Melva W. Costen

Short Name: Melva W. Costen
Full Name: Costen, Melva Wilson, 1933-
Birth Year: 1933

Melva W. Costen, a native of South Carolina, retired as Helmar Emil Nielsen Professor of Worship and Music, choral director, and chair of the church music degree program at Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She subsequently became the Visiting Professor of Liturgical Studies at the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. She remains active in the Civil Rights Movement and as a teacher and consultant in area of church music, liturgy, and curriculum development. (2006)

Tunes by Melva W. Costen (9)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BALM IN GILEAD (Spiritual)Melva W. Costen (Arranger)232321 51231 33432
GO DOWN MOSESMelva W. Costen (Arranger)353322 33155 771
GO TELL ITMelva W. Costen (Harmonizer and Adapter)233216 51222 12323
HE IS KINGMelva W. Costen (Adapter)356123 56123 11223
LET US BREAK BREADMelva W. Costen (Arranger)356111 11322 11355
[Upon the mountain when my Lord spoke]Melva W. Costen (Adapter)511661 65565 32123
[Chariot rode on the mountain top]Melva W. Costen (Adapter)256111 56553 5633
WERE YOU THEREMelva W. Costen (Arranger)751333 21321 13555
[You'll hear the trumpet sound] (Spiritual)Melva W. Costen (Arranger)1333231 15534 22653
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