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Mark H. Forscutt

Mark H. Forscutt
Short Name: Mark H. Forscutt
Full Name: Forscutt, Mark Hill, 1834-1903
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1903

Mark Hill Forscutt (19 June 1834 – 18 October 1903) was an English hymn writer and a leader in several denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement. A convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), Forscutt broke with that denomination for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the practice of plural marriage. Forscutt went on to serve in leadership positions in the Morrisite sect and later in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS Church).

Forscutt was born in Godmanchester, England. When Forscutt joined the LDS Church as a 19-year-old in 1853, his father disowned him and insisted that he move out of his childhood home. From 1855 to 1860, Forscutt was a missionary for the LDS Church in England.

Forscutt was married in March 1860 to fellow Latter-day Saint Elizabeth Unsworth. On their marriage day, Forscutt and his wife began their emigration to Utah Territory with the intention of joining the gathering of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. Upon arriving in Utah, he became a secretary to Brigham Young, the president of the LDS Church. Shortly after his arrival, Forscutt began to learn about the LDS practice of plural marriage, which he had not been aware of previously. This discovery, combined with other disagreements with Brigham Young, led Forscutt to disassociate himself from the LDS Church. Forscutt became affiliated with a group led by Joseph Morris; he was an apostle in the Morrisite organization and was involved in the 1861 Morrisite War. After these incidents, Forscutt joined the United States Army unit at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City and was stationed in Ruby Valley (now Nevada) before returning to Salt Lake City.

In 1865, Forscutt joined the RLDS Church in Salt Lake City. He soon left the territory fearing for his life as an apostate from the LDS Church. Forscutt became a close personal friend of Joseph Smith III. Forscutt later served as a full-time missionary for the RLDS Church in England and the Society Islands. He was a copyist in the process that led to the 1866 publication of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible in 1866. Forscutt composed a number of hymns and was the editor of Saints' Harmony, an RLDS Church hymnal published in 1889.

Forscutt was a preacher in the RLDS Church until his death. On 2 May 1879, Forscutt preached the sermon at the funeral of Emma Smith Bidamon, the widow of Joseph Smith, Jr. and mother of Joseph Smith III.

Mark and Elizabeth Forscutt were the parents of three children Amy Forscutt Parr, Ruby Forscutt Faunce, and Mark Zenas Forscutt. They divorced in 1867.


Texts by Mark H. Forscutt (86)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Almighty God, these candidatesMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Angel voices sing, HallelujahMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Answer my soul wilt thou confessMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Art thou worn with care and troubleMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
As death its victims shall resignMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Assembled here, O gracious LordMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Baptized into thy death, O LordMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Behind the western hillsMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Blest privilege to mortals givenMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Boast on, proud LuciferMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Bow, ye mortals, bow before HimMark H. Forscutt (Author)English6
Break now the seal, for Satan'sMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Bring forth the prisoners to the barMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
By thy Spirit's presence stirredMark H. Forscutt (Author)3
Cheerful the summer hoursMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Christ hath drank deep of the cupMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Confirmation, Lord, we thank theeMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Creator of the heavens and earthMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Doubt like tempest clouds may lowerMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Every cloud that carries waterMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Faithful and just is heMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
From the courts of heavenly gloryMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
God, in his abundant mercyMark H. Forscutt (Author)3
Grant this candidate thy blessingMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Hark, 'tis the voice of Jesus Declaring in his wordMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Heavenly Father we adore thee at Thy feet we humbly bowMark H. Forscutt (Author)English6
Heralds, cry aloud, and sufferMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Home, sweet home, my heart still loves theeMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, Hosanna let our voices raiseMark H. Forscutt (Author)English2
How pleasant o'er the earth's fair formMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Humble though our Bethel beMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
In Eden's bowers, with good surroundedMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
In peace shall Judah dwellMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
In the midst of tribulationMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Jesus our sorrows boreMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Judah shall gather homeMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Justice demands that my life shall beMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Justice must come though it lingerMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Kindred once parted meet againMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Labor were futile hereMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Let Zion arise, and her thank offerings bringMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Man may believe on evidenceMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Met in thy sacred name, O LordMark H. Forscutt (Author)6
Met, Lord, to dedicateMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
O Lord, how mighty are our foesMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Our offering, Lord, acceptMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Peace, my soul, an angel guideMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Praise the Lord with songs of gladnessMark H. Forscutt (Author)English4
Quench no flame of pure affectionMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Quickly marshal all thy sonsMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Redeemed by the blood of the SaviorMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Repentance brings grief for sins we have doneMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Secure from harm and dangerMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Shall vain man secure god's favorMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Signs in the pestilenceMark H. Forscutt (Author)3
Sovereign grace, ere man had fallenMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Speed on your journey, speedMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The icebound earth is breakingMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The law of the gospel is perfectMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The light of day breaks mildly forthMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The Lord hath favored Isr'lMark H. Forscutt (Author)3
The Lord will remember his peopleMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The only faith that I desireMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The sere and yellow leaves appearMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The shadows of night departedMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The sorrows of childhood, the follies of youthMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
The winter winds have circled roundMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
These signs shall follow who believeMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
They come from beyond the northern seasMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Though clouds of sickness dim thy skyMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Though grievous and dark is the nightMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Though Satan will be boundMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Truth is mighty, who can stay itMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Under the canopy of heavenMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Under the Savior's reignMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Upon the throne in majestyMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Upon this theme my mind would dwellMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
We dedicate to thee this house we haveMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
When bridegroom and bride at this altarMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
When grief the saints oppressMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
When the bright sun of prosperity shinethMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
When the great Teacher of mankindMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
When the heart is sad and wearyMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
While afflicted, tossed, and drivenMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
With face, in prayer, bow downMark H. Forscutt (Author)2
Zion's light again is dawningMark H. Forscutt (Author)3
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