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
To aid each other and befriendEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
To aid the cause of Christ our LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
To all who believe and Jesus receiveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
To praise the Lord our God, letEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
To radiant hills I lift mine eyesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
To the blessed work before usE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
To the blest retreat of the mercy seatEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
To the waters of life take the vessel of prayerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
To the weary and the sadEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Todos juntos de Jesús cantemosE. E. Hewitt (Author)Spanish2
Toil on, trust on, working for the MasterE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Too long have I wandered, too long roamed afarEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English16
Travel on with a songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Treuer Heiland, höre du mein Fleh'nEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Treuer Hirt, der Seine HerdeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Treulich zu folgen dem liebenden JesuE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Trust, and be of cheer, for the Lord is nearE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Trust in Jesus, blessed JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trust in Jesus, trembling soulE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, Hope from His mercy borrowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trust the Lord, for He never can fail usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trust the precious promiseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Trust, trust the Lord, though in sadnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trusting along from day to dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trusting Jesus as I goEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Trusting Jesus, 'tis the wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trusting on, though clouds may shadow the pathE. E. Wewitt (Author)2
Trusting thy way unto the LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Try a little more prayer, as you press on the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Trying to walk in the steps of the SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English180
Turn a new leaf for me, Father, I prayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)9
'Twas in an upper chamberEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Two builders are at work todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Unconditional surrenderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Under the dear old starEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Under the shade of the forestEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Unfold in beauty flowers of springE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Unto the uttermost O what a songE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Up and be doing, O friends of the King!E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Up and down the farmer goesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Up, up, up, the little flowers are growingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Uphold me, Savior, by Thy handE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Uplift every valley, the sunlight to shareE. E. Hewitt (Author)6
Upon the hills I wanderedEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Upward, ever upward, Glad allegiance bringE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
"Upward, growing upward," say the blooming flowersEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Use me, blessed SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Use us as channels, blessed LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Vöglein singen, Glocken klingenE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Veiled is the future before meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Vertrau' auf Gott von HerzensgrundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Very little tots are weEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Victory bells are ringing over the land we loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Voices to us are callingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Vorwärts, haltet Schritt, junge Streiter für den HerrnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Wüsst' ich doch mehr von Jesu ChristE. E. Hewitt (Author)German3
Waiting by the waysideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Wake the song of gladnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)6
Walking in the sunshine of the Master's faceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Walking with Jesus in fellowship sweetEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Wandering in the wildernessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Watch and pray day by dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Watchman! tell us of the nightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
We are camping toward the sunrise in the army of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We are children of the kingdomEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English6
We are faithful, earnest sowers, scattering seed along the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
We are going home to glory, we are on the shining wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We are just as happy as the birdsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We are little soldiers of the King aboveEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)English3
We are marching alongEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We are marching onward, 'Tis the King's commandEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We are marching, we are marching on with gladnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
We are only humble sowersEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We are singing, ever singingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
We are singing on the way, to a blessed land of dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
We are soldiers of the Lord, pressing onward at His wordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We are temperance soldiers, stepping in to lineEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We are the flower committeeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We are toiling on, oft in barren fieldsEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
We are very glad we've heardE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We come to our childhood's bright daysE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
We come to our Savior in childhood's bright daysE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We find in the valley of BacaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We gather Lord around thy feetEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
We gather on this joyful dayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We greet the smiling Easter-tideEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
We have come rejoicing in the Father's loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
We journey on, not knowingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
We know of the life-giving fountainE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We love the gracious FatherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We part for a little, but parting will ceaseE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We praise Thee, our Father, we worship in gladnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
We shall be like Him, O beautiful thought (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
We shall know as we are known, When the years, unveiled, are shownE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
We shall walk with Him in whiteE. E. Hewitt (Author)English56
We sing amid the trials that we meet along the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
We sing his precious nameE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
We sing of salvation, the wonderful themeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We sing the blessed storyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We sing to thee, our blessed LordE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We tell it as we journey toward the mansions built aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English11
We watch for the morning, the beautiful dayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
We will work, we will work for the temperance causeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
We wish a happy birthday to youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)7
We wonder why the leaves must fallE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Weavers are we at a wonderful loomE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Welcome, royal hearted Summer, crowned with beauty, light and flowerMiss Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Welcome the Sabbath, sweet day of restEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Welcome to our numberEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Welcome, welcome, sunny hoursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
