Percy Dearmer

Percy Dearmer
Short Name: Percy Dearmer
Full Name: Dearmer, Percy, 1867-1936
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1936

Dearmer, Percy, M.A., son of Thomas Dearmer, was born in London, Feb. 27, 1867, and educated at Westminster School and at Christ Church, Oxford (B.A. 1890, M.A. 1896). He was ordained D. 1891, P. 1892, and has been since 1901 Vicar of S. Mary the Virgin, Primrose Hill, London. He has been Secretary of the London Branch of the Christian Social Union since 1891, and is the author of The Parson's Handbook, 1st edition, 1899, and other works. He was one of the compilers of the English Hymnal, 1906, acting as Secretary and Editor, and contributed to it ten translations (38, 95, 150, 160, 165, 180, 215, 237, 352, 628) and portions of two others (242, 329), with the following originals:—
1. A brighter dawn is breaking. Easter. Suggested by the Aurora lucis, p. 95, but practically original.
2. Father, Who on man dost shower. Temperance.
3. God, we thank Thee, not in vain. Burial.
4. Holy God, we offer here. Holy Communion.
5. Jesu, good above all other. For Children.
6. Lord, the wind and sea obey Thee. For those at Sea.
7. The winter's sleep was long and deep. St. Philip and St. James. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Percival Dearmer (1867–1936) was an English priest and liturgist best known as the author of The Parson's Handbook, a liturgical manual for Anglican clergy, and as editor of The English Hymnal. A lifelong socialist, he was an early advocate of the public ministry of women (but not their ordination to the priesthood) and concerned with social justice. Dearmer, with Ralph Vaughan Williams and Martin Shaw, is credited with the revival and spread of traditional and medieval English musical forms. His ideas on patterns of worship have been linked to the Arts and Crafts Movement, while The English Hymnal reflects the influence both of artistic and folkloric scholarship and Christian Socialism. At his death, he was a canon of Westminster Abbey, from where he ran a canteen for the unemployed.

