Michael Forster

Short Name: Michael Forster
Full Name: Forster, Michael, 1946-
Birth Year: 1946
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Adam, where are you and why do you hide?Michael Forster (Author)2
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Adapter)English2
All of the creatures God had madeMichael Forster (Author (stanza 1))English2
Arise to greet the Lord of lightMichael Forster (Author)English2
Awaken, sleepers, sing for joyMichael Forster (Author)English2
Away in a manger, no crib for a bedMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author (altenative vs. 2-3))English2
Behold, the Savior of the nationsMichael Forster (Author)English2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, O Lord God, how great you areMichael Forster (Adapter)English2
Break the bread and pour the wineMichael Forster (Author)2
Come and meet around the tableMichael Forster (Author)English2
Come, faithful pilgrims allMichael Forster (Author)English3
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspireMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author (v. 4))English1
Come, Holy Spirit, come! Inflame our souls with loveMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English9
Cry 'Freedom!' in the name of God, and let the cry resoundMichael Forster (b. 1946) (Author)3
Day of wrath and day of wonderMichael Forster (Author)English2
Do you ever wish you could fly like a birdMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
For all the Saints, who from their labor restMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Adapter)English1
Forty days and forty nights, Thou wast fasting in the wildMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Adapter)English1
Forty days and nights afloatMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
From many grains, once scattered far and wideMichael Forster (Author)English3
From the very depths of darkness springs a bright and living lightMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English4
Glory to God, to God in the heightMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Go and tell our neighboursMichael Forster (Author)English2
Go back, go back to GalileeMichael Forster (Author)2
God is our strength from days of oldMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English3
God is working His purpose out as year succeeds to yearMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Adapter)English1
God of forgiveness, your people you freedMichael Forster (Author)English2
God of the Passover, Author and Lord of salvationMichael Forster (Author)English3
God sends a rainbow after the rainMichael Forster (Author)English2
God turned darkness into lightMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Going home, moving onMichael Forster (Author)5
Goliath was big and Goliath was strongMichael Forster (Author)English3
Heaven is open wideMichael Forster (Author)English3
Holy, most holy, all holy the LordMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
I do not know the manMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
I give you love, and how do you repay?Michael Forster (Author)English3
I'm black, I'm white, I'm short, I'm tallMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English3
Jesus said to his disciples, Wash those weary toes!Michael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Jesus went away to the desertMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Join the song of praise and protestMichael Forster (Author)2
Let love be real, in giving and receivingMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)3
Life for the poor was hard and toughMichael Forster (Author)English3
Lord have mercy on us, Hear our humble pleaMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Love is the only lawMichael Forster (Author)English2
Love's like a boomerang, that's what we've foundMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Mary, blessed grieving motherMichael Forster (Author)English3
Mary, blessed teenage motherMichael Forster (Author)English2
My God, and is Thy table spread?Michael Forster, b. 1946 (Author (v. 3))English1
Now as the evening shadows fall Michael Forster (Author)2
O God, enthroned in majestyMichael Forster (Author)English2
O holy, heavenly KingdomMichael Forster (Author)2
O holy, most holy, the God of creationMichael Forster (Author)English2
O Lamb of God, come cleanse our heartsMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
O Lamb of God, most holy, Salvation's perfect signMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Paraphraser)English2
O Lord of our salvationMichael Forster (Author)English2
Onward, Christian pilgrimsMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Onward, Christian soldiers, Marching as to warMichael Forster (Author)English1
Praise God in his holy place! He's the God of time and spaceMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
Praise to God for saints and martyrsMichael Forster (Author)English4
See the holy table, spread for our healingMichael Forster (Author)English3
Sing glory to God in the height of the heavensMichael Forster (Author)English2
Sing the gospel of salvationMichael Forster (b. 1946) (Author)2
Some were happy, some were sadMichael Forster (Author)English2
The Savior will come, resplendent in joyMichael Forster (Author)English2
The Saviour still will comeMichael Forster (Author)2
The universe was waitingMichael Forster (Author)English2
The voice from the bush said: Moses, look snappyMichael Forster (Author)English2
The word of God rings harsh and clearMichael Forster (Author)English2
The world is full of smelly feetMichael Forster (Author)1
There's a song in the heart of creationMichael Forster (Author)English2
Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy kingly crownMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Adapter)English1
[Waken, O Sleeper] (Forster)Michael Forster (Author)English3
Waken, O sleeper, wake and riseMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English3
We can plow and dig the landMichael Forster (Author)English2
We eat and drink with JesusMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
We have a dream: this nation will ariseMichael Forster (Author)English5
We'd fished all night for nothngMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
We're building, we're building the temple of God on earthMichael Forster (Author)English2
We've sung about the love of GodMichael Forster (Author)English2
When our God came to earthMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)1
Where true love is found with charity, God is present thereMichael Forster, b. 1946 (Author)English2
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