Edward C. Deas

Short Name: Edward C. Deas
Full Name: Deas, Edward C.
Death Year: 1944

Edward C. Deas (unknown – 1944) was a hymnist, arranger of spirituals, music publisher, and music authority for the AME Church. Deas’s hymns, such as “Big Business in Glory” (1921) and “Shine for Jesus” (1925), reflect the simplicity and usage of common language characteristic of the 19th-century revival hymn. Deas also wrote the book Songs and Spirituals of Negro Composition (1928).

--Encyclopedia of African American Music, Volume 3, edited by Emmett George Price

Texts by Edward C. Deas (41)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Alas, and did my Savior bleedE. C. Deas, d. 1944 (Author (refrain))English1
As I walk in gladness up the narrow wayEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Children of the king aboveEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Could I but make thee my defenceEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Follow the cross where its glory shinethEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Homeward, now we turn our faces, there to meet our loved ones glad-Edward C. Deas (Author)2
Hopeless and wretched I've joy divine, since Jesus made me wholeEdward C. Deas (Author)3
I am living this momentEdward C. Deas (Author)2
I am traveling up to gloryEdward C. Deas (Author)3
I am trusting, trusting, trusting in the LordEdward C. Deas (Author)4
I drank from a fountain not so long agoEdward C. Deas (Author)2
If Christ should come to your soul tonightEdward C. Deas (Author)2
I'll do anything for my blessed KingEdward C. Deas (Author)2
I've a banking house up in glory, and I'm banking every dayE. C. Deus (Author)7
I've sailed the broad seas of life for yearsEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Jesus, keep me near the river of thy loveEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Just a little while in singingEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Lord God of hosts, as morning breaksEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Lost in the crowd on the dark downward roadEdward C. Deas (Author)4
My path leads upward to a homeEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Now as evening shadows fallingEdward C. Deas (Author)English4
O city fair, beyond life's seaEdward C. Deas (Author)2
O Jesus, light of loveEdward C. Deas (Author)3
O Jesus, Livsens HerreEdward C. Deas (Author)Norwegian1
O Lamb of God eternalEdward C. Deas (Author)3
On ye sable sons of AllenEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Once I was bound in the jungles of sinEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Outside your heart's door still waitingEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Simply I follow on, trusting my guideEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Some day I'll rise on wings of loveEdward C. Deas (Author)3
Tell the love of Jesus gladly, everywhere you goEdward C. Deas (Author)English3
There are scene of life that often bring me pleasureEdward C. Deas (Author)2
There is a life beyond this lifeEdward C. Deas (Author)2
There is a song I love to sing, Jesus is mineEdward C. Deas (Author)English3
Trusting Jesus all through the journeyEdward C. Deas (Author)2
Walking with Jesus all the day longEdward C. Deas (Author)2
We are happy as we sing todayE. C. D. (Author)English4
Weary, tired and lonely, as on you goEdward C. Deas (Author)3
When conflicts press and you sink neath the loadEdward C. Deas (Author)3
When the saints all have gathered in gloryEdward C. Deas (Author)2
When your road is long and drearyEdward C. Deas (Author)2
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