Dora Greenwell

Dora Greenwell
Short Name: Dora Greenwell
Full Name: Greenwell, Dora, 1821-1882
Birth Year: 1821
Death Year: 1882

Greenwell, Dorothy, commonly known as "Dora Greenwell," was born at Greenwell Ford, Durham, in 1821; resided at Ovingham Rectory, Northumberland (1848); Golborne Rectory, Lancashire; Durham (1854), and Clifton, near Bristol, where she died in 1882. Her works include Poems, 1848; The Patience of Hope, 1861; The Life of Lacordaire; A Present Heaven; Two Friends; Songs of Salvation, 1874, &c. Her Life, by W. Dorling, was published in 1885.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology

Wikipedia Biography

Dora Greenwell (6 December 1821 – 29 March 1882) was an English poet. The name "Dora Greenwell" was for many years supposed to be the pseudonym of a writer of rare spiritual insight and fine poetic genius. It was very generally surmised that she was a member of the Society of Friends; and there was much ground for this supposition. As time wore on, and book followed book, some of the facts of her personal history became known and were occasionally referred to in the public press. But for a very long period little was really known of her actual life, and many mistakes gained currency.

Texts by Dora Greenwell (7)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
And art Thou come with us to dwellDorothy Greenwell (Author)English11
I am not skilled to understandDora Greenwell (Author)English75
If ye would hear the angels singDora Greenwell, 1821-1882 (Author)2
It was for me that Jesus diedDora Greenwell (Author)2
Jamás podré yo comprender Dora Greenwell (Author)Spanish2
Strong words are these, O Lord, I seek but theeDora Greenwell (Author)2
What said he, Mary, unto theeDora Greenwell (Author)2

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