Michael Gilligan

Short Name: Michael Gilligan
Full Name: Gilligan, Michael

Michael Gilligan, Ph.D., was General Editor of American Catholic Hymnbook, ISBN 0-915866-18-8, © 1992 by the American Catholic Press. The title page describes the ACH as "a new edition of The Johannine Hymnal, in memory of Pope John XXIII". Dr. Gilligan's work as a text author and as an editor/reviser of others' texts is ubiquitous in both the 1992 and the 1970 editions.

Texts by Michael Gilligan (72)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A child was born todayMichael Gilligan (Author)2
All glory, laud, and honorMichael Gilligan (Author)English1
An angel came to NazarethMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Blessed be the Lord, he reigns at God's rightMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Christ has risen from the dead, He has risenMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Christ has risen, his the scepter, his the throneMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Christ our leader, Christ our lightMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Christ the Lord today has risenMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, make us oneMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Come, rich and poor, and young and oldMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Come shake the mountains with your cryMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Come where the wind is freeMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Crown Him the King of kings, the Lamb enthronedMichael Gilligan (Author)English2
Eternal Father, strong to save, Your handMichael Gilligan (Author)2
For you, we wait and watch and prayMichael Gilligan (Author)2
From all who dwell beneath the skiesMichael Gilligan (Author)3
From the depts your people cryMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Give thanks to God the Father For allMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his loveMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Give the King your final judgmentMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Hear heaven thunder, see it open wideMichael Gilligan (Author)2
How brightly beams the Morning Star!Michael Gilligan (Author)English1
How great and good is heMichael Gilligan (Author)2
In ages now long past we knowMichael Gilligan (Author)2
In Christ the Prince of PeaceMichael Gilligan (Author)2
In heaven give glory where God reigns aboveMichael Gilligan (Author)2
In the early light of the dayMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Jerusalem, my happy home (Gilligan)Michael Gilligan (Author)English2
Jesus is Lord, the race is runMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Mary, filled with graceMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Now sing with joy, JerusalemMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O Christ, your church is waiting stillMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O God, who gave us life and breathMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O heaven hear me lend an earMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O King of glory, Lord of lightMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O Lord of life, to you we cryMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O Lord our God, how great you areMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O Lord, our God, remember your chosenMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O Lord, your crucifixion made you our servantMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O Mary, our mother, this day we shall singMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O mortal man, remember wellMichael Gilligan (Author)2
O my God, my God, my only KingMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Out of the depths, O Lord, I cry, My heavy heartMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Peace I give you, peace I leave you (Gilligan)Michael Gilligan (Author)2
Praise the Lord, now come, adore himMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Praise the Rock of our own salvationMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Proclaim to the world what God has doneMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Raise up the rafters at the entranceMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Renew us all, O LordMichael Gilligan (Author)English2
Rise up, O Lord our God, and let not man prevailMichael Gilligan (Author)2
See her like a brideMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Son of God and mighty SaviorMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Spirit of strength, hope of the churchMichael Gilligan (Author)2
The clouds are parting, turn your headMichael Gilligan (Author)2
The Lord is drawing near, the kingdom is at handMichael Gilligan (Author)2
The sky is dark and the time is rightMichael Gilligan (Author)2
The sun has risen night is goneMichael Gilligan (Author)2
There was a time when we were lostMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Though the nations rageMichael Gilligan (Author)2
To God we sing a new songMichael Gilligan (Author)2
To the name that guides our nationMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Today the world is filled with joyMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Wake awake, the night is dyingMichael Gilligan (Author)2
When I had fallen low indeedMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Where love is living, full and strongMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Who is the King of glory, Where have you found himMichael Gilligan (Author)2
With all my voice I cry to the LordMichael Gilligan (Author)2
You are the Judge, the King of Isr'lMichael Gilligan (Author)2
You are the King of glory, the Judge of Isr'lMichael Gilligan (Author)2
You Christian all now come and singMichael Gilligan (Author)2
You will be the Lord of every landMichael Gilligan (Author)2
Your Word has cut us to the quickMichael Gilligan (Author)2
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