Carol Ann Doran

Carol Ann Doran
Short Name: Carol Ann Doran
Full Name: Doran, Carol Ann
Birth Year: 1936
Death Year: 2023

Carol Doran was a musician, author, scholar, loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She was also a woman of unwavering faith, integrity, kindness, curiosity, beauty, good humor, and fearlessness who inspired those she loved and who loved her so much in return.

Carol’s early exposure to the study of music became a lifelong passion and professional dedication as she went on to earn a Doctor of Music Arts degree in Church Music and Organ at The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Dr. Doran taught and was a professor of Music and Liturgy at Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall in Rochester, New York; Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia; the School of Theology at Boston University; Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA, and many others. Additionally, she served with distinction on the boards of many professional organizations of musicians and liturgists. Carol published numerous articles on church music and worship and collaborated with the Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Troeger in the publication of four books, including two hymnals published by Oxford University Press.

Carol and Michael Doran were married for more than 59 years, the majority of which were spent in Rochester, NY where they raised their four children: Charles, Julia, Ellen, and Elizabeth. Carol cared deeply about her family, and she extended that joyful compassion to friends, associates, and every person that she encountered in her life. Carol celebrated the lives that her children and their families were living and showed her love in a million different ways throughout her life. When she saw you, whether to say hello or goodbye, she proclaimed her love with a warm, lingering handshake or hug; her loving kindness in her eyes and in the smile you could trust and take as the gift she gave you. Above all, she was devoted to her husband, Michael, and he to her.

Carol is survived by her loving husband, Michael of North Andover, MA; sister Ellen Buerklin of Chester, PA; brother Norman (& Patty) Maynard, MA; son Charles (& Cara) Ipswich, MA.; daughters Julia Chambers (& Eddy) Escondido, CA; Ellen Bzomowski (& Steve) Plainfield, MA; Elizabeth Evenson (& Paul) Arlington, MA; and nine grandchildren: Zoe, Lucas, Alexander, Ava, Kyle, Theo, Valerie, Kira, and Elias.

We love you and we will miss you always.

Funeral service will be offered on Thursday November 9,2023 at 11:00 a.m. in The Parish of Christ Church, 35 Central Street, Andover, MA. A reception will follow at the church. Obituary

Tunes by Carol Ann Doran (20)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
AUTHORITYCarol Doran (Composer)1155555 55555 55545
BAPTISM (Doran)Carol Doran (1936-) (Composer)233312 32176 54276
BAYOUCarol Doran (b. 1936) (Composer)2
CAROL'S GIFTCarol Doran (Composer)2
CHRISTPRAISE RAYCarol Doran, b. 1936 (Composer)1115546 54321 43256
FALCONECarol Doran (Composer)7
FEDERAL STREETCarol Doran (Harmonizer)133343 55434 44334
FIRST COMMANDCarol Doran (Composer)236531 22316 5432
GOD'S NAMESCarol Doran (Composer)2
INWARD LIGHTCarol Doran (Composer)733235 56565 32343
LIBERATION (Doran)Carol Doran (Composer)216545 51432 11123
MERLE MARIECarol Doran (Composer)2
NEW CREATIONCarol Doran (Composer)2
RENEWING DEATHCarol Doran, b. 1936 (Composer)271234 56544 54321
REVISIONCarol Doran (Composer)2
ROUTLEY (Doran)Carol Doran (Composer)2
SPENDTHRIFT LOVERCarol Doran, b. 1936 (Composer)356576 53171 23455
UNMATCHED STONECarol Doran, b. 1936 (Composer)212367 16542 1773
VON HIMMEL KAM DER ENGEL SCHARCarol Doran, b. 1936 (Harmonizer)1
WORDLESSCarol Doran, 1936- (Composer)433323 45324 3212
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