Sidney Dyer

Short Name: Sidney Dyer
Full Name: Dyer, Sidney, 1814-1898
Birth Year: 1814
Death Year: 1898

Dyer, Sidney, who served in the U. S. Army from 1831 to c. 1840, is a native of White Creek, Washington County, New York, where he was born in 1814. On leaving the army he was ordained a Baptist Minister in 1842, and acted first as a Missionary to the Choctaws, then as Pastor in Indianapolis, Indiana (1852), and as Secretary to the Baptist Publication Society, Phila. (1859). He has published sundry works, and in the Southwestern Psalmist, 1851, 16 of his hymns are found.

The following are later and undated:—
1. Go, preach the blest salvation. Missions. In the Baptist Praise Book, 1871, and The Baptist Hymn & Tune Book, 1871.
2. Great Framer [Maker] of unnumbered worlds. National Humiliation. In the Boston Unitarian Hymn [and Tune] Book, 1868, and others.
3. When faint and weary toiling. Work whilst it is day. In the Baptist Praise Book, 1871.
4. Work, for the night is coming. Duty. This hymn is in wider use than the foregoing, but though often ascribed to Dyer, is really by Miss Anna L. Walker, of Canada, who published a volume of Poems, 1868. S. Dyer, in 1854, wrote a hymn on the same subject for a Sunday-school in Indianapolis, and hence the confusion between the two. In 1882 a cento beginning with the same stanza was given in Whiting's (English) Hymns for the Church Catholic, No. 366. Of this cento, stanzas i., ii. are by Miss Walker; and stanzas iii., iv. by Miss Whiting, daughter of the editor of that collection. [Rev.F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Dyer, S., p. 317, ii. Additional hymns by Dr. Dyer are given in the Baptist Sursum Corda, Phila., 1898, with the following dates :—
1. Enter, Jesus bids thee welcome. Invitation. 1883.
2. No more with horrors veil the tomb. Burial. 1897.
Dr. Dyer d. in 1898.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Dyer, Sidney. (White Creek, New York, February 11, 1814--December 22, 1898, Philadelphia). Baptist. Indiana State University, honorary A.M. ; Bucknell University, honorary Ph.D. Missionary to the Choctaws early in his career. Pastorates at Brownsville, New York, 1842; Indianapolis, 1852-1859. District secretary of the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1859-1885. Author of eight religious books designed for children, two volumes of verse: Voices of Nature (Louisville, 1849), and Songs and Ballads (Indianapolis, 1857). Wrote a large number of hymns in Sunday School as well as church collections. In 1851, he published The South Western Psalmist (Louisville), which became known as Dyer's Psalmist. Of 467 hymns, 16 are by Dyer. Also wrote a prize-winning hymn "O wondrous land! thy onward march sublime" for the Jubilee of the American Baptist Home Mission Society which was help in New York in 1882. This 66-stanza hymn may be found in Baptist Home Missions in North America: Including a Full Report of the Proceedings and Address of the Jubilee Meeting . . . (New York: Baptist Home Mission Rooms, 1883). "Work, for the night is coming," written by Annie L. (Walker) Coghill, was sometimes ascribed to Dyer. The confusion arose when, in 1854, Dyer wrote a text on the same subject for a Sunday School in Indianapolis.

--Deborah Carlton Loftis, DNAH Archives

Texts by Sidney Dyer (48)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Arouse! a traitor band is armingSidney Dyer (Author)3
Behold a host with rapt emotionSidney Dyer (Author)2
Beneath the Jordan's limpid waveS. Dyer (Author)3
Come heart broken sinnerSidney Dyer (Author)3
Enter, Jesus bids thee welcomeSidney Dyer (Author)English14
Ever to Jesus go, there leaveSidney Dyer (Author)2
Faith, hope, love, are awakingSidney Dyer (Author)2
Farewell to my homeSidney Dyer (Author)English4
Go preach the blest salvationSidney Dyer (Author)English18
Go proclaim the wondrous storyRev. Sidney Dyer (Author)English4
Go when the skies are brightestS. Dyer (Author)English2
Grant us wisdom, gracious LordSidney Dyer (Author)3
Great Cause of all things, Source of lifeDyer (Author)7
Great Framer of unnumbered worldsDyer (Author)1
Great Maker of unnumbered worldsSidney Dyer (Author)15
Greatest of beings, source of lifeDyer (Author)2
How blest are weSidney Dyer (Author)4
How precious the dying of saints to the LordRev. Sydney Dyer (Author)4
How sad to return to the home where light-heartedS. Dyer (Author)3
I hear the voice of singingSidney Dyer (Author)7
I would not have life's pathway smoothSidney Dyer (Author)3
Join with us Immanuel's bandSidney Dyer (Author)English2
காலம் நேர்த்தியாய் நகருதே (Kālam nērttiyāy nakarutē)Sidney Dyer (Author)Tamil2
Life is a dreaming, death an awakingRev. Sidney Dyer (Author)2
Lo Zion's banners streamingRev. Sidney Dyer, D.D. (Author)2
My bark is on the deepSidney Dyer (Author)3
No more with horrors veil the tombSidney Dyer (Author)English3
O Lord, we come before thee now, Thou whoS. Dyer (Author)3
O never look back with your hand on the plowSidney Dyer (Author)English3
O'er dark and stormy watersSidney Dyer (Author)3
Our life is like an idle dreamSidney Dyer (Author)4
Repent, believe, and be baptized, The great divine commandS. Dyer (Author)English3
Rouse thee, child of heavenSidney Dyer (Author)6
Should storms arise and darkness reignSidney Dyer (Author)3
Soft and light o'er the soul are now glidingS. Dyer (Author)3
That thou art love, O God, I seeSidney Dyer (Author)3
The year has flown and we againSidney Dyer (Author)7
Though they may lay beneath the groundSidney Dyer (Author)9
Through a weary landSidney Dyer (Author)2
Time is earnest, passing bySidney Dyer (Author)English21
Unto Thy temple, Lord, we comeSidney Dyer (Author)English1
We come to his courtsS. Dyer (Author)1
When at the margin of the streamSidney Dyer (Author)3
When faint and weary toilingSidney Dyer (Author)English19
When Jesus once came to Jerusalem's gateSidney Dyer (Author)3
When mourning o'er my sense ofRev. Sidney Dyer (Author)3
While now we taste these emblems, LordS. Dyer (Author)3
Work, for the night is coming; Work through the morning hoursSidney Dyer (Author)English96

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