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Adam Geibel

Adam Geibel
Short Name: Adam Geibel
Full Name: Geibel, Adam, 1855-1933
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1933

Born: September 15, 1855, Neuenheim, Germany.
Died: August 3, 1933, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Though blinded by an eye infection at age eight, Geibel was a successful composer, conductor, and organist. Emigrating from Germany probably around 1864, he studied at the Philadelphia Institute for the Blind, and wrote a number of Gospel songs, anthems, cantatas, etc. He founded the Adam Geibel Music Company, later evolved into the Hall-Mack Company, and later merged to become the Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Company. He was well known for secular songs like "Kentucky Babe" and "Sleep, Sleep, Sleep." In 1885, Geibel organized the J. B. Stetson Mission. He conducted the Stetson Chorus of Philadelphia, and from 1884-1901, was a music instructor at the Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. His works include:

Evening Bells, 1874
Saving Grace, with Alonzo Stone (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Stone & Bechter, Publishers, 1898)
Consecrated Hymns, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Geibel & Lehman, 1902)
Uplifted Voices, co-editor with R. Frank Lehman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Geibel & Lehman, 1901)
World-Wide Hosannas, with R. Frank Lehman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Geibel & Lehman, 1904)
Hymns of the Kingdom, co-editor with R. Frank Lehman et al. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Geibel & Lehman, 1905)

Texts by Adam Geibel (32)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
While shepherds watched their flocks, On Bethlehems plain that winter nightA. G. (Author)English2
We're toiling in the vineyard of the LordAdam Geibel (Author)English2
We are hasting away to that beautiful foldA. G. (Author)English2
To Thee, my Savior, now I comeAdam Geibel (Author)English5
Tiernas canciones alzad al SeƱorAdam Geibel, 1855-1933 (Author)Spanish4
There's a sound of joy we love to hearAdam Geibel (Author)English2
There's a mighty conflict in this world of sinAdam Geibel (Author)English2
There's a mansion just over the riverAdam Geibel (Author)English7
The Savior is risen for you and for meAdam Geibel (Author)English4
The Savior comes to dwell on earthAdam Geibel (Author)English3
The Master stands outside the doorAdam Geibel (Author)English3
Sometime the storms of life will ceaseA. G. (Author)2
Sing, O sing the blessed storyAdam Geibel (Author)English2
Shout forth the tidings, The Lord of light is risen todayAdam Geibel (Author)English3
Ring out ye bells, Ring out ye bellsAdam Geibel (Author)English2
Ring out the happy Easter BellsAdam Geibel (Author)English3
Praise His name, praise the mighty FatherAdam Geibel (Author)English2
Praise God the Father, the King of earth and heavenA. G. (Author)English3
Praise and glory to the Father, Praise and honor to the SonAdam Geibel (Author)English2
O sinner, hear the Savior's voice, It bids thee come to Him todayA. G. (Author)English3
O sinner, come listen, I'll tell unto youAdam Geibel (Author)English3
O lovely star in heaven so brightAdam Geibel (Author)English3
My Savior dwells in heavenAdam Geibel (Author)English4
List to the songs of the agesAdam Geibel (Author)English2
I was glad, I was glad, when they said unto meAdam Geibel (Author)English1
I was glad, I was glad, I was glad when they said unto meA. G. (Author)English1
I love the happy, happy Christmas timeAdam Geibel (Author)English4
Dear Father bless us ere we partAdam Geibel (Author)English2
Christmas bells are gaily ringing O'er the land triumphantlyAdam Geibel (Author)English3
Blessed Jesus, hear Thy childrenAdam Geibel (Author)English5
Bethlehem so lovely, Bethlehem so dearAdam Geibel (Author)English2
Behold! behold! behold! the King comethAdam Geibel (Author)English2
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