We'll do what we can, the daisies all sayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We'll follow Jesus in the wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
We'll forget the toil in the noonday heatE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We'll never strike our colors when we're fighting for the rightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We'll take no half way measuresE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We'll testify for Jesus, we'll take the witness standEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We'll work for Jesus todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Wenn durch Salems PerlentoreE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
We're a band of pilgrims, guided by our KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We're a band of pilgrims on life's upward wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We're banded now togetherEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We're borne along the waves of timeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English8
We're counting the blessings, our joys we recordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English24
We're little burden bearersEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We're pressing still onward in the paths of righteousnessE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We're rounding the cape, the Cape of Good HopeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We're sailing on the billows of life's tempestuous seaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
We're sailing, sailing over life's great seaE. E. Hewitt (Author)English13
We're telling a story so helpfulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
We've no abiding city hereEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What a blessed friend is Jesus, what a refuge I have foundE. E. Hewitt (Author)6
What a fullness, what a fullnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What a shout the ransomed raiseEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What a wonderful salvation, For its length and breadth and heightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English23
What are the words that we must say?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
What are you doing for Jesus, Dear friend, today?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What can I do for this brother of mineE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
What have you done as the days have sped byE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
What is little birdie singingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
What joy in Jesus we have foundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
What lamp do you bear, little pilgrimEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What praises shall I renderEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What sayest thou of Jesus?Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What shall I do with Jesus? I hear His pleading voiceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What though sometimes the briarsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
What though a cloud should sweep over your skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)5
What will you do in the swelling of JordanE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
What would life be without Jesus? How meet the tempter each hourE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Whatever Jesus tells me is the thing to doE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Whatever joys engross youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)7
Whatsoever burden presses on thy heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
When a contrite sinner to the Lord I cameE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When a poor sinner I come to the throneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When at Calvary, bending lowE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
When bearing my burden in sadnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When fades the rosy sunset lightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When faith looks up to Him who died, and lives beyond the skyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When far away, remember meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When first my Savior's voice I heardE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When humble and contrite, I come to the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When I battle with temptationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When I come, a burdened sinner, to the mercy-seat on highE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When I enter that beautiful city on highE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When I follow Christ my SaviorEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When I look into the face of Jesus Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When I think of how he loved meEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
When I walk through the valley of the shadowE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When I walk with Jesus, all along life's wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When I'm grieving over the blundersE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When I'm sad and heavy ladenEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English7
When Jesus called the little onesEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When Jesus comes in, there's cleansing from sinE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When Jesus left his rocky tombE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When Jesus was a little child, His life was pure and trueE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When looking over life's storyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When on clouds of glory Jesus comes againE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When on the cross, my Savior died, And opened there salvation's tideE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When our pleasant birthdays comeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When sin's heavy burden weighs down on your soulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the autumn sun is setting, and the yellow harvest moonEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When the clouds are hanging low, look beyond, look beyondE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
When the clouds gather darkly around youEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
When the clouds shall overshadow every smiling earthly sceneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the cold breath of sorrow blights our joysE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
When the flowers arising from the groundEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When the harvest is gathered from the hillside and plainE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the heart is stayed on JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When the Lord is our treasureE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the Lord shall come in glory on the Coronation DayEliza Edmunds Hewitt (Author)3
When the Master comes in gloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the pearly gates are opened to a [this] sinner saved by graceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English22
When the reapers come rejoicingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When the sky clear and sunny, fills my way with golden lightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the sky is sparkling with the morning lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
When the sky was dark and drearyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
When the stars are clearEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When the sunset of time fades away in the skyE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
When the toils of life are over, when the work has been well doneEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When the wintry winds are blowing brightly shines this cheering rayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
When there's darkness in the valleyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When to the Savior's cross we turnE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
When we come with burdened soulsE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
When we reach our home at lastEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
When with pleasure's rosy lightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Whenever ills oppress meE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Where high the spreading maple growEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Where there's darkness in the world todayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Wherefore art thou wrapt [wrapped] in slumberE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Wherever Christ leads us he opens the wayE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Wherever I look, wherever I turnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Whether storm or sunshine waits me, in my time appointedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
