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N. B. Herrell

N. B. Herrell
Short Name: N. B. Herrell
Full Name: Herrell, N. B. (Noah Benjamin), 1877-1953
Birth Year: 1877
Death Year: 1953

Born: March 8, 1877, Miami, Indiana.
Died: May 10, 1953, Pasadena, California.

A Nazarene minister, Herrell was a pastor in Arlington, Virginia, when a heart ailment forced his retirement. His works include:
Christ at the Controls
The Way of Christian Prosperity


Rev. N. B. Herrell has had a rich and abiding ministry in the church. As pastor, evangelist, district superintendent, and church leader, he has had opportunity to test the fundamental principles of stewardship in every phase of church activity. He has spent nearly a lifetime of study concerning this important theme. For thirty-five years he has preached and practiced the fundamentals of Christian stewardship.


Herrell, Noah Benjamin. (Miami, Indiana, March 8, 1879--1953). Saved and sanctified in 1901 under the preaching of Lillian Belle Vanderbur, in Marion, Ind. Two years later, he married the girl evangelist. They had one daughter, five sons.

District Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene: Pittsburgh District (1910-1916) (Brought Illinois Holiness University into his denomination as Olivet Nazarene College); Northern California District; Idaho-Oregon District (helped build Northwest Nazarene College and Good Samaritan Hospital); 1920-1922, Ohio District (bought and organized Central Ohio Camp Ground); 1925-1933 (Kansas City District); Pastored churches in Coffeeville, Kansas; Hammond, Ind.; and Arlington, Virginia.

Could not read or write music. Most songs came by inspiration, words and tune together.

--E. Roger Taylor, DNAH Archives

Texts by N. B. Herrell (44)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
In the upper room in Jerusalem, On the day of PentecostRev. N. B. Herrell (Author)English6
Are you ready, O my brotherN. B. Herrell (Author)English4
Cheer, ye faithful children of the gospel lightRev. N. B. Herrell (Author)3
Christ commissioned his people to goN. B. Herrell (Author)2
Christ commissions all the sanctifiedN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
En la cruz de malhechoresN. B. Herrell (Author)Spanish2
Far from Thy goodness I've wandered awayN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
Forward into battle, ye mighty hosts of GodN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
God owns the whole wide worldN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
Hark! hark! O hear the glad tidingsN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
I have left old Egypt's strandRev. N. B. Herrell (Author)English3
I have made my choice forever 'twixt this world and God's dear SonN. B. Herrell (Author)English4
If you are burdened with guilt of sinN. B. H. (Author)English2
If you've really been convertedRev. N. B. Herrell (Author)English2
In the Bible we are told of poor Lazarus of oldN. B. Herrell (Author)English4
Jesus, blessed Rock of agesN. B. Herrell (Author)English3
Lo a mighty host with the Holy GhostRev. N. B. Herrell (Author)English3
Love divine now reaches meN. B. Herrell (Author)2
Never weary in well doingN. B. Herrell (Author)2
No matter what your station in lifeN. B. H. (Author)4
Nobody knows when we are triedN. B. Herrell (Author)English3
O the transforming power of Jesus' bloodRev. N. B. Herrell (Author)English2
O this wonderful peaceN. B. Herrell (Author)3
Once I was blind to gospel lightN. B. Herrell (Author)English12
Once our blessed Christ of beautyN. B. Herrell (Author)English25
Over the ocean millions I seeN. B. Herrell (Author)English3
Soon our Lord will be coming with ten thousand angels strongN. B. Herrell (Author)English4
The Saints have been weeping, praying for yearsN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
The skies are full of PentecostN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
There flows a stream of crimson redN. B. Herrell (Author)English3
There is a grand excursion, that's running through the landN. B. Herrell (Author)English6
There is power in the blood of God's dear SonN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
There was a man of ancient dayN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
There's a sanctified fold in God's mercyN. B. H. (Author)English2
There's a way which leads from earth to heavenN. B. Herrell (Author)3
These poor, frail earthen temples will crumble and decayN. B. Herrell (Author)English3
Up from the regions of sin and its blightN. B. Herrell (Author)2
We are soldiers of the cross, Ours the old, old storyN. B. Herrell (Author)English1
We have heard the blessed storyN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
When your soul is weary with a load of careN. B. H. (Author)English4
While I drew near to thy throneN. B. Herrell (Author)2
While I walk my pilgrim journeyN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
With the hallelujah band, I am in the promised landN. B. Herrell (Author)English3
Within the gates of God's city aboveN. B. Herrell (Author)English2
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