H. L. Hastings

H. L. Hastings
Short Name: H. L. Hastings
Full Name: Hastings, H. L. (Horace Lorenzo), 1831-1899
Birth Year: 1831
Death Year: 1899

Hastings, Horace Lorenzo, was born at Blandford, Mass., Nov. 26, 1831; commenced writing hymns, and preaching, in his 17th year, and laboured as an evangelist in various parts of the U. S. In 1866 he established The Christian, a monthly paper, in which many of his hymns have appeared, and in 1865 the Scriptural Tract Repository in Boston. He published Social Hymns, Original and Selected, Boston, 1865; Songs of Pilgrimage, a Hymnal for the Churches of Christ, Part i., 1880; and in August, 1886, the same completed, to tho extent of 1533 hymns, 450 of which are original and signed "H." The best known of these is "Shall we meet beyond the river," written in N. Y. city, 1858, and lately published as a leaflet in 14 stanzas of 8 lines. The text in Gospel Hymns and elsewhere consists of the 1st half of stanzas i., iv., xi. and ix. The Hastings Birthday Book, extracts from his prose writings, appeared 1886. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology

Texts by H. L. Hastings (132)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Afar from home on an island loneHorace L. Hastings (Author)English3
Ah what words of dangerH. L. H. (Author)2
Angels high in glory, Sound the joyful storyRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English2
As the world around was sleepingHorace L. Hastings (Author (attributed to))1
At evening time may there be lightH. L. Hastings (Author)English7
Author of salvation, hear my supplicationHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Awake and sing, awake and singHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
Awaked by Sinai's awful soundHorace L. Hastings (Author)English1
Be patient yet a few more yearsHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Be patient yet a little while, The sigh shall be a psalmHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Be strong, my soul, in God most highHorace L. Hastings (Author)English4
Before us lies a valley dimHorace L. Hastings (Author)English7
Behold He comes with cloudsHorace L. Hastings (Author)1
Behold the Lamb of God, who bears our sin and woeHorace L. Hastings (Author)English2
Behold there comes an hour unknownHorace L. Hastings (Author)5
Bells of joy are ringing High in heaven's blue domeH. L. Hastings (Author)2
Beyond life's raging feverHorace L. Hastings (Author)English11
Bless, my soul, the Lord, thy MakerHorace L. Hastings (Author)1
Blest is the place where treesHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Breaking now the loaf togetherHorace L. Hastings (Author)1
Brightness of the Father's glory, Heaven's own light to earth come downHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Can you stand for God, though you stand aloneHorace L. Hastings (Author)English3
Children hail the holy strangerHorace L. Hastings (Author (attributed to))1
City of our God renowned, Where the ransomedHorace L. Hastings (Author)5
Clip from the brown one sunny tressHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
Come, O my soul, to CalvaryHorace L. Hastings (Author)English9
Come to the Savior now, Jesus is mineHorace L. Hastings (Author)English3
Day is far spent, the shadows lengthen round usHorace L. Hastings (Author)English6
Delight in the Lord, With sweetest accordHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
Endue us, Lord, with heavenly powerH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Fair city, when shall I beholdHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Forward, Christian soldiers, through a hostile landHorace L. Hastings (Author)English4
Gefunden ist der Hafen nunH. L. Hastings (Author)German4
Glad was the message, and joyous the strainHorace L. Hastings (Author (attributed to))1
Great Husbandman, at thy commandHorace L. Hastings (Author)English8
Great King of glory, hear the prayerHorace L. Hastings (Author)5
Halting, lingering, fearing, longingHorace L. Hastings (Author)English6
Hark! from the mansions of glory the songRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English5
Hark! from yonder radiant throngH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Hark! I hear the angels singingH. (Author)English3
Hark, the voice of Jesus calling Weary sinner, come and restHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Holy day of peaceful restHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
I shall rest, I shall rest, When the Christian'sHorace L. Hastings (Author)6
It may be at the even-tideH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Jesus, the Comforter, bruised and heart-brokenHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
Just as God leads me, I would go, I would but ask the wayHorace L. Hastings (Translator)English1
Just as I am, O Lamb of GodHorace L. Hastings (Author)English6
Keep the Sabbath holy, Keep a joyful dayHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Lift the voice and sound the trumpetHorace L. Hastings (Author)English7
Lonely and weary by sorrows oppressedHorace L. Hastings (Author)English15
Look not upon the ruby wineH. (Author)English6
Lord, thou art with us while we prayH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Moedes vi hist bagved FlodenHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
My heart shall bless my heavenly KingHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
My home is over the swelling floodRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English2
My soul at last a rest hath foundRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English19
My weary soul a rest hath foundH. L. Hastings (Author)English8
عند عبر النهر، نهر الموت، موطن النعيمH. L. Hastings (Author)Arabic1
