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Claude Goudimel

Claude Goudimel
Short Name: Claude Goudimel
Full Name: Goudimel, Claude, 1514-1572
Birth Year (est.): 1514
Death Year: 1572

The music of Claude Goudimel (b. Besançon, France, c. 1505; d. Lyons, France, 1572) was first published in Paris, and by 1551 he was composing harmonizations for some Genevan psalm tunes-initially for use by both Roman Catholics and Protestants. He became a Calvinist in 1557 while living in the Huguenot community in Metz. When the complete Genevan Psalter with its unison melodies was published in 1562, Goudimel began to compose various polyphonic settings of all the Genevan tunes. He actually composed three complete harmonizations of the Genevan Psalter, usually with the tune in the tenor part: simple hymn-style settings (1564), slightly more complicated harmonizations (1565), and quite elaborate, motet-like settings (1565-1566). The various Goudimel settings became popular throughout Calvinist Europe, both for domestic singing and later for use as organ harmonizations in church. Goudimel was one of the victims of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre of Huguenots, which oc­curred throughout France.

Bert Polman

Tunes by Claude Goudimel (46)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BEZA (Goudimel)Goudimel (Composer)211235 43234 32171
[Az Ur én nekem őriző pásztorom] Cl. Goudimel (Composer)211155 71211 71321
GOUDIMEL (56117)Goudimel (Composer)156117 11671 65516
DONNE SECOURSClaude Goudimel, 1514-1572 (Harmonizer)753457 53432 15545
DRESDEN (Goudimel)Goudimel (Composer)256534 32112 34576
GENEVAN 89Claude Goudimel, c. 1505-1572 (Harmonizer)516512 33543 21165
OLD 124THClaude Goudimel (1505-1572) (Harmonizer)812343 21171 34565
GENEVAN 100Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer (alt. harm.))112732 17151 71332
GENEVAN 101Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)251322 35432 11765
GENEVAN 105Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)113451 76551 65312
GENEVAN 119Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)112313 55432 31765
GENEVAN 128Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)3
GENEVAN 130Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)251232 17312 34554
GENEVAN 136Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)655123 45354 3121
GENEVAN 138Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer (alt. harm.))413451 76556 53343
GENEVAN 150Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)113213 45132 13453
GENEVAN 25Claude Goudimel (Arranger)117651 23133 43121
GENEVAN 33Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)2
GENEVAN 42Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)3712321 76512 34321
GENEVAN 43Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)212211 44321 24321
GENEVAN 47Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)853123 43221 55671
GENEVAN 51Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)557715 77465 55435
GENEVAN 6Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer (alt. harm.))111177 13235 57654
GENEVAN 65Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)155515 65434 54321
OLD 113THClaude Goudimel (Harmonizer (alt. harm.))111231 34554 32134
GENEVAN 77Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)411712 32111 71232
GENEVAN 81Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)155671 17656 55567
GENEVAN 93Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)2
GENEVAN 97Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)156117 11671 655
RENDEZ À DIEUClaude Goudimel (Harmonizer)1016511 24325 33143
GOUDIMEL (Goudimel #2)Claude Goudimel, 1508-1572 (Composer)454365 43543 2321
[I Kristne, I som træde]Cl. Goudimel (Composer)211117 43355 65437
JE TE SALUEClaude Goudimel (Harmonizer)251322 35432 11765
LES COMANDEMENS DE DIEUClaude Goudimel (Harmonizer)1511233 44323 43217
MON DIEU PRETE-MOI L'OREILLEClaude Goudimel, 1505-1572 (Harmonizer)411712 32111 71232
NUNC DIMITTIS (Bourgeois)Claude Goudimel (Harmonizer)3456543 24312 21155
GENEVAN 84Claude Goudimel, c. 1505-1572 (Harmonizer)215432 12336 65354
O NOSTRE DIEU (Geneva 8)Claude Goudimel, c. 1505-1572 (Composer)2
OLD 107THClaude Goudimel, c. 1505-1572 (Composer)111511 77556 5343
OLD HUNDREDTHClaude Goudimel (Setting by)511765 12333 32143
MINISTRES DE L'ÉTERNELClaude Goudimel (Arranger)216556 71565 4321
PSALM 86Claude Goudimel, 1514-1572 (Composer)3
[Nosza Isten félő szent hivek]Claude Goudimel, h. 1505-1572 (Harmonizer)115576 54322 34517
STRASBURGGoudimel (Composer)151175 12312 43122
AU FORT DE MA DETRESSEC. Goudimel (Arranger)451232 17312 34554
TOULONC. Goudimel (Composer)2012343 21171 34565
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