Guillermo Cuéllar

Short Name: Guillermo Cuéllar
Full Name: Cuéllar, Guillermo, 1955-
Birth Year: 1955

In the mid-1980s, composer Guillermo Cuéllar composed the folk mass La Misa Popular Salvadoreña as a result of a commission from Archbishop Oscar Romero. Romero was assassinated while celebrating mass in El Salvador. Cuéllar himself was forced into exile for ten years due to threats on his life.

Sing! A New Creation

Texts by Guillermo Cuéllar (13)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
You were tortured and nailed to the crossGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)English, Spanish2
Vos sos el destazado en la cruzGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish4
Que acompaña a nuestro puebloGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish24
Recoge en tu cosecha los frutos de amorGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish2
Mira las esperanzasGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish2
Llenos están los cielosGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish2
La sangre de Abel escucha el SeñorGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish2
Hoy me levanto muy tempranoGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish10
Hasta luego, mis hermanosGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish2
El banquete ya está listoGuillermo Cuéllar, n. 1955 (Author)Spanish2
Digno es Cristo el SeñorGuillermo Cuéllar (Adapter)Spanish2
El banquete ya está listo (Come, the banquet hall is ready)Guillermo Cuéllar (Author)English, Spanish3
Cantemos al Señor un canto nuevoGuillermo Cuéllar (Author)Spanish2
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