J. H. Fillmore

J. H. Fillmore
Short Name: J. H. Fillmore
Full Name: Fillmore, J. H., (James Henry), 1849-1936
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1936

James Henry Fillmore USA 1849-1936. Born at Cincinnati, OH, he helped support his family by running his father's singing school. He married Annie Eliza McKrell in 1880, and they had five children. After his father's death he and his brothers, Charles and Frederick, founded the Fillmore Brothers Music House in Cincinnati, specializing in publishing religious music. He was also an author, composer, and editor of music, composing hymn tunes, anthems, and cantatas, as well as publishing 20+ Christian songbooks and hymnals. He issued a monthly periodical “The music messsenger”, typically putting in his own hymns before publishing them in hymnbooks. Jessie Brown Pounds, also a hymnist, contributed song lyrics to the Fillmore Music House for 30 years, and many tunes were composed for her lyrics. He was instrumental in the prohibition and temperance efforts of the day. His wife died in 1913, and he took a world tour trip with single daughter, Fred (a church singer), in the early 1920s. He died in Cincinnati. His son, Henry, became a bandmaster/composer.

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Texts by J. H. Fillmore (31)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
أهتف بمراحم الربJ. H. Fillmore (Author)Arabic1
Auf der Freuden lichten AuenJ. H. Fillmore (Author)German1
Beautiful home so bright and fairJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English3
Brethren, when this lifeJ. H. F. (Author)2
Hark, the music of the bellsJ. H. F. (Author)English2
Hear the trumpet loudly callingJ. H. F. (Author)English2
Heavenly Father, heavenly Father, We Thy childrenJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English2
I have a home, a home aboveJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English5
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord foreverJames H. Fillmore, 20th C. (Versifier (stanza 1))English12
Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves even meJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English5
Jesus said of little children, Suffer them to come to Me (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Author)English16
Jesus said when here belowJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English4
Learning of Jesus the lessons of truthJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English5
Little hearts can love the SaviorJ. H. F. (Author)English3
Marching along, marchingJ. H. F. (Author)1
My Savior and my FriendJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English3
My Savior left His home on high, And came to earth to bleed and dieJ. H. F. (Author)English2
Never be discouraged, trust the Father's wordJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English6
No other name in earth or heavenJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English2
O ye who love the Savior's causeJas. H. Fillmore (Author)English2
Our cause is needing all the good and trueJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English2
Our Savior bids us comeJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English2
Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessJ. H. Filmore (Author)English4
Suffer little children, Jesus saidJ. H. Fillmore (Author)English4
Suffer the children to come unto Me, Suffer the children to come unto MeJ. H. F. (Author)English3
Toiling up the narrow wayJ. H. F. (Author)English3
We come with songs of gladness, We come with notes of praiseJ. H. F. (Author)English2
We shall meet beyond the river, We shall meet, we shall meetJ. H. F. (Author)English2
We're marching to the promised land, A happy pilgrim bandJ. R. Fillmore (Author)English3
When the waiting time is overJ. H. F. (Author)English6
When we work for the LordJ. H. F. (Author)English6

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