Mark Haas

Short Name: Mark Haas
Full Name: Haas, Mark, 1985-
Birth Year: 1985 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets]Mark Haas (Composer)234515 34511
[Have mercy on me, O God] (Mark Haas)Mark Haas (Composer)212352 51123
[I love the LORD, for he heard my voice] (Haas)Mark Haas (Composer)217154 32154 31551
[I waited patiently for the Lord] (Haas)Mark Haas (Composer)217176 7323
[Jerusalem is built like a city]Mark Haas (Composer)232125 43123 431
[Lord, you have been our dwelling place] (Haas)Mark Haas (Composer)234555 64233 21534
[My people, hear my teaching]Mark Haas (Composer)253154 32123 321
SALLEY GARDENSMark Haas (Adapter)213223 65165 21113
SIMPLE GIFTSMark Haas (Adapter)255112 31345 55321
[Sing to the LORD a new song] (Mark Haas)Mark Haas (Composer)215524 4123
[Sing to the LORD with grateful praise]Mark Haas (Composer)251214 31123 2
[The heavens declare the glory of God] (Haas)Mark Haas (Composer)253451 55676 4
[The LORD says to my Lord: Sit at my right hand]Mark Haas (Composer)233455 51234 31123
[When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion]Mark Haas (Composer)253332 12123 432

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