Frederick W. Foster

Short Name: Frederick W. Foster
Full Name: Foster, Frederick W., 1760-1835
Birth Year: 1760
Death Year: 1835

Foster, Frederick William, second son. of William Foster, was born at Bradford, Aug. 1, 1760, and educated at Fulneck, near Leeds, and at Barby in Prussian Saxony. Entering the Moravian Ministry he held several appointments until 1818, when he was consecrated a Bishop of the Moravian Church. He died at Ockbrook, near Derby, April 12, 1835. He compiled the Moravian Hymn Book of 1801, the Supplement of 1808, and the revised edition of 1826. His translations from the German, and his original hymns appeared in that collection. Two of his original hymns are in the Irish Church Hymnal, 1873; (1) "Lord, Who didst sanctify" 1808 (Holiness desired); and (2) "With thanks before the Lord appear," 1826 (Praise of the Saviour). [George Arthur Crawford, M. A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Frederick W. Foster (52)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
¡Ardan nuestros corazones adorando al SalvadorFrederick W. Foster (Tr. al inglés)Spanish2
Be this our happy destinyFrederick W. Foster (Author)3
Before Thee we appear, Thou wilt receive our prayerFrederick William Foster (Author)3
Bliss beyond compareFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Recast)3
Christian hearts, in love unitedBishop Frederick W. Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)English9
¡Dios está presente!Frederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Translator (English))Spanish1
God Himself is with us, Let us now adore HimFrederick W. Foster (Translator)English64
God, who art love, the same both now and everF. W. Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)3
God, your glorious presenceFrederick William Foster (1760-1835) (Translator)2
Holy Lord, Holy Lord, Holy and Almighty LordF. W. Foster (Translator)English1
How good it is, how pleasant to beholdFrederick William Foster (Author)English3
How sweet to wake at early mornFrederick W. Foster (Author)2
How sweetly this our brother sleepsFrederick William Foster (Author)3
If father, mother, children, wifeFrederick William Foster (Author)3
In humble, grateful laysFrederick William Foster (Author)5
In mercy, Lord, this grace bestowFrederick William Foster (Translator)English1
Jesus all our souls inspireFrederick W. Foster (Author)3
Jesus, hear our fervent prayerFrederick W. Foster (Author)3
Jesus makes my heart rejoiceFrederick W. Foster (Translator)English16
Jesus, my highest treasureFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Recast)English5
Join to render thanks and praisesFrederick William Foster (Author)5
Lord, in Thy Name we meetFrederick William Foster (Alterer)1
Lord, who didst sanctifyFrederick William Foster (Author)4
Make my calling and electionFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Translator (stanza 1))2
May Jesus' grace and blessingFrederick William Foster (Author)English1
Most holy Lord, mankind's CreatorFrederick W. Foster (Author)3
My Redeemer knoweth meFrederick W. Foster (Author)2
My Savior, that I without theeFrederick William Foster (Author)1
My yoke, saith Christ, upon you takeFrederick William Foster (Translator)English2
None e'er shall be ashamedF. W. Foster, 1760-1835 (Translator)3
Now to the lamb upon the throneF. W. Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)3
O exalt and praise the LordFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Recast)1
O happy days marked with perfect blessingFrederick William Foster (Author)4
O Lord, lift up thy countenanceFrederick William Foster (Author)1
O Thou God of our salvation, Behold Thy blood bought congregationF. W. Foster (Author)English2
O thou whose human life for usFrederick W. Foster (Author)2
On thy ransomed congregationBishop Frederick W. Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)7
Own thy congregationFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Recast)1
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Bounteously He deals with theeFrederick William Foster (Author)English6
Should our minds, to earthly objects cleavingFrederick William Foster (Author)6
Since we, though unworthyFrederick W. Foster (Author)7
The seraphim of God Exalt their voices loudFrederick William Foster (Author)1
The springs of salvation from Christ the Rock burstingFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)7
They who hunger after Christ, are fedFrederick William Foster (Author)4
They who Jesus' followers areFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Author (stanza 4))2
This day is holy to the LordF. W. Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)6
Those souls are truly blessedFrederick Foster (Author)2
'Tis finished, Jesus criesFrederick W. Foster (Author)3
To God we render praise, who grants us new displaysFrederick William Foster (Author)5
To the soul that seeks him Christ is graciousFrederick W. Foster (Author)4
To thee our vows with sweet accordFrederick William Foster, 1760-1835 (Author)3
With thanks before the Lord appearFrederick W. Foster (Author)1
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