L. C. Everett

Short Name: L. C. Everett
Full Name: Everett, Leonard C., 1818-1867
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1867

L. C. Everett's largest and most popular collection was The Wesleyan Hymn and Tune Book (1859), published by the Methodist Episcopal Church South. The denominational dedication page in that collection says it was "prepared by Mr. L.C. Everett, of Virginia, a gentleman well-known through the South and Southwest, as an author and teacher of sacred vocal music." In his own introductory remarks, Everett's instincts as an educator are clear. He advised churches to offer a weekly congregational singing class "for the purpose of meeting together frequently, say one evening each week, to practice the tunes under the direction of a suitably qualified chorister or leader, and ... that the entire congregation be invited to attend the rehearsals of the class and join in learning the tunes." For Everett, musical worship was not just the duty of a choir, it was the duty of everyone.

Le­o­nard’s bro­thers were Asa Brooks Everett (1828-1875), N.E. Everett, & Ben­ja­min Holden Ev­er­ett. Leonard and Asa developed a successful music education system called "The Everett System," and together with R.M. McIntosh they formed the L.C. Everett Company, which employed approximately fifty music teachers throughout the American south and middle Atlantic.

—Chris Fenner

see also J.H. Hall, Biography of Gospel Song and Hymn Writers (New York: Fleming H. Revell, 1914), pp. 96-100.

Tunes by L. C. Everett (27)AsInstancesIncipitsort descending
ENEEL. C. Everett (Composer)311223 23555 32321
VITAL SPARK (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)211772 44333 43322
[When shall we meet again] (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)212365 53166 55567
[We're marching on to the promised land]L. C. Everett (Composer)213332 35332 12221
[I'm but a stranger here] (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)216165 53212 16165
VARIETY GROVEL. C. Everett (Composer)217654 35654 32
ENNIUSL. C. Everett (Composer)132117 12543 2171
[Here we meet to part again] (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)232345 65432 34545
[Abide with me, fast falls the eventide] (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)232346 55132 32346
[Chide mildly the erring] (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)233211 76513 23321
BEAUFORT (Everett)L.C. Everett (Composer)733213 21611 65312
SOLITUDE (Everettt)L. C. Everet, 1818-1867 (Composer)1133335 12317 65323
MATTIEL. C. Everett (Composer)833355 65332 3543
PUMROYL. C. Everett (Composer)233534 32356 55453
GREGORY (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)751113 22243 53122
WYANETL. C. Everett (Composer)351122 35312 3171
CONCORD (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)251123 31212 35112
BATTLE CREEKL. C. Everett (Composer)351171 27123 32342
BEALOTHL. C. Everett (Composer)853332 11222 32153
SCHUMANN (Everettt)L. C. Everett (Composer)1055351 51313 22212
MCCOYL. C. Everett (Composer)356127 13216 65333
DYKEL. C. Everett (Composer)256512 17157 77176
[Sabbath morning! Sabbath morning!]L. C. Everett (Composer)456531 21513 55231
[In the rosy light of the morning bright] (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)256533 55422 44314
SPRING (Everett)Leonard C. Everett, 1818-1867 (Composer)2156551 32112 35651
LO! I COMEL. C. Everett (Composer)256553 23435 67176
PAUL (Everett)L. C. Everett (Composer)656712 32132 17176
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