Scot Crandal

Short Name: Scot Crandal
Full Name: Crandal, Scot does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Scot Crandal (11)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[As I went down to the river to pray]Scot Crandal, b. 1970 (Harmonizer)155611 11111 22232
LOURDES HYMNScot Crandal, b. 1970 (Arranger (choral, verses))151131 13223 21511
[Blest are you lowly and poor in spirit]Scot Crandal (Composer)231667 12765 66665
[Break into song at the deeds of the Lord]Scot Crandal, b. 1970 (Composer (descant))434517 13451 17151
FLOWERING THORNScot Crandal (Composer)211552 23311 55221
[May your grace make me whole again]Scot Crandal, b. 1970 (Arranger (choral))2
MORRIS-RADERScot Crandal (Composer)217171 65561 23317
[Si el grano de trigo no muere]Scot Crandal, b. 1970 (Arranger (choral))211322 23431 65353
[The Lord is my shepherd] (Crandal 17117111)Scot Crandal (ASCAP), b. 1970 (Composer)517117 11123 421
[The LORD is my shepherd] (Crandal 17117117)Scot Crandal (ASCAP), b. 1970 (Composer)517117 11712 3671
[When I doubt, when I am afraid]Scot Crandal, b. 1970 (Harmonizer (vocal))255554 31234 32171
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