Not here, where sparkling watersHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
Now Savior, strengthen every heartH. L. Hastings (Author)English1
Now to the great, eternal KingH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Now unto him who on the treeHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
Now unto the King eternal, But unseen by mortal eyesH. L. Hastings (Author)1
O Christ of men the Life and LightHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
O Father, God, who art in heaven, To thee be endless glory givenH. (Author)2
O Father, who rulest the wind and waveH. L. Hastings (Author)1
O God, my Savior, I love theeH. L. Hastings (Translator)English1
O God, to whom our fathers prayedRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English6
O Lord, who art with two or threeHorace L. Hastings (Author)English7
O Savior, bless us as we go, And make our hearts within us glowH. L. Hastings (Author)English1
O shameful cross, on thee was hungHorace L. Hastings (Author)6
O Son of God! with glory crowned Upon Thy Father's throneHorace L. Hastings (Author)English1
O sweetly through the gloomy yearsHorace L. Hastings (Author)6
O worn with griefs and pains and fearsH. (Author)English1
On, on, thou weary marinerHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
On the north and the east, on the south and the westHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
On the street, on the streetH. L. Hastings (Author)English4
Open wide thy gates of beauty, Guide me to the house of GodH. L. Hastings (Author)English2
Our Father, God, to thee aloneHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
Perishing splendors pass awayHorace L. Hastings (Author)5
Pilgrims in this vale of sorrowHastings (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord! let heart and voiceH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, our God, His love and grace proclaimH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Rejoice around the tomb where Jesus layH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Religion is the best of allRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English3
Rock of my strength! to Thee my soul is clingingH. L. Hastings (Author)English1
Roll thy burden on the LordHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
Savior, bless us as we part, Grant us Thy protectionH. L. Hastings (Author)English1
Seh'n wir uns an jenem StrandeH. L. Hastings (Author)German4
Seh'n wir uns an jenen UfernH. L. Hastings (Author)German1
Seh'n wir uns wohl einmal wiederHorace L. Hastings (Author)German9
Shall we meet beyond the river, Where the surges cease to roll?H. L. Hastings (Author)English358
Shall we meet by life's pure riverHorace L. Hastings (Author)3
Shall we meet each other yonderHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Shall we meet with those beloved onesHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Sing we the song to angels givenHorace L. Hastings (Author)5
Skal vi alle engang mødesH. L. Hastings (Author)Norwegian2
Skola vi väl alla mötasHorace L. Hastings (Author)Swedish4
Soldiers of the cross, arise! Lo, your leader, from the skiesH. (Alterer)English1
Son of God, earth's storms are breakingH. L. Hastings (Author)English4
Soon the saints shall be freedHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Strong to redeem is the Lord who hath loved meH. L. Hastings (Author)English8
Surely at the appointed timeHorace L. Hastings (Author)1
Sweet meditation on the LordHorace L. Hastings (Author)English4
Take away the children, we cannot have them hereRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English4
The grace which is in Christ revealedH. L. Hastings (Author)1
There's a light that is shining in darknessH. L. Hastings (Author)English3
Thou Prince of glory, slain for me, In deep distress, I fly to TheeH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Thou who dost with thy people meetH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Through the furnace, through the heatHorace L. Hastings (Author)8
To Him who died upon the treeH. L. Hastings (Author)1
To Him who in his precious bloodH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Unto the high and mighty Lord we lift our morning strain of praiseHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
We are sowing in our sadnessHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
We know the grace of him who diedHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
We praise and magnify Thy nameH. L. Hastings (Author)1
We shall meet beyond the river (Hastings)Horace L. Hastings (Author)4
Weep for the fallen, in death lying lowH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Welcome, from beneath the waveHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
What father, when his children pleadH. L. Hastings (Author)English2
Whatever God doth is rightly doneHorace L. Hastings (Author)English1
When a few swiftly fleeting yearsHorace L. Hastings (Author)English7
When o'er the deep we rodeHorace L. Hastings (Author)English5
When shall I see the day that ends my woesH. (Adapter)English1
When signs and wonders there shall beHorace L. Hastings (Author)4
Who hath sorrow, who hath woes?Rev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English2
With the mouth our Lord confessingH. L. Hastings (Author)1
Within the garden's whispering shadeHorace L. Hastings (Author)English11
Ye mourning saints! dry every tearHorace L. Hastings (Author)1
Ye servants of the Lord, To all the world proclaimHorace L. Hastings (Author)2
Ye soldiers of the risen Lord, March along, march alongRev. H. L. Hastings (Author)English2
Yet there is room, the feast is spreadH. L. H. (Author)English5

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