George Henry Day

Short Name: George Henry Day
Full Name: Day, George Henry, 1883-1966
Birth Year: 1883
Death Year: 1966

George Henry Day (1883-1966) was a choirboy at Trinity Chapel, New York City, where he studied with G. Edward Stubbs. Day was appointed choirmaster at St. Peter’s in Chelsea Square (1911) but maintained his position as an assistant auditor of the Gorham Manufacturing Company for two more years. He resigned as assistant auditor, took special courses at Columbia University, and in 1915 graduated from New York College of Music. He served as organist and choirmaster in churches in Youngstown, Ohio; Wilmington, Delaware, where he studied with Edward Shippen Barnes; and Rochester, New York, before going to Trinity Church. He was awarded a Doctor of Music degree from Lincoln-Jefferson University (1923).

--The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion, 1993

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CONSOLATION (Day)George Henry Day (Composer)255566 71554 32343
DECISIONGeorge Henry Day (Composer)325424 32123 34345
EDSALLGeorge Henry Day (Composer)211232 17111 33465
GENEVA (Day)George Henry Day (Composer)3853451 42345 31231
MY MASTER (Day)George Henry Day (Composer)251712 76553 234
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