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Frank E. Graeff

Frank E. Graeff
Short Name: Frank E. Graeff
Full Name: Graeff, Frank E., 1860-1919
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1919

Frank E. Graeff was a minister in the Philadelphia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was a prolific writer of hymns, stories, poems and articles.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Frank E. Graeff (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Before a cross uplifted highFrank E. Graeff (Author)English4
Before thy door he's standingRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English2
Come to me, O, precious messageFrank E. Graeff (Author)English2
Does Jesus care when my heart is painedFrank E. Graeff (Author)English155
Hallelujah, hallelujah, O what joy divineRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English6
I am glad that God the Father loved our fallenFrank E. Graeff (Author)English2
I am holding on to Jesus though my faith may not be strongFrank E. Graeff (Author)English5
I am safe in the hollow of his handFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
I am singing a song that is full of trustFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
I hear a song of jubileeFrank E. Graeff (Author)English7
I heard the bells, they seemed to sayFrank Ellsworth Graeff (Author)English3
I love the name of Jesus, I love but cannot tellFrank E. Graeff (Author)English3
Le importará a Jesús que Frank E. Graeff (Author)Spanish3
Loud the tempest roared withoutFrank E. Graeff (Author)English3
O welch' ein lieber, sel'ger OrtFrank E. Graeff (Author)German2
On the battlefield of life, We will keep our banner flyingRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English2
See where the star in splendorFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
The heart that I broughtFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
The heavens with joy are ringingFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
There is One who loved me truly, and so wellFrank E. Graeff (Author)English13
There's a blessed old storyFrank E. Graeff (Author)English2
There's a hand reaching down when the night-shades enfoldRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English3
There's a light shines bright on the mountain heightsFrank E. Graeff (Author)English2
There's a song in my heart I am singing todayFrank E. Graeff (Author)English1
There's a sweet and precious storyFrank E. Graeff (Author)English7
There's no peace like the peace that Jesus givesFrank E. Graeff (Author)English2
Thine, ever unchanging, in days calm and brightFrank E. Graeff (Author)English3
Vet Jesus allt, n'r os'gligt veFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
We are marching toward the morningRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English2
Weary wanderer in the darknessFrank E. Graef (Author)English2
Weary ways of toil and griefFrank E. Graeff (Author)English2
Weiß Jesus wohl, wenn ich traurig binFrank E. Graeff (Author)German2
When earth and sea shall pass awayRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English2
When my heart is sad with life's cares and toilsRev. Frank E. Graeff (Author)English9
When my heart with its troubles is burdenedFrank E. Graeff (Author)English6
When the blessed goldenFrank E. Graeff (Author)2
主顧念嗎?當我心痛傷 (Zhǔ gùniàn ma? Dāng wǒ xīntòng shāng)Frank E. Graeff (Author)Chinese2
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