Valeria A. Foster

Short Name: Valeria A. Foster
Full Name: Foster, Valeria A. does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Valeria A. Foster (22)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[I am on a shining pathway]Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)332111 77665 32123
[As you go, tell the world]Valeria Foster (Arranger)412332 11243 32155
[Behold how good and how pleasant it is]Valeria A. Foster (Adapter)455345 12432 31321
BINGHAMTON (Sumner)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)235553 33331 12222
GO TELL ITValeria A. Foster (Arranger)533216 51222 12323
[Did ever you see the like before]Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)436533 21653 32122
ASCENSIUSValeria A. Foster (Arranger)353535 35565 432
[He was born just a babe in Bethlehem]Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)2
HEAVEN (Wilson)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)455513 45653 44432
[I have a Savior, He's pleading in glory] (Sankey)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)255131 33267 155
[I will bless the Lord at all times] (Berkeley)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)434555 65554 33322
[Jesus, Jesus] (Woodward)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)513215 16517 65321
LASTING TREASURESValeria A. Foster (Arranger)212333 44123 55523
[Lord, keep me day by day]Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)532453 21211 12332
O FREEDOMValeria A. Foster (Arranger)456112 13135 61132
AMEN (Spiritual)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)316513 21354 35432
TAKE ME TO THE WATERValeria A. Foster (Arranger)635321 13553 23235
THE UNCLOUDED DAYValeria A. Foster (Arranger)355111 11321 65551
[We are one, we are one] (Traditional)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)634566 53455 55543
[We offer Christ to you]Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)653333 42321 23111
[Living below in this old sinful world]Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)333331 21121 11233
WONDER (Traditional)Valeria A. Foster (Arranger)533215 61177 77566
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