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Short Name: John Warrington Hatton
Full Name: Hatton, John Warrington, 1710-1793
Birth Year: 1710
Death Year: 1793

John Warrington Hatton (b. Warrington, England, c. 1710; d, St. Helen's, Lancaster, England, 1793) was christened in Warrington, Lancashire, England. He supposedly lived on Duke Street in Lancashire, from where his famous tune name comes. Very little is known about Hatton, but he was most likely a Presbyterian, and the story goes that he was killed in a stagecoach accident.

Bert Polman

Tunes by John Warrington Hatton (2)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
WOODWORTHJohn Hatton, c. 1710-1793 (Composer)112335 43234 355
DUKE STREETJohn Hatton (Composer)107913456 71765 55565

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