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J. Lincoln Hall

J. Lincoln Hall
Short Name: J. Lincoln Hall
Full Name: Hall, J. Lincoln (Joseph Lincoln), 1866-1930
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1930

Used pseudonyms Maurice A. Clifton and Arthur Wilton.
Joseph Lincoln Hall DMus USA 1866-1930. Born in Philadelphia, PA, to musical parents, he also was musical, having a good tenor voice. He was an organist and music teacher. At age 19 he led a 100 member choir for 10 years. He studied music and graduated with honors from the University of PA, later receiving a Doctor of Music degree from Harriman University, from which he was an alumnus. In 1896 he married Eva Victoria Withington, and they had four children. Three lived to adulthood, Lincoln, Ralph, and Philip. A musician, he was a great song leader and choral conductor, conducting campmeeting choirs in PA, OH, and FL, at the Gainesville Bible Conference as well. He became a gospel song composer, arranger, editor, and publisher. He wrote cantatas, oratorios, choir anthems, and hundreds of gospel songs. He also edited several hymnals. Along with Irvin Mack, he founded the Hall-Mack Publishing Company (later Rodeheaver). They published nine songbooks. He was a member of the 7th Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. He died in Philadelphia.

John Perry

Featured Article:
Joseph Lincoln Hall: Gospel Song Composer, Editor, Publisher by Patricia Woodard (from The Hymn)

Texts by J. Lincoln Hall (49)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A los pies de Jesucristo Siempre quieroJ. H. (Author)Spanish2
A los pies de Jesucristo Es el sitio aquí mejorJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)Spanish2
A los pies de Jesucristo, ¡qué palabras me habla a mí!J. Lincoln Hall (Author)Spanish2
Beautiful Christmas, welcome thy comingJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English3
Behold a stranger standing, Outside a fast-barred doorJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English3
Christ is my portion foreverJ. L. H. (Author)English22
Guide me, O my blessed SaviorJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)2
Happy children, with our Easter liliesJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English1
Have you ever heard the story, How Jesus bled and died?J. L. H. (Author)English2
Hear the Master's earnest call, To the harvestJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English1
I have a song within my heart O it is sweet to meJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
I have heard my Savior calling, Calling me to service trueJ. L. H. (Author)English6
I have heard of a river that's deep and wideJ. L. H. (Author)5
I have joy and glory and my heart is lightJ. H. L. (Author)2
I need the power of PentecostJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English4
I once was lost and dyingJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)2
I'll gladly suffer for JesusJ. L. H. (Author)English2
I've been doubting, blessed SaviorJ. L. H. (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, left heaven aboveJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)2
Listen to the master's pleadingJ. L. H. (Author)English2
Lord, Thou knowest all my needJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English4
Marching on, marching on to gloryJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English1
My all is on the altar, My heart wilt Thou refineJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
My life, O Lord, to thee I now surrenderJ. L. H. (Author)English2
O blessed Lord, to Thee I'm comingJ. L. H. (Author)English17
O have you heard the story Of what the states have doneJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
O Jesus, my Savior, how lovely Thou artJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
Oft I steal out in the twilightJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)2
Once again we greet the EasterJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)1
"Quit you like men," in the battle hourJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
Since my Savior came from heaven to save meJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English3
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, Learning of Him day by dayJ. L. H. (Author)English2
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, O what words I hear Him sayJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English60
Some day I shall be like him, In that city so fairJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English4
Someday I shall be like Him (Chorus)J. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
Speak a good word for JesusJ. L. H. (Author)English3
Summer time is come againJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English1
Sweetly chime the merry Christmas bellsJoseph Lincoln Hall (Author)English3
The cares and toils of life may comeJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English3
There is rest at the cross, O ye wandererJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English3
There's a Friend we love who is ever nearJ. L. H. (Author)English2
There's a message sweet and clear, Jesus savesJ. L. H. (Author)English5
Though dark the path may sometimes seemJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)2
Though the skies are gray all along your wayJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English2
Unfurl the banner, let it waveJ. L. H. (Author)English2
We gather in Thy name, O MasterJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English1
What are the flowers sayingJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)1
When I view the open fountainJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)2
Why stand ye here idle? there is work to be doneJ. Lincoln Hall (Author)English3

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