Edward C. Currie

Short Name: Edward C. Currie
Full Name: Currie, Edward C.

Edward C Currie USA 1890-1963. Born at Evanston, WY, It is likely he was affiliated with the Catholic Church, based on hymn texts written. He married Clair Mabel Quint. In later life, a widower, he married Vivian L MCDunnah. He died at Houlton, ME.

John Perry

Texts by Edward C. Currie (15)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
From starry heaven descendingEdward C. Currie (Author)2
God most truly honored theeEdward C. Currie (Author)2
I clasp unto my heart this dayEdward C. Currie (Author)3
Mary immaculate, mother and childEdward C. Currie (Author)2
Mary, pure light which reflects the Lord's gloryEdward C. Currie (Author)3
O come, little children, O come, one and all (Currie)Edward C. Currie (?-1967) (Translator)English3
O God, almighty Father, Thou majesty divineEdward C. Currie (Author)2
O Lord, reprieve the lonely stateEdward C. Currie (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord, let joyful anthems ringEdward C. Currie (Author)4
Praise ye the Lord rejoice, give thanks and singEdward C. Currie (Author)2
Saint of the lowly fount of sweetnessEdward C. Currie (Author)2
Saint of the sacred heartEdward C. Currie (Author)1
The sun in splendor roseEdward C. Currie (Author)2
When Mary, immaculate, tender and mildEdward C. Currie (Author)2
When my eyes in slumber closeEdward C. Currie (Author)3
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