Lewis Hartsough

Lewis Hartsough
Short Name: Lewis Hartsough
Full Name: Hartsough, Lewis, 1828-1919
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1919

Hartsough, Lewis, was born at Ithaca, New York, Aug. 31, 1823. Of his hymns the following are in common use:—-
1. I hear Thy welcome voice. The Divine Invitation.
2. In the rifted Rock I'm resting. Safety in Jesus.
3. Lead me to the Rock that's higher. Safety in Jesus.
4. O who'll stand up for Jesus? All for Jesus
Nos. 1-3 are in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, 1878 (1 and 3 with music by Hartsough).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Hartsough, Lewis, p. 1569, ii. Mr. Hartsough entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1851, and is now (1905) residing in Mount Vernon, Indiana. He was musical editor of J. Hillman's Revivalist, Troy, 1868, and co-editor of The Sacred Harmonist, Boston, 1864, and Beulah Songs, Phila., 1879. In addition to the hymns named on p. 1569, ii., "Let me go where saints are going" [Heav'n desired] (1861) has come into common use. It appeared in W. B. Bradbury's Clarion, 1867, p. 83. Concerning his hymn, "I hear Thy welcome voice," Mr. Sankey says in his My Life and Sacred Songs, 1906, p. 11(3:—

The words and music of this beautiful hymn were first published in a monthly, entitled, Guide to Holiness, a copy of which was sent to me in England. I immediately adopted it, and had it published in Sacred Songs and Solos. It proved to be one of the most helpful of the revival hymns, and was often used as an invitation hymn in England and America."

[Rev. L. F. Benson, D.D.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Hartsough, Lewis. (August 31, 1823--January 1, 1919). Details of his early life are lacking. After being admitted to the Oneida, New York, Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1851 and serving several pastorates in that state, his health failed and he went to Utah where he was influential in establishing the Utah Mission, later becoming its superintendent. Upon relinquishing that position he moved to Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where he spent the remainder of his life. Bird's statement that he lived in Indiana is erroneous. He was minister of the South Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Utica, New York, when he first became associated with Joseph Hillman, who chose him to act as musical editor of The Revivalist, a gospel hymn book which went through eleven editions in five years, 1868-1872. This book had a remarkable sale and was doubtless used in more churches during the 1870s than any other of similar character. To it the Reverend Hartsough contributed, in one edition, twelve texts, fourteen tunes, and thirty arrangements of tunes, several of the latter being of the religio-folk variety which had been so popular in the early camp meetings. It is a valuable source work.

"I love to think of the heavenly land" (p.1573) is by Hartsough. "I hear thy welcome voice (p.1569), originally in six four-line stanzas, with Refrain, in full S/1931; with the first three stanzas, slightly emended, Brethren/1951; with stanzas 1, 2, 3, and 5, also emended, in Hymns of the Living Faith, 1951. Writeen in 1872 with musical settings by the author, it is the only one of his many songs which has continued in use.

Source: Metcalf, Frank J. American Writers and Compilers of Sacred Music; several editions of The Revivalist.

