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Susannah Harrison

Short Name: Susannah Harrison
Full Name: Harrison, Susannah, 1752-1784
Birth Year: 1752
Death Year: 1784

Harrison, Susanna, invalided from her work as a domestic servant at the age of 20, published Songs in the Night, 1780. This included 133 hymns, and passed through ten editions. She is known by "Begone, my worldly cares, away," and "O happy souls that love the Lord." Born in 1752 and died Aug. 3, 1784.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Harrison, Susanna. (1752--August 3, 1784, Ipswich, England). The preface to the first edition of her collected hymns, Songs in the night, 1780, states that she was "a very obscure young woman, and quite destitute of the advantages of education, as well as under great bodily affliction. Her father dying when she was young, and leaving a large family unprovided for, she went out to service at sixteen years of age."

In August 1722, she became ill, probably with tuberculosis, and returned to her mother's home. She taught herself to write and in her remaining years she wrote 142 hymns which, with a few meditations, were published as Songs in the night by an anonymous editor, perhaps her rector. So sincere yet vivid is the expression of her faith as she faced certain death that by 1847 there had been eleven editions printed in England and seven additional ones in America.

Individual hymns remained popular in America during much of the nineteenth century due to the constant preoccupation with death in both urban and frontier life, reflected in the large sections of funeral hymns in most hymnals.

--Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives

Texts by Susannah Harrison (122)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All glory belongs to Jesus aloneSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Am I indeed born from aboveSusanna Harrison (Author)21
Arise, my soul, to Jesus flySusanna Harrison (Author)2
Attend, my soul, and trembling hearSusanna Harrison (Author)10
Awake my heart, my soul ariseSusanna Harrison (Author)19
Awake, my soul, my soul ariseSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Away my doubts, begone my fearsSusanna Harrison (Author)English31
Away my unbelieving fearSusanna Harrison (Author)English27
Be merciful, O God, to meSusanna Harrison (Author)5
Begone, my worldly cares, awaySusanna Harrison (Author)20
Behold, he comes, the Savior comesSusanna Harrison (Author)4
Bring all the brutish and unwiseSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Chasten'd I am from day to daySusanna Harrison (Author)2
Christian, examine well thy mindSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Come, O my doubting soul, attendSusanna Harrison (Author)14
Come, view the field of love divineSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Come, virgins arise and dispel all your fearsSusanna Harrison (Author)1
Condemn me not, most gracious GodSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Deceivers well affect to appearSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Gainst thee, thou holy, just and wiseSusanna Harrison (Author)5
God and his law are my delightSusanna Harrison (Author)12
God of my days, God of my nightsSusanna Harrison (Author)1
Good news these blessed words impartSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Grace will to every duty bindSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Haste that delightful, awful daySusanna Harrison (Author)6
Hear this ye favorites of the LordSusanna Harrison (Author)2
High in the heavens doth God resideSusanna Harrison (Author)2
How are my powers all tuned to mournSusanna Harrison (Author)2
How oft doth beauty lead to sinSusanna Harrison (Author)English3
How should the morning of my daysSusanna Harrison (Author)4
How suitable this word to meSusanna Harrison (Author)2
How welcome is this newsSusanna Harrison (Author)2
I fear the God of heaven and earthSusanna Harrison (Author)2
I, Jesus, am ascended highSusanna Harrison (Author)English7
I languish for a sightSusanna Harrison (Author)3
I languish for a sight of him who reigns on highSusanna Harrison (Author)4
I think my table richly spreadSusanna Harrison (Author)1
In this extreme distress of soulSusanna Harrison (Author)6
Is Jesus evermore the sameSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Is this thy will and must I beSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Is this unpleasing cup now givenSusanna Harrison (Author)9
Jesus exalts his favorites highSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Jesus I now address my [thy] throneSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Jesus my Advocate and KingSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Jesus, my hiding place thou artSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Jesus my mourning soul doth leadSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior and my Lord, To Thee I lift mine eyesSusanna Harrison (Author)English20
Jesus the great, the mighty GodSusanna Harrison (Author)5
Jesus, Thou God of Nations bendSusannah Harrison (Author)English2
Jesus, when I can see thy faceSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Let all my anxious cares be goneSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Let all the heavenly hosts rejoiceSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Let me adore his boundless graceSusanna Harrison (Author)1
Let me lie prostrate on the groundSusanna Harrison (Author)7
Let not the learned and the wiseSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Let others, wrapt in self conceitSusanna Harrison (Author)4
Look O my soul within the veilSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Look unto me the savior cries behold in meSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Lord, can a helpless worm like meSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Lord, captivate my every thoughtSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Lord, I confess my guilt and shameSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Lord, I'm a faint, a feeble wormSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Lord, is not my soul's desireSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Lord, search and try this heart of mineSusanna Harrison (Author)7
Lord, 'tis enough, at lenth I ownSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Lord, what am I without thy loveSusanna Harrison (Author)2
My God, for I can call thee mineSusanna Harrison (Author)3
My life declines, my strength is goneSusanna Harrison (Author)7
My soul, what dost thou hereSusanna Harrison (Author)2
No man, nor angel, can compareSusanna Harrison (Author)7
No more of works I vainly boastSusanna Harrison (Author)4
Now let my soul adore and praiseSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Now shall my soul adore the graceSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Now whilst I try my heartSusanna Harrison (Author)17
O could I find some peaceful bowerSusanna Harrison (Author)English35
O God, how mournful is my caseSusanna Harrison (Author)2
O let Jehovah's liberal handSusanna Harrison (Author)1
O soul reviving word, let all my fears be goneSusanna Harrison (Author)2
O what a vain and empty world is thisSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Of rest I hear, of rest I talkSusanna Harrison (Author)1
Oft has my soul in secret blestSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Rapid my days and months run onSusanna Harrison (Author)9
Remember me, thou great I AMSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Riches immense are in my handSusanna Harrison (Author)6
Salvation's work is doneSusannah Harrison (Author)English3
Say, is this wild, corrupted nationSusannah Harrison (Author)English2
Show me the souls to doubt exposedSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Take courage, O my soul, and restSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Tell me no more of earthly toysSusanna Harrison (Author)English52
Thanks to thy name, thou God of loveSusanna Harrison (Author)2
The law of God is just A strict and holy waySusanna Harrison (Author)7
The Lord of lords and King of kingsSusanna Harrison (Author)7
The rain descends the tempests riseSusanna Harrison (Author)7
The triune God above And Lord of all belowSusannah Harrison (Author)English4
Thee will I love, my dearest LordSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Thine anger, Lord, how short the staySusanna Harrison (Author)2
This blessing, Lord, to me impartSusanna Harrison (Author)2
This promise is to sinners madeSusanna Harrison (Author)2
This wretched heart will still backslideSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Thou art acquainted with my heartSusanna Harrison (Author)6
Thou God of justice and of graceSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Though I of sinners am the chiefSusanna Harrison (Author)5
'Tis my beloved's awful voiceSusanna Harrison (Author)2
To God I'd seek in each distressSusanna Harrison (Author)2
To him that brought salvation nighSusanna Harrison (Author)2
To him, to him, whose love hath wroughtSusanna Harrison (Author)4
To thee, again, my [our] gracious GodSusanna Harrison (Author)16
To thee, my God, I make my moanSusanna Harrison (Author)2
To us, to us a Child is bornSusanna Harrison, 1752-1784 (Author)English4
Tremble, my soul, fall down beforeSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Turn, O my soul, from Moses turnSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Unfertile intricate and strangeSusanna Harrison (Author)2
When will my sweet release be signedSusanna Harrison (Author)3
Where is the understanding heartSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Who is this heavenly person, whoSusanna Harrison (Author)5
Why do I thus complainHarrison (Author)5
Why, O my soul, those gloomy fearsSusanna Harrison (Author)4
Why should dread of sinful manSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Why should the dread of sinful manHarrison (Author)8
Why, thus cast down, my soulSusanna Harrison (Author)4
Without the aid of sovereign graceSusanna Harrison (Author)2
Ye highly favored, who professSusanna Harrison (Author)5

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