Wilson Marion Cooper

Wilson Marion Cooper
Short Name: Wilson Marion Cooper
Full Name: Cooper, Wilson Marion
Birth Year: 1850
Death Year: 1916

Produced a major revised edition of the Sacred Harp fasola tunebook, 1902.

Tunes by Wilson Marion Cooper (38)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
NEW BRITAINW. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)151313 21655 13132
AUGUSTA (T. W. Carter)Wilson M. Cooper (Harmonizer)2
BEACH SPRINGWilson M. Cooper (Composer (Alto))211213 32161 16561
BETHEL (13514)W. M. Cooper (Alto)113514 32123 53543
CALVARY (Cooper)Wilson Marion Cooper (Composer)251116 5111
COLUMBUS (13332)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))113332 13321 61232
ABBEVILLEW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))113132 67135 65616
FAIRFIELD (Southern Harmony)W. M. Cooper (Alto from)113157 11234 5543
WEBSTER (13235)W. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)113235 15156 53256
DEVOTION (56165)W. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)156165 61151 23121
DISTRESSW. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)113454 31714 57117
DETROIT (Bradshaw)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))113453 43171 13457
ECSTASYW. M. Cooper (Alto by)157571 55575 71557
FROZEN HEARTW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))111356 53215 11132
FULFILLMENT (King)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto))156453 45211 43431
GAINSVILLEW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))154343 21323 32432
HOLY CITY (White)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto))156755 43113 43171
CORINTH (13211)W. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)113211 35555 65321
MOUNT VERNON (Jenks)W. M. Cooper (Alto by)113345 51711 5533
MCANALLY (51111)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))151111 76551 11712
NINETY-THIRD PSALMW. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)156162 16556 16712
POYNERWilson M. Cooper (Composer)2
PROSPECT (Graham)W. M. Cooper (Alto from)156116 21321 65611
TWENTY-FOURTHW. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)151232 16551 23455
SHOUTING SONGW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))155654 43234 55653
SOCIAL BANDW. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)153117 34543 45567
ARLINGTON (Arne)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))113332 11123 54332
SOLID COMFORTWilson Marion Cooper (Composer (alto part))2
ST. PAUL (Mann)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto))2
ZION'S LIGHT (Southern Harmony)W. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))111513 56533 12165
THE INQUIRERW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))1
THE MORNING TRUMPETW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto part))112323 43213 43454
THE OLD SHIP OF ZION (32135)Wilson Marion Cooper (Harmonizer)232135 53556 51531
THE SAVIOUR'S WORD (TALBOTTON)Wilson Marion Cooper (Composer (alto part))2
THE TRAVELER (13173)W. M. Cooper (Alto by)113173 45345 43171
KEDRON (Dare)W. M. Cooper (Composer, alto)132115 54323 21112
TURN, SINNER, TURNW. M. Cooper (Composer (alto))113322 11755 77512
WEEPING SINNERSW. M. Cooper (Alto by)111513 21135 13215
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