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E. Cronenwett

E. Cronenwett
Short Name: E. Cronenwett
Full Name: Cronenwett, E. (Emmanuel), 1841-1931
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1931

Cronenwett, Emmanuel, a Lutheran Pastor at Butler, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., contributed to the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, Published by Order of the Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod of Ohio and other States, 1880, in addition to 20 translations from the German, the following original hymns, some of which rank with the best in the collection:—

    1. A holy state is wedded life. Domestic Worship.
    2. Faith is wisdom from on high. Faith.
    3. Heavenly Father, Jesus taught us. Prayer.
    4. Lord, Thine omniscience I adore. Omniscience.
    5. O Triune God, Thy blessing great. Domestic Worship.
    6. Of omniscient grace I sing. Omniscience.
    7. Of Zion's honour angels sing. Ordination.
    8. The precepts of the word are pure. Holy Scripture.
    9. The Spirit's fruits are peace and love. Fruits of the Spirit.
    10. 'Tis a marvel in our eyes. Foundation Stone laying of a Church.
    11. To Thee, our fathers' God, we bow. Domestic Worship.
    12. Unto Caesar let us render. National Thanksgiving.
    13. We have a sure, prophetic word. Holy Scripture.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by E. Cronenwett (55)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A holy state is wedded lifeE. Cronenwett (Author)3
As by one's sin fell all our kinRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Author)4
Baptized into Thy name most holyRev. E. Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator (st. 6))English1
Bridegroom, thou art mineRev. E. Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator (sts. 3, 5, 7))1
Cast me not in wrath awayRev. Emanuel Cronenwett (Translator)English4
Christ's crimson blood and rightedousnessRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)2
Come, O come, Thou quickening Spirit, God from all eternity (Cronenwett)Emanuel Cronenwett (Translator)English3
Come, O come, Thou quickening Spirit, True God from eternity!E. Cronenwett (Translator)English1
Dearest Jesu, we are here, On thy tender grace relyingE. Cronenwett (Translator (sts. 1-3, 5-7))English1
Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness, Leave the gloomy haunts of sadnessE. Cronenwett (Translator (st 5))English1
Faith is wisdom from on highEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English3
For me to live is Jesus, For me to die is gain (Cronenwett)Emanuel Cronenwett (Author)English6
Full of reverence at thy WordEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English3
Glad Hosanna, David's SonRev. E. Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)English1
Hallelujah! Lo, He wakesEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English7
Heavenly Father Jesus taught usEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)3
Help, Helper [Savior], help in fear and needRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)English2
In love still faithful to the endE. Cronenwett (Author)3
Invited, Lord, by boundless graceRev. Emmanuel Cronenwett (Author)6
Jesus, great and wondrous StarRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)English3
Jesus sinners doth receive, When they fall contrite before HimE. Cronenwett (Translator)English3
Lo in Zion a foundationE. Cronenwett (Author)4
Lord, as Thou wilt, deal Thou with meRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D (Translator)English7
Lord God we all to Thee give praiseEm­man­u­el Cron­en­wett (Translator (from German to English))English12
Lord Jesus Christ, true Man and GodRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)English2
Lord Jesus Christ, thou hast prepared A feast for our salvationEmanuel Cronenwett, 1841-1931 (Translator)English6
Lord Jesus, thou art truly goodE. Cronenwett (Translator)English4
Lord, thy omniscience I adoreE. Cronenwett (Author)3
My heart, with deep emotionRev. Emanuel Cronenwett (Translator)1
O bless Thou, Heavenly PotentateRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Author)1
O come, Eternal SpiritRev. Emanuel Cronenwett (Translator)1
O God, look down from heaven and seeE. Cronenwett (Translator)English1
O Triune God, thy blessing greatE. Cronenwett (Author)2
Of omnipresent grace I singRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Author)3
Of Zion's honor angels singE. Cronenwett (Author)English4
One true God we all confessRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)1
Praise ye the Lord ye ChristiansRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)English3
Precious word from God in heavenRev. E. Cronenwett, D. D. (Author)2
Rise, my soul, to watch and pray, From thy sleep awake thee (Winkworth)Emanuel Cronenwett (Author)English1
The new church year again is comeRev. Emanuel Cronenwett (Translator)English4
The newborn child of gospel graceEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English2
The newborn Child this early mornRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)English3
The precepts of the word are pureE. Cronenwett (Author)2
The Spirit's fruits are peace and loveEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)4
'Tis a marvel in our eyesRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Author)2
To thee, our fathers' God we bowRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Author)English4
Unto Caesar let us renderE. Cronenwett (Author)English4
Up, my soul, gird thee with powerEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English3
We have a sure prophetic WordE. Cronenwett (Author)English16
Weary now I go to restE. Cronenwett (Translator)English5
What God does, ever well is doneEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English3
When the sun all golden laughs at dawn of dayEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English7
Who is, Jesus blestRev. E. Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator (sts 5-6))1
Who knew no sin and no deceivingRev. Emanuel Cronenwett, D. D. (Translator)2
Zion, awake and brightenEmanuel Cronenwett (Author)English4
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