M. P. Ferguson

Short Name: M. P. Ferguson
Full Name: Ferguson, M. P. (Manie Payne), 1850-1932
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1932

Manie Payne Ferguson United Kingdom 1850-1932. Born in Carlow, Ireland, in 1883 she married Theodore Pollock Ferguson, a past Presbyterian minister from Ohio, who had become an itinerant evangelical preacher. They moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 1885. He became a pioneer leader in the American Holiness Movement, a Christian evangelist, and social worker, founding, along with her husband, the non-denominational Peniel Mission in 1886. In 1894 they received a significant financial donation from George Studd allowing them to expand the mission. They constructed a 900-seat auditorium and ministry centre there in Los Angeles. They partnered with Studd and Phineas Bresee, each acting as a superintendent of the mission organization. In 1894 Dr. Joseph Widney, President of USC, led the dedication Praise service, and Bresee preached the later service. Widney and Bresee separated from the mission in 1895 to form the Church of the Nazarene, and Manie Fergusion provided primary leadership of the Peniel Mission. The mission provided ministry especially for single women, who lived in rented rooms near the auditorium, where evangelical services were held. The Fergusions managed to live on income from three small houses they owned, and mission rents and donations covered mission expenses. Street-corner meetings were held in the afternoon, evangelical services at night, and a meal was served afterward. Converts were asked to join a local church of their choice. Manie continued the mission work after her husband's death until her own death. In 1947 the mission became part of the World Gospel Mission enterprise. Manie wrote many poems and also authored hymn lyrics. She died in Los Angeles.

John Perry

Texts by M. P. Ferguson (29)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Every boon that heaven can grantManie Payne (Author)English2
Fairest of all the earth besideMamie Payne Ferguson (Author)English14
Freuden fliessen gleich dem StromeManie P. Ferguson (Author)German1
Galilee's waters are ragingManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
He healeth me, O bless His name!Manie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
Heaven of heavens and mountains hoaryManie P. Ferguson (Author)2
How blest are they who overcomeManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
I love the lovely will of GodMamie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
I wandered afar from God and from homeMamie Payne (Author)English3
I wandered far from God and homeManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English3
Jesus saves me, this I knowManie P. Ferguson (Author)English6
Jesus, Thou hast bid me liveManie P. Ferguson (Author)English4
Joys are flowing like a riverManie P. Ferguson, c.1897 (Author)English154
Judean hills were wrapt in gloomManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
Let us go to the dusky HindooManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
Like the lilies toiling not, Casting every care on JesusMamie P. Ferguson (Author)English4
My spirit bows before TheeManie P. Ferguson (Author)2
Nimejazwa na furahaM. P. Ferguson (Author)Swahili1
O what shall it profit thee, brotherMamie P. Ferguson (Author)English14
Sheltered in the Rock of Ages, kept from sin and all alarmsManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English3
祂醫治我,讚美祂名! (Tā yīzhì wǒ, zànměi tā míng!Manie P. Ferguson (Author)Chinese2
The love of God, this shoreless seaMamie P. Ferguson (Author)English3
The oil of gladness on my headManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English2
Thine iniquity swells like the tideMamie P. Ferguson (Author)English6
Though eighteen hundred years are pastManie Payne Ferguson (Author)English1
Thy transgressions roll onManie P. Ferguson (Author)2
What a wonderful GodMamie P. Ferguson (Author)3
Write, blessed are the deadManie P. Ferguson (Author)English2
喜樂湧流有如河海 (Xǐlè yǒngliú yǒurú hé hǎi)M. P. Ferguson (Author)Chinese2
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