Nicholas Gatty

Short Name: Nicholas Gatty
Full Name: Gatty, Nicholas Comyn, 1874-1946
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1946

Nicholas Comyn Gatty (13 September 1874 – 10 November 1946) was an English composer and music critic. As a composer his major output was opera, which was generally musically undistinguished but well-presented theatrically. As a critic he worked for the Pall Mall Gazette and The Times, and served as assistant editor for the second and third editions of Grove.

He was born in Bradfield, Yorkshire, the second son of the Revd Reginald Gatty. He was educated at Downing College, Cambridge (BA 1896, Mus B 1898, Mus D 1927) and studied under Charles Villiers Stanford at the Royal College of Music. At the beginning of the 20th Century he was assistant conductor at Covent Garden and at some time organist to the Duke of York's Royal Military School in Chelsea.

Gatty was a close contemporary and friend of Ralph Vaughan Williams and from around 1900 the latter was to spend summer holidays with the Gattys at Hooton Roberts, between Rotherham and Doncaster, where Gatty's father was Rector. He died in London.

He was the nephew of Alfred Scott-Gatty.

Tunes by Nicholas Gatty (4)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
LAETABUNDUS (Mode V)Nichaols Gatty (Composer)112123 14565 45645
OXONIANicholas Gatty (Composer)233366 11715 55667
TUGWOODNicholas Gatty (Composer)855555 66551 235
[Until my sun sinks in the west]Gatty (Composer)2
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