S. L. Findlater

Short Name: S. L. Findlater
Full Name: Findlater, S. L. (Sarah Laurie), 1823-1907
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1907

Sarah Laurie Borthwick Findlater United Kingdom 1823-1907. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, sister of Jane Laurie Borthwick, she married Erick John Findlater, a pastor in the Free Church of Scotland at Lochearnhead, Perthshire, and they had three daughters: Sarah Jemima, Mary Williamina, and Jane Helen. Findlater and her sister Jane's translations were collected in “German hymns from the land of Luther”, appearing in four volumes (1854-1862). As an author, Sarah wrote fiction, juvenile works, music scores, anthems, and musical parts. She died at Torquay, Devon, England.

John Perry

Texts by S. L. Findlater (47)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ah [O], Christian, if the needy poorSarah B. Findlater (Author)English4
Ah, grieve not so, nor so lamentSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
Ah! the heart that hath forsakenMrs. S. Findlater (Translator (from German))English4
Ah this heart is void and chillSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
Arise, ye lingering saints, ariseSarah B. Findlater (Translator)English2
Be thou my Friend, and look upon my heartSarah B. Findlater (Translator)English2
Christ's path was sad and lowlySarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
Come, brothers, let us onwardSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
Flow, my contrite tears, flow fasterSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
God calling yet! shall I not hear?Sarah B. Findlater (Author)English188
He knoweth all His peopleSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
Here is my heart—I give it Thee!Sarah B. Findlater (Translator)English2
Hogar feliz, donde el Señor resideSarah B. Findlater (Tr. al inglés)Spanish2
I have had my days of blessingSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
I know a sweet and silent spotSarah B. Findlater (Translator)English2
I will love Thee, all [O] my treasureSarah B. Findlater (Translator)English7
Jesus, what was that which drew TheeSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
Lord our God, in reverence lowlySarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
Lord, remove the veil awayMrs. Eric Findlater (Translator)English3
ما أسعد البيت الذيSarah B. Findlater (Author)Arabic1
My Father is the mighty Lord, whose armSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
My God, I know that I must dieSarah B. Findlater (Author)English5
My God with me in every placeSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
Noch ruft der Herr, es lockt sein WortSarah B. Findlater (Author)German1
O happy home where Thou art loved the dearestMrs. Sarah (Borthwick) Findlater (Translator)English108
O Lord, our God, in reverence lowlySarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
O mit Hjerte tomt og matSarah B. Findlater (Author)2
O naragsac, balay pacadungduñgoanSarah L. Findlater (Translator)Tagalog2
O Silent Lamb, for me Thou hast enduredSarah B. Findlater (Author)English2
O sweetest words that Jesus could have soughtSarah B. Findlater (Paraphraser)English2
¡Oh cuán feliz es el hogar que inspiraS. L. Findlater (Tr. ingl.)Spanish2
Our beloved have departedSarah B. Findlater (Translator)English4
Quietly rest the woods and dalesSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
Rejoice, rejoice, believers! And let your lights appearS.B. Findlater (Translator)English131
Rejoice, all ye who love himSarah B. Findlater (Author)2
The Christian's badge of honor hereSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
The Lord shall come in dead of nightSarah B. Findlater (Translator)English3
This life is like a flying dreamSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrowMrs. Eric Findlater (Author)English3
Weary, waiting to departSarah B. Findlater (Author)2
Weep not, Jesus lives on highSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
What God decrees, child of His loveSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
What mean ye by this wailingSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
What shall I be, my Lord, when I behold TheeSarah B. Findlater (Author)English1
Will not that joyful beSarah B. Findlater (Author)2
Will that not joyful beSarah B. Findlater (Author)English3
Ye saints, who here in patienceSarah B. Findlater (Author)2

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