--Robert G. McCutchan, DNAH Archives

Texts by Lewis Hartsough (68)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A hundred years, a hundred years, And lo, theLewis Hartsough (Author)2
And did my Sovereign dieLewis Hartsough (Author)1
Auf deinen Ruf, o HerrLewis Hartsough (Author)German3
Blessed angels are around meLewis Hartsough (Author)English3
Come friends and neighbors comeLewis Hartsough (Author)2
Come, this poor heart of mineLewis Hartsough (Author)English5
Coming to Jesus as I amL. Hartsough (Author)English2
Create in me, Lord, a new heart and all cleanLewis Hartsough (Author)4
Die Stimme unsers HerrnLewis Hartsough (Author)German1
Earth's but a stormy battle fieldRev. L. Hartsough (Author)1
Ein Gnadenruf ertöntLewis Hartsough (Author)German5
He wills that I should holy beLewis Hartsough (Author)English1
How beautiful the flowersLewis Hartsough (Author)English3
How bright the hope that Calvary bringsL. H. (Author)English28
I bring you tidings of great joyRev. L. Hartsough (Author)English13
I cling, dear Lord, to theeRev. L. Hartsough (Author)3
I do not want one thought, dear LordLewis Hartsough (Author)2
I have loved ones before the white throneLewis Hartsough (Author)English6
I hear Thy welcome voiceLewis Hartsough (Author)English620
I love to think of the heavenly landLewis Hartsough (Author)English31
I love to sing of Heaven, Where white-robed angels areLewis Hartsough (Author)English39
I read of a world of gladnessRev. L. Hartsough (Author)1
I shall know thee in the morningLewis Hartsough (Author)2
I will sing of a way most royalRev. L. Hartsough (Author)1
Ich denke gern an das schöne LandLewis Hartsough (Author)German1
Ich höre Deinen Ruf, mein Herr, und folge DirLewis Hartsough (Author)German1
Il est un roc séculaireLewis Hartsough (Author)French2
I'm saved, and my soul is in wonderRev. L. Hartsough (Author)1
In the morning of the wakingRev. L. Hartsough (Author)2
In the presence of Jesus my soul takes delightLewis Hartsough (Author)2
In the rifted rock I'm resting Sure and safe from all alarmLewis Hartsough (Author)English28
Jesus calls me, I am goingLouis Hartsough (Author)English12
Jesus now pleads with gentle voiceLewis Hartsough (Author)4
Jesus, the wonderful, The gift of God's great loveLewis Hartsough (Author)English4
Ke lohe nei no auRev. L. Hartsough (Author)Hawaiian3
Lead me to the Rock that's higherLewis Hartsough (Author)English4
Let me go where saints are goingLewis Hartsough, 1828-1919 (Author)English42
Let nothing divide us, dear SaviorLewis Hartsough (Author)2
Life's a field where armies battleLewis Hartsough (Author)2
Listen to the whisperingsRev. L. Hartsough (Author)4
Lord, in the strength of graceRev. L. Hartsough (Author)English1
Mañgegco ta timecL. H. (Author)Tagalog2
Mi glywaf dyner laisRev. Lewis Hartsough (1828-1919) (English Words)Welsh5
മുറ്റും വെടിപ്പാക്കാൻ എന്നെ ക്ഷണിക്കും നിൻ (Muṟṟuṁ veṭippākkān enne kṣaṇikkuṁ nin)Lewis T. Hartsough (Author)Malayalam2
My all to Christ I've givenLewis Hartsough (Author)English2
My faltering feet no safety knowRev. L. Hartsough (Author)3
你的歡迎聲音 (Nǐ de huānyíng shēngyīn)Lewis Hartsough (Author)Chinese2
Njay reko Tompo o!L. Hartsough (Author)Malagasy2
None other now but JesusRev. L. Hartsough (Author)English5
O have you not heard of that realm of delightLewis Hartsough (Author)English10
O Jesus, delight of my soul, How can I Thy goodness proclaimLewis Hartsough (Author)English5
O Jesus, delight of my soul, My Savior, my Shepherd divineLewis Hartsough (Author)English29
O who will stand up for JesusLewis Hartsough (Author)2
O who'll stand up for JesusL. Hartsough (Author)English36
Only in the heaven above usRev. L. Hartsough (Author)1
Raise me higher raise me higherLewis Hartsough (Author)English2
Robed and ready, pressing homewardRev. L. Hartsough (Author)3
Rum is the children's foeLewis Hartsough (Author)2
സ്വർഗ്ഗ രാജ്യ നിരൂപണമെൻ ഹൃദയ വാഞ്ചയാം (Svargga rājya nirūpaṇamen hr̥daya vāñcayāṁ)Lewis Hartsough (Author)Malayalam2
The King in his beauty, with tenderest careL. Hartsough (Author)English2
The Master is come and he calleth for theeRev. L. Hartsough (Author)1
The morning light is breaking, The darkness disappearsLewis Hartsough (Author)English1
The war is almost ended now I'm near the river'sLewis Hartsough (Author)3
Trust in Jesus only everRev. L. Hartsough (Author)English2
ഉന്നതമാം പാറമേലേ (Unnatamāṁ pāṟamēlē)Lewis Hartsough (Author)Malayalam2
വിൺ ദൂതർ വാഴും സ്വർഗ്ഗമെന്റെ (Viṇ dūtar vāḻuṁ svarggamenṟe)Lewis Hartsough (Author)Malayalam2
Yo escucho, buen JesúsLewis Hartsough (Author)Spanish11
Zërin tënd po e dëgjojLewis Hartsough (Author)Albanian2

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