While bearing my burden in sadnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
While Sabbath bells sweetly are ringingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
While the days are swiftlyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
While the flowers areEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
While the Gospel bells are ringingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
While the sky of life is brightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
While these favored hours are passingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
While wandering afar from the Spirit of graceEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
While we follow Jesus in the homeward wayEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
While we swell the ranks, let our march be straightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
While we wreathe the hollyEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
While you travel onward in the king's highwayE. E. Hewitt (Author)5
Who can tell the glories of that landEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Who can tell the love of JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)1
Who is this King of GloryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Who plants along a wayside drearE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Who stands outside the closed doorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
Who will be faithful, redeeming the timeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Who will be our ShepherdEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Who will come in faithful consecrationE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Who will do his part with a loyal heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Who will follow Jesus, standing for the rightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English33
Who will labor for the Master, who will sow the precious seed?E. E. H. (Author)English2
Who'll enroll his name in the army of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Why have we wandered from JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Why need we fret and worryE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Why not come at once to JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Why not come to Jesus, while theEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Why stand ye idly gazing toward heaven’s blessed heightE. E. Hewitt (Author)English7
Will I ever see JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Will they know I am comingE. E. Hewitt (Author)3
Will you go to Jesus now, dear friendEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English12
Will you join the grand processionEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Will you let the Savior take you by the handE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Will you meet me in the morning, When the shadows pass awayLidie E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Will you not come to the wonderful SaviorE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Will you not undo the door?E. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Willing gifts let the children bringE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Willst du beten zu Gott, deinem Vater und HerrnEliza E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Willst du lichte Pfade geh'n?E. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, Sing His mercy and His grace (Hewitt)Eliza E. Hewitt (Author)English286
Wir senken nie die Fahne in dem Kampf für Recht und PflichtE. E. H. (Author)German2
With hearts of gratitudeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
With joyful hope I look aboveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
With outstretched hands and pleading toneE. E. Hewitt (Author)English10
With self surrender cometh restE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
With sin's heavy burden my heart was oppressedE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
With trembling contrition I sought for the gateE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Withdraw not thy hand from the work of the LordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Witnesses for Jesus, tell His powerEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Witnesses for Jesus, ye who know his powerE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Wohnungen im Vaterland hat bereitet Gottes HandE. E. Hewitt (Author)German1
Wonderful Bible, book of all agesE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Wonderful fountain that cleanseth from sinEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English12
Wonderful, Lord, thy lowly birthE.E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Wonderful love that saves my soulEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Wonderful mercy that sought usEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Wonderful place called CalvaryE. E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Wonderful power of my wonderful KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English14
Wonderful promise, all things are mineE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Wonderful promise, O precious wordEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Wonderful tidings bring, messengers for the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Wonderful words of blessingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Wonderful words of salvationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English1
Wondrous is the story we have gladly heardEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Won't you come and seek salvationEliza E. Hewitt (Author)4
Woodland ways are ringingE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Work away, with happy heartE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Work for Jesus as the daysEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Work for Jesus in your home-lifeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Work for the Master, answer His callE. E. Hewitt (Author)English6
Work for the master, toil for the kingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Work, O work, for Jesus, through all the golden hoursE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Work, O work, for Jesus, in His blessed ServiceE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Work on ye servants of the KingE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Work watch and pray, O servantEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Workers are all needed hear the master callEliza E. Hewitt (Author)3
Workers of the Sunday school, be strong and trueEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Working in the vineyard of our risen KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
World wide doors for JesusE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Worthy is the Lamb for sinners slainE. E. Hewitt (Author)2
Worthy to be praised is God my FatherE. E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Wo's noch dunkel heute in der WeltE. E. Hewitt (Author)German2
Would we patiently carry the burdens of lifeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Would you know the sweetnessEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Would you make your lifeEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Would you tread the paths of lightEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English5
Wrecker or saver, which shall it beEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ye are of more value than many sparrowsE. E. Hewitt (Author)4
Ye servants of the KingEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Ye that labor and are heavy laden, come to MeE. E. Hewitt (Author)Engish3
Ye who know the gladness of redeeming loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
Yes, hereafter, we shall knowEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
Yield not to the tempter, though bold he may beE. E. Hewitt (Author)English4
Yonder beams the land immortalE. E. Hewitt (Author)English3
You ask me why I love him, the Christ of GalileeE. E. Hewitt (Author)English2
You have answered the call of the Master aboveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
You know a Savior's loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
You may have all the world and its pleasuresEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English4
You mean so much to JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
You told me the story of Christ and His loveE. E. Hewitt (Author)English9
You who know a Savior's loveEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
You'd better go to JesusEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
Your bark is drifting on a restless seaEliza E. Hewitt (Author)2
You're seeking a blessing, then come to the BlesserEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English2
You're seeking for riches of silver and goldEliza E. Hewitt (Author)English3
在我魂間,今天有陽光 (Zài wǒ hún jiān, jīntiān yǒu yángguāng)E. E. Hewitt (Author)Chinese2

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