Arlo D. Duba

Short Name: Arlo D. Duba
Full Name: Duba, Arlo D., 1929-
Birth Year: 1929

Arlo Duba (b. 1929) was an administrator at Princeton Seminary and is professor of worship (emeritus) and former dean at the University of Dubuque (Iowa) Theological School.

Sing! A New Creation, 2002

Texts by Arlo D. Duba (8)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD, my God, you are very great (NRSV)Arlo D. Duba (Author)English1
O Lord, I call to you; come to me quicklyArlo D. Duba (Adapter)English1
Come, sing with joy to GodArlo D. Duba (Paraphraser)English2
How many are your works, LORD!Arlo D. Duba (Author (refrain))English2
With my whole heart I will praise you, O LordArlo Dean Duba, 1929 (Versifier)English2
Come, all you servants of the LordAlro D. Duba (Author)English5
See, all the earth is God's, its people and nationsArlo Duba (Author (stanzas))English10
How lovely, Lord, how lovelyArlo D. Duba (Author)English17
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