Rusty Edwards

Short Name: Rusty Edwards
Full Name: Edwards, Rusty, 1955-
Birth Year: 1955 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Rusty Edwards (22)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A living sacrificeRusty Edwards (Author)English2
All the sleepy should have a place to sleepRusty (Howard M.) Edwards, 1955 (Author)English3
As Moses lifted the serpent upRusty Edwards (Author)English2
[As the Moon Is to the Sun]Rusty Edwards (Author)English3
Blessed are the poor in spiritRusty Edwards (Author)English2
Bread of life, our host and mealRusty Edwards, b. 1955 (Author)English3
By grace we have been saved through faithRusty Edwards (Author (stanzas))4
Come, little children, to the silent mangerRusty Edwards (Author)English2
Faith is the yes of the heartRusty Edwards (Author)2
[For God So Loved the World (Edwards)]Rusty Edwards (Author)English2
[He Is Lord]Rusty Edwards (Author)English2
[How Blest]Rusty Edwards (Author)English2
[I Hear Creation Groaning]Rusty Edwards (Author)English3
In Jesus' Name, we pause to prayRusty Edwards, 1955- (Author)1
[Nothing in this World]Rusty Edwards (Author)English2
[Once When Jesus Christ Was Hungry]Rusty Edwards (Author)English3
Praise God for you, my Brother SunRusty Edwards (Versifier)2
Praise the One who breaks the darknessRusty Edwards, b. 1955 (Author)English20
[Rejoice in Christ Jesus]Rusty Edwards (Author)English2
We all are one in missionRusty Edwards, b. 1955 (Author)English14
Whether I cry out your nameRusty Edwards (Author)English2
Worship God for saints before usRusty Edwards (Author)English2
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