Jonathan Evans

Short Name: Jonathan Evans
Full Name: Evans, Jonathan, 1748-1809
Birth Year: 1748
Death Year: 1809

Evans, Jonathan, born at Coventry in 1748 or 1749. He was the son of a working man, and as a youth was employed in a ribbon manufactory. About 1778 he joined the congregation at Coventry, over which the Rev. G. Burder was pastor. He began preaching at Foleshill, near Coventry, in 1782, and in 1795 he began his stated ministry there, retaining the same to his death on Aug. 31, 1809. Two biographical notices of him appeared in the Evangelical Magazine (Oct. 1809, and March 1847), and also several of his hymns. Two of his hymns appeared in Burder's Collection, 1784, and another in the 2nd edition the same year. His best known hymns are, "Come, Thou soul-transforming Spirit,” and "Hark! the voice of love and mercy;" q.v. He published no poetical work or collection of hymns.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Jonathan Evans (9)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Come, thou soul transforming SpiritJonathan Evans (Author)English55
Finished, all the types and shadowsJonathan Evans (Author)3
God is in his holy temple, All the earth, keep silence here!The Rev. Jonathan Evans (1749-1809) (Author)English3
Hark! the voice of Jesus crying, "Who will go and work today?"J. Evans (Author)English1
Hark! the voice of love and mercyJonathan Evans (Author)English363
Horch, die Stimm' der Gnad' und LiebeJonathan Evans (Author)German3
Let saints on earth their anthems raiseJonathan Evans (Author)English23
Praise him who laid his glory byJonathan Evans (Author)2
Voz de amor y de clemenciaJonathan Evans (Author)Spanish3
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