Texts by Percy Dearmer (89)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A brighter dawn is breakingPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)English12
A message came to a maiden youngPercy Dearmer (Author (st. 2-4))English4
A patre unigenitus, Through a maiden is comePercy Dearmer (Collater)English2
Ah think not the Lord delayethPercy Deamer (Author)English5
Angels and ministers, spirits of gracePercy Dearmer (Author)English2
As the disciples, when thy Son had left themPercy Dearmer (Author)English7
ആത്മദാതാവാം സ്വർഗ്ഗീയ താതാ (Ātmadātāvāṁ svarggīya tātā)Percy Dearmer (Translator (English))Malayalam2
Book of books, our people's strengthPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)English26
Car un enfant est donnéPercy Dearmer (Tr. anglaise)French2
Christ is the world's light, Christ and none otherPercy Dearmer (Translator (C))English1
Jesus the Glory of the Holy AngelsP. D. (Translator)English6
Come now, all people, keep high mirthPercy Dearmer (Author)English6
Draw us in the Spirit's tetherPercy Dearmer (Author)English23
Easter eggs, Easter eggsPercy Dearmer (1867-1936) (Translator)2
Father most holy, merciful, and tenderP. Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator)English24
Father of spirits, whose divine controlP. D. (Translator)English7
Father, we praise Thee, now the night is overPercy Dearmer (Author)English78
Father, who on man dost showerCanon Percy Dearmer (Author)English31
From out of a wood did a cuckoo flyPercy Dearmer (Author)2
God is love: his the carePercy Dearmer (1867-1936) (Author)English12
Green groweth the holly, So doth the ivyPercy Dearmer (Translator)2
Who would true valor seePercy Dearmer (Author)English24
Holy Ghost [God], we offer hereP. D. (Author)English3
Holy God, we show forth herePercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)English2
How great the harvest isPercy Dearmer (Author)4
My God, I love Thee, not becausePercy Dearmer (Adapter)English2
In dulci jubilo, Now sing with hearts aglowPercy Dearmer (Translator)English, Latin5
Jen al ni naskiĝis Fil'Percy Dearmer (Translator (Latin to English))1
Jesus, good above all otherPercy Dearmer (Author)English25
Let us rejoice, the fight is wonPercy Dearmer (1867-1936) (Author)4
Libro santo, sin igualPercy Dearmer (Author)Spanish2
Life is good, for God contrives itPercy Dearmer (Author)English5
Little Jesus sweetly sleep, do not stirPercy Dearmer (Author)12
Lo, in the wilderness a voicePercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)English4
Lo, the fair beauty of earth, from the death of the winter arisingP. D. (Translator)English4
Long ago and far away heaven rang with joy todayPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator (refrain, into English))1
Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendorPercy Dearmer (Author)English1
Lord Jesus hath a garden full of flowers gayPercy Dearmer (Translator)2
Lord of health, Thou life within usPercy Dearmer (Author)English12
Lord, the wind and sea obey TheeP. D. (Author)English3
Martyr of God, whose strength was steeledP. D. (Translator)English6
Now quit your care and anxious fearPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)English7
Now thy earthly work is donePercy Dearmer (Author)English3
O blest Creator of light, Who makest day with radiance brightPercy Dearmer (Translator)English3
O Father above us, our father in mightPercy Dearmer (Author)English4
O Father, the maker of beautiful thingsPercy Dearmer (Author)2
O glorious Maid, exalted farP. D. (Translator)English6
O Holy Spirit, God, All loveliness is thinePercy Dearmer, 1867-1938 (Author)English4
O let the heart beat high with blissPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator)English7
O little One sweet, O little One mildPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator)6
Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little childrenPercy Dearmer (Author)English2
Praise him, praise him, all his children praise him!Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Adapter)English3
Praise to God in the highestPercy Dearmer (Translator)English4
Quien quiera frente al malPercy Dearmer (Adapter)Spanish4
Rejoice! The year upon its wayPercy Dearmer (Author)English1
Remember all God's childrenPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)2
Remember all the peoplePercy Dearmer (Author)English25
Rise from the grave now, O LordPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator (Common vs. 4))English2
Servants of the great adventurePercy Dearmer (Author)2
Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praisePercy Dearmer, 1887-1936 (Translator)English1
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, Sing the ending of the fray (Dearmer)Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator)English13
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, Sing the last the dread affray (Neale)Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator)English5
Sing, my tongue, the song of triumph Percy Dearmer (Translator)English1
Sing praise to God who spoke through manPercy Dearmer (Author)4
Spread, O spread, thou mighty word, Spread the kingdom of the Lord (Winkworth)Percy Dearmer (Paraphraser)English1
Spring has now unwrapped the flowersPercy Dearmer (Translator)English3
Strengthen for service, Lord, the handsPercy Dearmer (Alterer)English21
The first good joy that Mary hadPercy Dearmer (Author)English1
The greatness of God in his love has been shownPercy Dearmer (Author)2
The Royal Banners forward goPercy Dearmer, 1867 - 1936 (Translator)English5
The whole bright world rejoices nowPercy Dearmer (Translator)English7
The winter's sleep was long and deepPercy Dearmer (Author)English5
Thou Judge, by whom each empire fellPercy Dearmer (Author)English10
Thou true Vine, that heals [healing] the nationsPercy Dearmer (Author)English5
Through north and south and east and westPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Author)English1
To the name that is salvation Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator (from Latin))English6
To us in Bethlem cityPercy Dearmer (Author)English4
Unknown and unrewarded their very names have diedPercy Dearmer (Author)English5
Unto us a boy is bornPercy Dearmer, 1867-1936 (Translator)English33
We wish you many happy returns of the dayPercy Dearmer, 1837-1936 (Author)English2
Welcome, day of the Lord, the firstPercy Dearmer (Author)5
When by fear my heart is dauntedPercy Dearmer (Author)English3
When Christ had shown God's dawning reignPercy Dearmer (Author)2
When Christ our Lord had passed once moreP. D. (Translator)English4
When Jesus Christ was yet a childPercy Dearmer (Translator)English1
Wherefore, O Father, we Thy humble servants (Dearmer)Canon Percy Dearmer (Author)English3
Why, impious Herod, shouldst thou fearP. D. (Translator)English5
Winter creeps, Nature sleepsPercy Dearmer (Author)English2
With Jesus for hero, for teacher and friendPercy Dearmer (Author)English4

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