Alfred V. Fedak

Short Name: Alfred V. Fedak
Full Name: Fedak, Alfred V., 1953-
Birth Year: 1953

Alfred Fedak (b. 1953), is a well-known organist, composer, and Minister of Music at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Capitol Hill in Albany, New York. He graduated from Hope College in 1975 with degrees in organ performance and music history. He obtained a Master’s degree in organ performance from Montclair State University, and has also studied at Westminster Choir College, Eastman School of Music, the Institute for European Studies in Vienna, and at the first Cambridge Choral Studies Seminar at Clare College, Cambridge.

As a composer, he has over 200 choral and organ works in print, and has three published anthologies of his work (Selah Publishing). In 1995, he was named a Visiting Fellow in Church Music at Episcopal Seminary of the Soutwest in Austin, Texas. He is also a Fellow of the American Guild of Organists, and was awarded the AGO’s prestigious S. Lewis Elmer Award. Fedak is a Life Member of the Hymn Society, and writes for The American Organist, The Hymn, Reformed Worship, and Music and Worship. He was a member of the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song that prepared Glory to God, the 2013 hymnal of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

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Tunes by Alfred V. Fedak (56)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
AGIOS, O THEOS (Russian Orthodox)Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Harmonizer)313217 12122 35432
ANCIENT BEAUTYAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)3
ATHAIR UILE-CHUMHACHDAICHAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)155612 33265 56121
BEACH HAVENAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)251271 23423 45543
BEACH SPRINGAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)111213 32161 16561
BOOKENDSAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Arranger)2
CANTICUM NOVUMAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)351235 45325 67112
CHURCH UNITEDAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)6
CONDITOR ALME SIDERUMAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)131355 64556 45432
COSTLY GIFTSAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)3
DA N’ASEAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)411135 43234 32111
DEO GRACIAS (English)Alfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)211717 76511 75454
EARTHRISEAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)331254 31511 223
EBENEZER (Williams)Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Harmonizer)111232 12234 3215
ECCE, DEUS (Fedak)Alfred Victor Fedak (b. 1953) (Composer)551171 23432 15543
ENDLESS FEASTAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)4
ERISKAY LOVE LILTAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)113565 31135 65325
ESTE ES EL DIAAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)151115 51115 51115
EVERYONE WHO LONGSAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)254333 43221 17167
GENEVAN 77Alfred Fedak, b. 1953 (Arranger)311712 32111 71232
GENEVAN 89Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Harmonizer)116512 33543 21165
KING OF GLORY (Israeli)Alfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)133215 12332 11332
GRATIA PLENAAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)267132 12756 71665
[Hail and Hosanna]Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)555431 56765 51122
HANDS OF THE POORAlfred V. Fedak, 1953- (Composer)2
HERE I AM, LORDAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)117154 55171 65123
PASSION CHORALE (Hassler)Alfred V. Fedak (Arranger)151765 45233 2121
HESYCHIAAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)311112 22122 33323
HILL COUNTRYAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
HOLY MANNAAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)155611 22132 11656
JEFFERSON (Southern Harmony)Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)111757 13212 11754
KANCIONAL NEWAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
KINGSFOLDAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)132111 73343 45543
LAKELANDAlfred Fedak (Composer)2
LUX TREMENDAAlfred Victor Fedak (b. 1953) (Composer)751654 35231 42321
MYRRH-BEARING MARYAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)515451 14123 15451
NEW DISCIPLES (Fedak)Alfred V. Fedak (Composer)434565 34176 67125
[O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth] (Fedak)Alfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)2
OLD 104THAlfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)113215 34654 4576
PCOCSAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)2
PETER'S BROOKAlfred V. Fedak (1953-) (Composer)251232 56524 32175
PISGAH (American)Alfred V. Fedak (Arranger)151112 31666 53556
[Make me a channel of your peace]Alfred V. Fedak (Arranger)133333 45353 3333
PUER NOBIS NASCITURAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)111234 32115 55671
RESTORATION (Southern Harmony)Alfred V. Fedak (Harmonizer)113171 33175 77171
RYBURNAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Arranger)313455 65144 32132
SALLEY GARDENSAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)213223 65165 21113
SIXTH NIGHTAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)1451765 43425 17654
SOUTH BRANCHAlfred Fedak (Composer (adapt.))255431 43217 51233
SUO GANAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)312352 13212 35231
TAKE UP THE SONGAlfred Victor Fedak (b. 1953) (Composer)651715 56765 51715
TO MY PRECIOUS LORDAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)335251 35764 32735
TROMBLEYAlfred V. Fedak (Composer)2
VATER UNSERAlfred V. Fedak, b. 1953 (Composer)255345 32155 47534
WILD MOUNTAIN THYMEAlfred V. Fedak (Arranger)216561 13565 65353
[You are a chosen race]Alfred V Fedak (Composer)2
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