G. H. Cook

Short Name: G. H. Cook
Full Name: Cook, G. H. (George Harrison)
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1948

Rv George Harrison Cook USA 1864-1948. Not much is known about him. Converted at age 14, Cook was a preacher, singer, composer and involved with church music. He wrote the tune “Sunlight” and asked his friend, Harry Zelley, to write words for it, which he did, in 1899. He died in Ocean Grove, NJ.

John Perry

Tunes by G. H. Cook (9)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Fierce the stormy wind may blow]G. H. Cook (Composer)213555 65321 13213
[He gave me pardon for my sins]G. H. Cook (Composer)255314 43555 66531
[Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine] (Chorus)G. B. Cook (Composer)355564 45653 55522
[I came to Jesus for pardon] (Cook)G. H. Cook (Composer)255312 34655 53171
[Marching on, marching on, marching in the King's highway]G. H. Cook (Composer)256556 55651 32323
[My heart is thrilling with rapture]G. H. Cook (Composer)255671 23433 22234
[Pursued by Satan, sin and death]G. H. Cook (Composer)253555 66551 23155
SUNLIGHTG. H. Cook (Composer)11356711 32125 56531
[We are marching on together, led by Christ our King]G. H. Cook (Composer)234555 56535 11111
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