Katherine Davis

Katherine Davis
Short Name: Katherine Davis
Full Name: Davis, Katherine, 1892-1980
Birth Year: 1892
Death Year: 1980

Katherine Kennicott Davis (b. St. Joseph, MO, 1892; d. Concord, MA, 1980) studied at Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, where she was also a teaching assistant in music. From 1921 to 1929 she taught singing and piano in private schools in Concord, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After 1929 she devoted herself largely to music composition. She wrote some eight hundred pieces, most of which were choral (often writing under several pseudonyms). One of her most popular songs is "The Little Drummer Boy," originally called "Carol of the Drum" (1941). Her other publications include the folk operetta Cinderella (1933) and Songs of Freedom (1948).

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Texts by Katherine Davis (14)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As it fell upon a nightKatherine K. Davis (1892-1980) (Author)1
Come, they told me, pah-rum-pum-pum-pum!Katherine K. Davis (Author)English2
God hath made the worldKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
God is in his holy temple, Let us bow before himKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
Going to BethlehemKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
Leaning last night from my window so highKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
Let all things now living, a song of thanksgivingKatherine K. Davis (Author)English54
On their way I met at break of dayKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
Our Father in heaven, lookKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
Praise we our God upon his throneKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
Que cada ser vivo, cual rico presenteKatherine Davis (Author)Spanish2
Ring bells in the steepleKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
This day of spring the birdKatherine K. Davis (Author)2
We bless thy nameKatherine K. Davis (Author)2

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