Gloria Gaither

Gloria Gaither
Short Name: Gloria Gaither
Full Name: Gaither, Gloria, 1942-
Birth Year: 1942

Gloria Gaither (born March 4, 1942) is a Christian songwriter, author, speaker, editor, and academic. She is the wife of Bill Gaither and also sang in the Bill Gaither Trio, one of the most influential groups in recent Christian music.

She was born Gloria Lee Sickal in 1942 in Michigan, a daughter of pastor Lee Sickal and Dorothy Sickal. She spent most of her childhood and high school career in the Battle Creek area of Michigan, working a brief time for the Kellogg Company. When Sickal graduated from high school, she attended Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. There, she triple majored in English, French, and Sociology. Upon her graduation, she took a job at Alexandria Monroe High School as a French teacher. There, she met Bill Gaither, who was teaching English at the time. She married Gaither in 1962, and they began writing songs recreationally. By the end of the 1960s, Gloria, Bill, and his brother Danny Gaither were touring steadily, as the Bill Gaither Trio.

After touring with the Bill Gaither Trio, Gaither drew her focus to the Gaither Homecoming series. She has been an active presence in every video production. Gaither is currently the scriptwriter and narrator for the Homecoming series. In 1991, she attended Ball State University and received a Master of Arts in Literature. She taught as an adjunct professor at Anderson University for periods in the late 80s and late 90s. In 1996, she spearheaded the creation of Gaither Family Reources in Alexandria, Indiana, and currently serves as co-owner and managing director. In 2002, Gaither launched Homecoming: , and she currently acts as writer, interviewer, and contributing editor.


Texts by Gloria Gaither (91)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A parade began at CalvaryGloria Gaither (Author)English2
All my tomorrows, all my pastGloria Gaither (Author)9
All the glory belongs to JesusGloria Gaither (Author)2
Before the song started, the world, broken heartedGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Bethlehem, He was born thereGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Broken and spilled outGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Climbing the mountainsGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Come as a wisdom to childrenGloria Gaither (Author)6
Cristo, Cristo, Cristo; otro nombre no hay igualGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
Cristo, Jesucristo es un nombre sin igualGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish3
Cristo, yo quiero dar graciasGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish4
De los cielos a un pesebreGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish3
De su trono a un pesebreGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
Deus enviou Jesus, seu FilhoGloria Gaither (Author)Portuguese2
Dios envió a su Hijo, CristoGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish5
Dios nos envió a JesucristoGloria Gaither (1942- ) (Author)Spanish2
Dios nos envió, a su hijo Cristo, Él es amor, paz y perdónGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish5
Dios nos envió a su Hijo, Cristo; Él es salud, paz y perdónGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
El comercio ya ha cesado, el bullicio terminóGloria Gaither (Author (stanzas 1-3))Spanish3
En la senda de esta vidaGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
En mi mañana, en mi ayerGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish3
Every eye shall see, every knee shall bowGloria Gaither (Author)English5
From God's heaven to a mangerGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Fully alive in Your SpiritGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Gentle Shepherd, come and lead usGloria Gaither (Author)English13
Glory in the highest! Glory to His nameGloria Gaither (Author)English2
God sent his Son, they called him JesusGloria Gaither (b. 1942) (Author)English54
Hay poder, esperanza y amorGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
He says, "Peace, peace, be still!"Gloria Gaither (Author)English2
Hear the cries of the shackledGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Hear the voice of your servantGloria Gaither (Author)English2
His name is Master, SaviorGloria Gaither (Author)4
I am a promise, I am a possibilityGloria Gaither (Author)English2
I am loved, I am lovedGloria Gaither (Author)English4
I believe in the SonGloria Gaither (Author)English7
I have tasted of freedom, I can go where He's leadingGloria Gaither (Author)English3
I then shall live as one who's been forgivenGloria Gaither (Author)9
I will serve Thee because I love TheeGloria Gaither (Author)English10
If there ever were dreams that were lofty and nobleGloria Gaither (Author)4
If you could see what I once was, if you could go with meGloria Gaither (Author)English2
I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of GodGloria Gaither (Author)English10
In a world of fear and turmoilGloria Gaither (Author)English3
In the hills of Judea the lone shepherds watchGloria Gaither (Author)English2
It's beginning to rain, hear the voice of the Father sayingGloria Gaither (Author)English2
I've just seen Jesus! I'll tell you He's alive!Gloria Gaither (Author)English2
ReadingsGloria Gaither (Compiler)English8
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! There's just something about that nameGloria Gaither (Author)English29
Jesus, we just want to thank YouGloria Gaither (Author)English9
Jesus, you're the center of my joyGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Learning to live like a child of the KingGloria Gaither (Author)2
Let him who is thirsty come to clear waterGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Let the church be the church, let the people rejoiceGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Let's just praise the Lord!Gloria Gaither (Author)English9
More of You, more of YouGloria Gaither (Author)English2
My faith still holds on to the Christ of CalvaryGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Next time we meet, there'll be no more tearsGloria Gaither (Author)English2
O happy day, that fixed my choiceGloria Gaither (Alterer (st. 4))English3
O Jesus, You're so at the center of thingsGloria Gaither (Author)English2
O the King is coming, the King is comingGloria Gaither (Author)5
O, the Spirit of Jesus is in this placeGloria Gaither (Author)English3
O we thank You for Your kindnessGloria Gaither (Author)English8
¡Oh, el Rey ya viene, el Rey ya viene!Gloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
Przyjdź, Duchu Święty, ja pragnęGloria Gaither (Author)Polish2
¡Qué feliz! ¡Qué feliz! La familia de DiosGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
Should the harvest never comeGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Solitarios pastores en vigília estánGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish3
Something beautiful, something goodGloria Gaither (Author)English15
Soy feliz porque soy de la familia de DiosGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish2
The market place is emptyGloria Gaither (Author)English6
Then came the morning - night turned into dayGloria Gaither (Author)English2
There are things as we travel this earth's shifting sandsGloria Gaither (Author)English10
There are times when I cannot feel His presenceGloria Gaither (Author)English2
There is beauty all aroundGloria Gaither (Author (stanzas 2-4))English1
There is strength in the name of the LordGloria Gaither (Author)English11
There's a line that's been drawn through the agesGloria Gaither (Author)3
There's plenty of food at the tableGloria Gaither (Author)English2
There've been times when givingGloria Gaither (Author)English4
Though it seems that your prayers have been in vainGloria Gaither (Author)English2
Though the skies be gray above meGloria Gaither (Author)English3
Twas a life filled with aimless desperationGloria Gaither (Author)3
Ven y concédenos vidaGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish3
We are so blessed by the gifts from Your handGloria Gaither (Author)English5
We have this moment to hold in our handsGloria Gaither (Author)English2
What drives the stars without making a sound?Gloria Gaither (Author)2
When I've lost my directionGloria Gaither (Author)English5
When my friends and my foes turn against meGloria Gaither (Author)English2
When the glory of the Lord fills this holy templeGloria Gaither (Author)English5
耶穌,耶穌,耶穌!(Yēsū, yēsū, yēsū!)Gloria Gaither (Author)Chinese2
Yo te sirvo porque te amoGloria Gaither (Author)Spanish4
由祂活著,我能面對明天 (Yóu tā huózhe, wǒ néng miàn duì míngtiān)Gloria Gaither (Author)Chinese2
You will notice we say "brother and sister"Gloria Gaither (Author)English6
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