Johann Georg Ebeling

Johann Georg Ebeling
Short Name: Johann Georg Ebeling
Full Name: Ebeling, Johann Georg, 1637-1676
Birth Year: 1637
Death Year: 1676

Johann George Ebeling Germany 1637-1676. Born at Luneburg, Germany, he studied theology at the University of Helmstedt. He was a composer, author, editor, and collector of music. In 1660 he became head of the Hamburg Collegium, and in 1662 cantor of St. Nicholas Church in Berlin. In 1667 he begam teaching music and Greek in Stettin. He wrote choruses, chorales, cantatas, instrumentals oratorios, requiems and music for over 100 lyrics of Paul Gerhardt. He also wrote about music history. 278 works. He died in Stettin.

John Perry

Tunes by Johann Georg Ebeling (10)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
WARUM SOLLT ICHJohann G. Ebeling (Composer)11112323 56556 44533
DIE GÜLDNE SONNEJ. G. Ebeling, 1637-76 (Composer)2955654 35423 21345
DU MEINE SEELE SINGEJohann G. Ebeling (Composer)1113513 22715 54313
FRANCONIA (König)J. G. Ebeling (Composer)3112345 35614 32517
SCHWING DICH AUF ZU DEINEM GOTT (Crüger)J. H. Ebeling (Composer)155171 23234 53215
NICHT SO TRAURIG (Ebeling)Johann G. Ebeling (Composer)912151 23354 32211
SCHWING DICH AUF (13556)Joh. Gg. Ebeling (Composer)313556 71712 32113
SHINING DAYJohann George Ebeling (Composer)551235 21512 35215
VOLLER WUNDERJohann G. Ebeling (Composer)2015611 71712 56765
[Alle, die ihr, Gott zu ehren]J. E. Ebeling (Composer)252311 71163 42212
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