Rory Cooney

Short Name: Rory Cooney
Full Name: Cooney, Rory, 1952-
Birth Year: 1952 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Rory Cooney (46)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
Brought by your hand to the edge of our dreamsRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)7
Gather, disciples, your master to meetRory Cooney (Author)2
Here I am, Lord, here I amRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)1
In my hour of despair, bereft and betrayedRory Cooney (Adapter)3
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the worldRory Cooney (Author (additional text))6
Long was I waiting for GodRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)14
Look to God when you are sureRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)3
My soul cries out with a joyful shoutRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)17
My soul is longing for GodRory Cooney (Versifier)2
There is a mountain there is a seaRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)4
This is the bread of Israel's wanderingRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)6
Wealth can be an idolRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)4
What God has spoken I will declareRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)2
When I see the heavensRory Cooney (Versifier)4
Where ever there is charityRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)2
Whom shall we live for?Rory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)4
Windfall of way-bread scatteered on sandRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)3
Your presence all around themRory Cooney (Versifier)2
Come to me, come to us, you who are burdenedRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English5
Happy are they whose way is blameless (Cooney)Rory Cooney (Versifier)English2
Happy is he whose sin is forgivenRory Cooney (Versifier)English2
Here in this world where darkness surrounds usRory Cooney (Author)English3
Hold us in your mercyRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English4
I shall thank you, God of my heartRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author (verses))English5
In days to come the desert shall bloomRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English3
Let earth rejoice, the Lord God reignsRory Cooney (Author (verses))English4
Lord, you are my shepherdRory Cooney (Author (refrain))English4
Maker's love poured out from heavenRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English5
Now to your court your people ascendsRory Cooney (Author)English2
O God, with your judgment endow the king (CCD)Rory Cooney (Adapter (verses))English2
O let the house of Israel sayRory Cooney (Author)English2
O the weary world is trudgingRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English4
O you who taught the mud to dreamRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English4
Other spirits, lesser godsRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English6
Rejoice, you saints, in GodRory Cooney (Author)English3
The Lord is my shepherd, I have all I need (Cooney)Rory Cooney (Author)English4
This bread is spirit, gift of the Maker's loveRory Cooney (Author)English5
This is my prayer to you: Favor my pleaRory Cooney (Author (verses))English2
To you who bow, to you who bendRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English2
Up from the earth, and surging like a waveRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English4
What you've hidden from the wiseRory Cooney (Author)English2
When they heard that Jesus was comingRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English7
Wherever there is charity, selfless, giving careRory Cooney (Author)English2
Wherever you go, I will followRory Cooney, 1957- (Author)English7
Who shall dare to sing the praisesRory Cooney, b. 1952 (Author)English2
Make us a way worth walkingRory Cooney (Author)Spanish2
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