M. J. Harris

Short Name: M. J. Harris
Full Name: Harris, M. J. (Margaret Jenkins), 1865-1919
Birth Year: 1865
Death Year: 1919

Margaret Jenkins Harris USA 1865-1919. Born in Rushville, IL, she married evangelist, John Harris, and they were active in holiness meetings as musicians and song evangelists. She played the organ for accompaniment to their duets. She was also known as an effective preacher with strong messages. She was a member of the Iowa Holiness Association. She and her husband served as music directors for the 1901 General Holiness Convention in Chicago, IL. She also edited the “Glorious Gospel In Song” hymnbook for the Christian Witness Publishing Company of Chicago. She died in Miami, FL.

John Perry

Texts by M. J. Harris (24)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
يا له نبعا طهوراMargaret Jenkins Harris (Author)Arabic1
我到主前滿帶軟弱憂傷 (Wǒ dào zhǔ qián mǎn dài ruǎnruò yōushāng)Margaret J. Harris (Author)Chinese2
When I saw the cleansing fountainMargaret J. Harris (Author)English78
We may give our hands to JesusMargaret J. Harris (Author)English4
There's a story, blessed story, that I heard in days gone byM. J. H. (Author)English5
Singing songs of joy and peaceMargaret J. Harris (Author)English2
Prepare for on the morrowMrs. M. J. Harris (Author)English2
Oly megterhelt, oly szomorú szívemM. J. Harris (Author)Hungarian2
O hear the calls to battleMargaret J. Harris (Author)2
Joyful songs of salvationM. J. H. (Author)English2
Ich kam zu Jesus, müde und bedrücktMrs. M. J. Harris (Author)German2
I long ago left Egypt for the promised landMargaret J. Harris (Author)English28
I heard my loving Savior sayMargaret J. Harris (Author)English25
I felt so weak and unworthyM. J. H. (Author)English2
I came to Jesus, weary, worn, and sadMargaret J. Harris (Author)English45
I believe in the old-time religionMargaret J. Harris (Author)English34
He took my sins away, He took my sins awayMrs. M. J. H. (Author)English2
He heard the blessed invitationMargaret J. Harris (Author)English2
Have you found this great salvationMrs. M. J. H. (Author)English5
Have you been rescued from sin and shameMrs. M. J. H. (Author)English3
Glory, glory to the Father (Harris)M. J. Harris (Author)English2
Dad al Padre toda gloriaM. J. Harris (Author)Spanish5
Come enter into Canaan landMargaret J. Harris (Author)English7
Cansado y triste vine al SalvadorMargaret Jenkins Harris, 1865-1919 (Author)Spanish4
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