John Darwall

Short Name: John Darwall
Full Name: Darwall, John, 1732-1789
Birth Year: 1732
Death Year: 1789

John Darwall (b. Haughton, Staffordshire, England, 1731; d. Walsall, Staffordshire, England, 1789) The son of a pastor, he attended Manchester Grammar School and Brasenose College, Oxford, England (1752-1756). He became the curate and later the vicar of St. Matthew's Parish Church in Walsall, where he remained until his death. Darwall was a poet and amateur musician. He composed a soprano tune and bass line for each of the 150 psalm versifications in the Tate and Brady New Version of the Psalms of David (l696). In an organ dedication speech in 1773 Darwall advocated singing the "Psalm tunes in quicker time than common [in order that] six verses might be sung in the same space of time that four generally are."

Bert Polman

Tunes by John Darwall (3)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
DARWALL'S 150THRev. J. Darwall (Composer)213213 51654 32171
DARWALL'S CHRISTMAS HYMNRev. John Darwall (Composer)251115 43656 71171
DARWALLJohn Darwall (Composer)44413153 17654 32231
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