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Adoniram J. Gordon
Short Name: Adoniram J. Gordon
Full Name: Gordon, A. J. (Adoniram Judson), 1836-1895
Birth Year: 1836
Death Year: 1895

Adoniram J. Gordon (b. New Hampton, NH, 1836; d. Boston, MA, 1895) was educated at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and Newton Theological Seminary, Newton, Massachusetts. After being ordained in 1863, he served the Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and the Clarendon Street Baptist Church, Boston. A close friend of Dwight L. Moody, he promoted evangelism and edited The Service of Song for Baptist Churches (1871) as well as The Vestry Hymn and Tune Book (1872). Both Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary are named after Gordon.

Bert Polman
Gordon, Adoniram Judson, D.D., born at New Hampton, N.H., Apr. 19, 1836. Graduated at Brown University, 1860; entered the Baptist ministry; Pastor of Clarendon Street Baptist Church, Boston, 1869; and died in 1895. He published The Vestry Hymn and Tune Book, 1872; and was one of the editors of the Service of Song for Baptist Churches, 1871. His hymns in common use include:—
1. O blessed Paraclete. [Holy Spirit .] Given in Sursum Corda, 1898, as having been written in 1890.
2. O Spirit's anointing, for service appointing . [Foreign Missions.] This hymn was "written in the summer of 1886, at Northfield School for Bible Study, organised by Mr. Moody. More than one hundred college students connected with this school gave themselves to the work of foreign missions during their stay at Northfield. Four of their number were chosen to visit the colleges in different parts of the country, and endeavour to awaken a deeper interest in missions during the succeeding academic year. At their request Dr. Gordon” wrote this hymn. Baptist Hymns and Hymn Writers.
3. Where art thou, soul! I hear God say. [Divine Chiding.] Published in social meeting edition of The Service of Song, 1881.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Adoniram Judson "A. J." Gordon (1836–1895) was an American Baptist preacher, writer, composer, and founder of Gordon College and Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary.

Texts by Adoniram J. Gordon (24)AsAuthority Languagessort ascendingInstances
Dig, Jesus, jeg elsker, jeg ved, du er minA. J. Gordon (Author)Norwegian2
O heilige du mich!Adoniram J. Gordon (Author)German2
O, mache mich heilig, du Vater im Licht!Adoniram J. Gordon (Author)German1
Behold, O God, Thy chosen raceA. J. Gordon (Author)English3
Cast all thy care upon the LordA. J. G. (Author)English3
Come, Holy Spirit, Dove divine, On these baptismal waters shineAdoniram Judson (Author)English1
Even so, Lord Jesus, comeAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English4
Help me to be holy, O Father of lightAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English28
I saw one toiling in the wayA. J. Gordon (Author)English3
I shall see the King in His beauty, In the land that is far awayAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English14
In tenderness He sought meA. J. Gordon (Author)English4
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English423
O blessed Paraclete, Assert thine inward swayA. J. Gordon (Author)English9
O church of Christ, behold at lastA. J. Gordon (Author)English14
O Holy Ghost arise, Thy temple fillAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English10
On Thy bosom let me leanA. J. Gordon (Author)English2
The night is fast passingAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English13
There is a land far out of sight, A calm untroubled shoreAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English3
Thy way and not mine, O Savior divineAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English3
Where art thou, soul, I hear God sayAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)English3
Ye sad watch who are keepingA. J. Gordon (Author)English3
I do believe, I now believe On God's beloved sonAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)2
Se, natten snart flyktat, och dagen 'r n'rAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)2
Skada skall jag, konung, din storhetAdoniram J. Gordon (Author)2

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