Friedrich Filitz

Short Name: Friedrich Filitz
Full Name: Filitz, Friedrich, 1804-1876
Birth Year: 1804
Death Year: 1876

Friedrich Filitz PhD Germany 1804-1876. Born at Arnstadt. Thuringia, he was a German composer and musicologist. He collected church music. He also studied philosophy. In 1833 he worked in Berlin as a music critic and at other employment. He was also a music historian. With Ludwig Erck, he published a collection of 15th & 17th Century chorales in 1845. He moved to Munich and published a chorale book in 1847. His legacy of vauable church music was donated to the Bavarian State Library, where it has made many forgotten works available once again. He died in Bonn, Germany.

John Perry

Tunes by Friedrich Filitz (7)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
CAPETOWNFriedrich Filitz (Composer)11153654 43171 54325
WEM IN LEIDENSTAGENFriedrich Filitz (Composer)13633221 71122 35544
CLEWER (Filitz)Friedrich Filitz (Composer)311234 35543 25365
DULCE CARMENFriedrich Filitz (Composer)112345 43211 14321
MANNHEIM (Filitz)Friedrich Filitz (Composer)5513556 54334 51321
[O Ewigkeit, o Ewigkeit] (Filitz)Filitz (Composer)215431 22151 76543
ST. MARTIN (Ett's Cantica Sacra)F. Filitz (Composer)153432 11355 65
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