Henrietta Ten Harmsel

Short Name: Henrietta Ten Harmsel
Full Name: Ten Harmsel, Henrietta

Henrietta Ten Harmsel (b. Hull, IA, 1921; d. Grand Rapids, MI, March 16, 2012) versified this psalm in 1985 for the Psalter Hymnal. Ten Harmsel attended Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. From 1949 to 1957 she taught English at Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa, and from 1960 until retirement in 1985 was a member of the English department at Calvin College. Many factors contributed to Ten Harmsel's interest in the psalms. As a child she learned Dutch from her parents, and they instilled in her a love for the Dutch Psalter. Later J. W. Schulte Nordholt, poet, hymnologist, and professor of American history at the University of Leiden, became a great promoter of her interest in Dutch language and literature and her translation work. Ten Harmsel's translations from Dutch include Jacobus Revius: Dutch Metaphysical Poet (1968) and two collections of children's poems: Pink Lemonade (1981) and Good Friday (1984). In 1984 Ten Harmsel was awarded the Martinus Nijhoff translation award.

Bert Polman

Texts by Henrietta Ten Harmsel (5)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
God is here! As we your peopleHenrietta Ten Harmsel (Author (st. 5))English1
Hours and days and years and agesHenrietta Ten Harmsel (Reviser)English2
Listen to my cry, LORDHenrietta Ten Harmsel (Author)English4
Silent night, holy night, All is calm, all is brightHenrietta Ten Harmsel (Author (st. 2))English2
When Israel fled from Egypt landHenrietta Ten Harmsel (Author)English7
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