A. Royce Eckhardt

Short Name: A. Royce Eckhardt
Full Name: Eckhardt, A. Royce, 1937-
Birth Year: 1937

Royce Eckhardt has served as a director of music, organist, conductor, composer, arranger, hymnal editor, teacher, and hymnologist for over fifty years. He has served Evangelical Covenant churches as minister of music and organist in Seattle, New Britain (CT), Winnetka, and Hinsdale, Illinois, and also the Winnetka Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Eckhardt earned a Bachelor of Music degree in organ performance in 1960 from North Park College, Chicago, and a Master of Music degree in liturgical music at Hartt College of Music, University of Hartford in 1972. Royce joined the music faculty at Seattle Pacific College in 1961, teaching organ, music theory and literature courses and directing small choral ensembles. He served as adjunct professor of church music at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, specializing in hymnology and also serving as chapel

Mr. Eckhardt was a member of the Covenant Hymnal Commission that produced The Covenant Hymnal (1973). In 1990 he was appointed to the Special Hymnal Commission that compiled and published The Covenant Hymnal: A Worshipbook (1996), serving as music editor. He is represented in the hymnal with 47 arrangements, original tunes, and descants. His many hymn arrangements, harmonizations and tunes appear in eight American hymnals.

Royce also served as music director of the Covenant Ministers Chorus from 1985 to 2005, leading the Chorus on a concert tour to Sweden and Germany in 1990 and on a second concert tour in 2001 to Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Germany. He has led many workshops and seminars throughout the country on worship and church music related topics, is a published composer of organ and choral works, a board member of North Shore American Guild of Organists, board member of The Bach Week Festival, and a member of The Hymn Society.

Royce Eckhardt

Tunes by A. Royce Eckhardt (40)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ÄNGSLIGA HJÄRTA, UPP UR DIN DVALAA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)153216 53655 17654
AUF MEINEN LIEBEN GOTT (Regnart 11554)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)111554 55543 32
BE STILL AND KNOW (Anonymous)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)155365 55243 33456
BEACH SPRINGA. Royce Eckhardt (Harmonizer)1511213 32161 16561
BRADBURY (Bradbury)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)133323 45153 23465
JESUS, FEED USA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)1
CHILDREN (Chorus)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)154351 21171 16554
CRADLE SONG (Kirkpatrick)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)151123 11345 56423
DEO GRACIAS (English)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer)111717 76511 75454
ECCE DEUS (Noble)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)2
ESSEX PLACEA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer)2
FOUNDATION (American)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)156161 51131 35561
FRANKLIN SQUARE (Eckhardt)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer)212314 32313
[Jag har en vän som älskar mig] (Frykman)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)153215 76664 32176
GLADNESS (Bliss)A. Royce Eckhardt (Arranger)255555 55123 22222
GLORIA (French)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer (descant), Arranger)133355 43323 53213
THE GREEN HILL (Stebbins)Royce Eckhardt (Arranger)133343 32135 55433
GROSSER GOTT (11171)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer (descant))111171 23213 33235
HANOVER (Croft)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer (descant))151123 51271 23217
HEAVENLY DOVE (Blomqvist)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)211177 22211 43321
HYFRYDOLA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer (descant), Arranger)112123 43212 54332
[I wait for you in silence]A. Royce Eckhardt (Composer)313453 21
WHERE WOULD I BE (Douroux)A. Royce Eckhardt (Arranger)1
IRBYA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Composer (descant))157111 71221 13533
JESU NAMINA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)2
KINGSFOLDA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)232111 73343 45543
MADRID (Spanish)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)117161 53142 17117
MY REDEEMERA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)151233 32122 57244
RANSOMED SOULA. Royce Eckhardt (Composer of harmony)555433 41644 62175
RESIGNATION (Southern Harmony)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)213532 35165 31351
RICHMOND BEACHA. Royce Eckhardt (Composer)756715 76564 53121
RÖSLEINA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)133543 22233 45665
ST. THEODULPH (Teschner)A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Alterer, Arranger, and Composer (descant))115567 11321 17151
FOREST GREENA. Royce Eckhardt (Arranger)151112 32345 34312
[This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine]A. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)155553 15555 31111
[Those who do these things shall never be moved]A. Royce Eckhardt (Composer)212345 56545
TILLFLYKTA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)251332 12223 44323
TRUESDELLA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)3
HAF TRONES LAMPA FÄRDIGA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)151355 43562 17151
VRUECHTENA. Royce Eckhardt, 1937- (Arranger)151234 55654 65432
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