Merrill Dunlop

Merrill Dunlop
Short Name: Merrill Dunlop
Full Name: Dunlop, Merrill
Birth Year: 1905
Death Year: 2002

Merrill Everett Dunlop
Born: May 9, 1905, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.
Died: June 15, 2002.

Dunlop was ed­u­cat­ed at Cen­tral YMCA Coll­ege, Chi­ca­go (BA) and the Moo­dy Bi­ble In­sti­tute (grad­u­at­ed 1926). He played the pi­a­no and or­gan at Moo­dy Church (1921-24), and served as di­rect­or of mu­sic at the Chi­ca­go Gos­pel Ta­ber­na­cle (1926-53). Bur­ton Bos­worth was his fa­ther-in-law.

Dun­lop wrote over 700 hymns and Gos­pel songs, and works in­clud­ing:

Songs of a Chris­tian, 1937
New Songs of a Chris­tian, 1941

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Texts by Merrill Dunlop (58)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Anchored to the Rock that cannot failMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Are you heavy hearted, sad and wearyM. D. (Author)English1
At your heart's door stands the SaviorMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Calling, pleading, comest Thou, LordMerrill Dunlop (Author)English3
Christ hath bought us, hallelujahMerrill E. Dunlop (Author)English2
Come to the living water, drink from its streams of healingMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Dear to my heart, a memory most preciousMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Don't forget to stop along life's busy wayMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Fue molido por nuestra culpaMerrill E. Dunlop, 1905-2002 (Author)Spanish2
He was wounded for our transgressions (Chisholm)Merrill E. Dunlop, 1905-2002 (Author)English1
Heaven must be wonderfulM. D. (Author)2
How I love Thee, my SaviorMerrill Dunlop (Author)English3
I am hiding in the shadowMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
I am the thief upon the crossMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
I believe that Jesus died for meMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
I believe the answer's on the wayM. D. (Author)English4
I feel so much better when I praise the LordMerrill Dunlop (Author)English2
I find contentment in his blessed loveM. D. (Author)4
I had no music, my life seemed vainM. D. (Author)2
I have a friend who is mightyMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
I have given my heart to Jesus, I have peace within my soulMerrill Dunlop (Author)English3
I love my Savior with all my heartMerrill Dunlop (Author)3
In the world of everyday, where sin and strife aboundMerrill Dunlop (Author)English2
In visions of my soul I seeM. D. (Author)1
Jesus came aknockin'Merrill Dunlop (Author)2
Jesus is the sweetest name that I have ever heardM. D. (Author)English6
Jesus means everything to meMerrill Dunlop (Author)English3
Jesus turned my darkestMerrill Dunlop (Author)3
Just a name was whispered to my darkened heart of sinM. D. (Author)English3
Like a shepherd through the nightMerrill Dunlop (Author)1
Longing all my heart is longingMerrill Dunlop (Author)3
Lord, I want a shining diademMerrill Dunlop (Author)English4
Music in my heart is ringingMerrill Dunlop (Author)English3
My sins are blotted out, I know (Chorus)Merrill Dunlop (Author)English2
O it's glorious, marvelousMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
O there's only one way to heaven, brotherMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
O why not crown the Savior King of your heartMerrill Dunlop (Author)English2
O won't that be joy, joyM. D. (Author)English3
Open the door of your heart today, And let the sunshine inMerrill Dunlop (Author)English1
Rose of Sharon, blooming earth to blessMerrill Dunlop (Author)English3
Show me the cross of CalvaryMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Someone was singing a Wonderful songMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Songs of joy the love of Jesus tellMerrill Dunlop (Author)4
Soul with no Savior, seeking for refugeMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Storms are raging, battles wagingMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
The Bible says if I believe in Christ I shall be savedM. D. (Author)English3
The center cross held the bruised formM. D. (Author)2
There is a Fountain opened for my cleansingMerrill Dunlop (Author)English6
There is a name so dear, Its sound I love to harMerrill Dunlop (Author)3
Though many trials your path may befallMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
We are on our way to heaven (Dunlop)Merrill Dunlop (Author)English2
We offer our praise to the Ancient of DaysMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
What a wondrous message in God's WordMerrill Dunlop (Author)English28
What matters though the cloudsMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
When my Lord shall call me from this world of sadnessMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
When the Savior comes on that glorious morningMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Who is that movin’ my heart to loveMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
Why did Jesus suffer and bear my sin and shameMerrill Dunlop (Author)2
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