Mary Lundie Duncan

Short Name: Mary Lundie Duncan
Full Name: Duncan, Mary Lundie, 1814-1840
Birth Year: 1814
Death Year: 1840

Duncan, Mary, née Lundie, daughter of the Rev. Robert Lundie, Parish Minister of Kelso, and Mary Grey Lundie Duncan, was born at Kelso, April 26, 1814. On July 11, 1836, she was married to the William Wallace Duncan, the son of Rev. Henry Duncan, D.D., founder of the Savings Bank movement and minister in Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. In the end of December, 1839, she took a chill, which resulted in a fever and died on Jan. 5, 1840. Her hymns, mostly written for her children between July and December, 1839, appeared, in 1841, in her Memoir, by her mother, and were issued separately, in 1842, as Rhymes for my Children, to the number of 23. The best known are, "Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me," and "My Saviour, be Thou near me."

Dianne Shapiro, from John Julian "Dictionary of Hymnology" and email from Prof. Charles W. Munn (biographer of Henry Duncan)

Texts by Mary Lundie Duncan (11)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Guter Hirte, höre mein FlehenMary L. Duncan (Author)German2
Heavenly Father wilt Thou hear meMary L. Duncan (Author)English1
I thank Thee, Lord, for quiet restMary L. Duncan (Author)English7
Jesus, Savior, pity me, Hear me when I cry to theeMary Lundie Duncan (Author)English3
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me, Bless Your little lamb tonightMary Lundie Duncan (Author)English358
Lo, round the throne a glorious bandMary L. Duncan (Author)English37
Lo! round the throne at God's right handMary Duncan (Author)English2
My Savior, be Thou near me Through life's nightMary L. Duncan (Author)English4
Óyeme, Jesús divinoMary L. Duncan (Author)Spanish2
Shepherd, tender Shepherd, hear meMary L. Duncan (Author)English2
يا يسوع اسمع دعائيMary L. Duncan (Author)Arabic1

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